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Sunday, April 23, 2003 | EST
The Dig...Day 3 Posted 4/25/03 @ 4:03 PM EST

Well today we got a lot of stuff done at the dig.  Period 5 began to uncover the artifacts under the pile of wood.  You could say it was exciting.  Anyways, EVERYTHING will be ready for next Monday after school.  We have had some problems with the school not allowing us to have the website up until some forms where filled out.  We may even be switching servers (we need the space).  So expect a all new look, new server, and new updates for next Monday.  O yeah, the forums should be up soon everyone soon.

Posted by: Aaron


:: Our 1st Day of Digging! Posted 4/23/03 @ 12:13 PM EST

Ok well, today we had the first day of the dig (was delayed from Wednesday), and we don't really have many updates, however, im going to have the forums up when i get home (right now im at school posting in the library ;)), probably pretty late at night however, due to a waterpolo dinner. Second, i know the pop-ups are annoying, and im going to get rid of one, (the angelfire one) because im switching hosts (alex has some webspace available somewhere). All links should be up and running by the end of tonight (none work now, were working around the clock ;)) and a couple of pictures will be added.

Posted by:Matt



:: The Start... Posted 4/20/03 @ 7:21 PM EST

Well, after 2 caramel easter eggs, and 6 cans of coke, *wala*! Updates on the site should be periodical, and will be posted by either me, matt, alex, or spencer, probably not spencer, because I don't really feel like explaining to him how to model my HTML. Anyyways.. have fun tomorrow? (weird silence) Oh yeh, also, pictures will be updated here twice a day if possible, if not, once a day, all information is still being collected, so bear with us. Forums are also coming soon, waiting for my friend to set a database up for me. Weee....
Thanks - Matt



:: Site News

Web-Site Up, working in content.

1st day of actual dig, opened door. Took pictures.

3rd day of the dig.  Uncovered artifacts from site 2/B. Expect updates and possible new server very soon.

:: Latest Picture

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