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Name: Alex

Sex: male


Height: bigger then you shortstuff

Shoe Size: does it matter

Favorite Band(s):all kinds of bands like distillers, clash, ramones, jimi, stevie, and of course local bands like hogies,f.a.t.u., the great scotts, 3ft, and of course the downbeats!

Favorite Song(s):there are far too many so i wont go into that just ask me for a good one and ill tell you one

Favorite Movie(s): ferris buelar's day off, empire records, brave heart, and the hannible series *licks lips*

Favorite Tv Show(s): seinfeld, just shoot me, dilbert and clerks

Favorite Food: i like all food really i like all food

Favorite Color: lime green

Influences: alot of people

Purpose in band:to be dumb and just sit there what else?