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OutWar Thug Increaser: The best builder of thugs for OutWar!

Welcome to the Outwar Thug Increaser v1.0

Latest News: Latest version of Outwar Thug Increaser v1.0 has launched! Send/Receive counts have been reset. We apologize for the unexpected downtime, not under our control.
What is Outwar Thug Builder?
Outwar Thug Builder is a website that allows users to exchange outwar hits (thugs, height, fans) with other outwar users. It's perfectly allowed, since windows that appear are 100% visible. Best of all - it's free!
How does it work?
Every five minutes, the Outwar Thug Builder website loads another user's Outwar link. Half the time the website loads the link of the user who needs hits the most, and the other half of the time the website loads the link of a random user who needs hits. For every thug you send to another user, you will receive one, like a mirror. Don't worry if you don't receive one right away... you will eventually. That's a 1:1 ratio!
Need help?
If you need assistance or have received an error while viewing this website, then contact Outwar Thug Builder Tech Support at here.

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