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Welcome to Primed Zodiac Warriors clan history
Today is July 31, 2003

Hey people, I am sorry that there is not much of a history about us. So all I can put here is about the clan. And a little about the up coming match. About that clan, Primed Zodiac Warriors. We are pretty new, I just started the clan. So there is nothing much to say about us, other then that we fight with only pure skill. We don't like to cheat, I mean who does? We are on a adventure to becoming the top. We don't wish to accomplish that by cheating, only skill. We might not win every match in the beginning but we will raise up there soon enough. The tag for us is "[XII}-" you might see some of us around online. We are a united states team, so it is more often that we will be seen in us servers. About that match, we have a match for a 4vs4 in the Europe ladder on Friday august 1, 2003. At 8:30 PM GMT, we are defending against the "<=][National-team][=>". Good luck to all, and hopefully we will have a fair and good game. That is all for now, come back later for more.