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The pumphoats are probably the most common Filipino canoe.  They have many uses.  They are used for fishng, hauling supples and ferrying folks from the mainland to the many small inhabited islands that ring the larger islands here.  They range in size from 16 feet or so to well over 35 feet in length.   They are powered by waterpump engines.  Larger versions of the same motors that are used on lawn mowers in the US.  Brigs & Straton seems to be the most popular brand but Honda, Kawasaki and a few local brands are also used.  They range in size from about 5hp to 16hp.  Some pumpboats have special plaining hulls made of 3/4 inch ply and are used with  16hp motors specialy rebuilt for racing.  They are quite fast.  Construction is ply over frame fastned with copper nails and epoxy.  Typical of all canoe  construction here.  Most pumpboats are too big to be a dugout but you will see an occasional dugout canoe with a smaller motor.  As I said before there is a lot of overlap with the different types of Filipino canoes.
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I will cover the constructin in more detail in the section about my boat.  Some of the pictures here will show a little detail of the layout and building methods used.  Most of the boats pictured here are in the Sindangan area and a few are from Galas near Dipolog City.  Some use bamboo for the cross beams and some use steel pipe.  If you look closely you can tell which is which.  Next trip to Bohol I will get some pictures of the larger pumpboats.  Those shown here only range up to about 25 feet or so.

Nice 20 footer from Galas
Slightly different view of boat on left
I This one is about 23 feet long.
Also from the Galas area
Typical interior
Detail of lashings
Interior with net and paddle
16hp Brigs & Straton engine
LIned up on the Baybay
Tilted Picture so ocean won't run out to right
Nice and new.  Won't stay this way long
Rudder mounting
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