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Ticklerdes' Original Stories

Here you can read some of my tickling fiction. It's a wide variety, from playful tickling to tickle torture, realistic or fantasy.

Mark's Lucky Break
A university student named Mark gets to live out a fantasy with his gorgeous friend.
Playful, Realistic (m/f - nudity)

The Beach
jon finds the girl of every ticklers' dreams.
Playful, Realistic (m/f - nudity)

Lord of The Rings Tickling
A ridiculously corny LOTR themed tickling story.
Playful, Fantasy (m/f)

Jack's Tickle Slave
Jack manages to convert his gilfriend into his personal tickle toy.
Playful, Realistic (m/f)

Jack's Tickle Slave 2
A continuation of Jack's adventure with his girlfriend. (Partial Nudity)
Playful, Realistic (m/f - nudity)

Keta's Capture
Keta, a lovely forest nymph is abducted by a rat of a man.
Torture, Fantasy (m/f)

Celestial Tickling: Part I
The first chapter of a mythological trilogy, involving an Angel named Elysia's peril when she enters the mortal world.
Torture, Fantasy (*m/f - nudity)

Celestial Tickling: Part II
Elysia and a heavenly soldier are captured by two devillish vixens.
Torture, Fantasy (ff/ff - nudity))

Celestial Tickling: Part III
Elysia and Shina decide to pay back their captors.
Torture, Fantasy (ff/ff - nudity)