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Welcome to Primed Zodiac Warriors,
Today is July 31, 2003

July 31, 2003: Hey guys, everything is complete except for the two last pages, and some links. Please wait a lil while, it will be completed soon.

July 31, 2003: Hey people, since this site is complete. Except for the members page, I have decided to tell you all. I have the recruitment page plus the contact page all fixed up. The only page uncompleted is the members page. Come back and check it out later, I promise you guys it will be done before august.

July 30, 2003: This was just made and is currently online now, some links may not work. So do not worry, they will be fixed up soon. Come back in a few day's and it will be complete. This site is updated everyday so you will be notified of everything that goes on.

July 30, 2003: The "Primed Zodiac Warriors" are going to have their first match on Friday August 1,2003. Quoted from the founder of the clan. "It will be our first match so hopefully we will come home and fuck the prom queen." That was from a movie, basically he is saying that hopefully they will win the match. The match is on August 1, 2003 at 8:30 GMT Defending against the "<=][National-team][=>"

Webmasters note: Hey people, this site is going fine. I just have a feel comments about this site. I have just made this, and I have access to it every single day. So that means I will update it every single day, unless there is nothing to say or tell you guys about.