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Rules of the Game


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1. When playing in an SWR race, you must use a name with the letters: SWR before it. In all other situations, you are obliged to leave the SWR

2. As a team captain, you will be forwarded a schedule with the name of rooms. You must select a division to race with in the game, by forwarding my letter to the division, should a division not be all ready to race, choose a second division. THERE MUST BE FOUR SWR RACERS IN ONE RACE! Substitute another member to complete the four if you are unable to race.

3. All squads work differently. Practice rooms are open to each squad. Each room will be terminated after each session of practice. The titles of each room will be named accordingly. Ex: SWRs1 : S.W.R., Squad One. Etc. Passwords will be sent to the captains to distribute. DO NOT GIVE PASSWORDS AWAY!

4. If one cannot hold up to their expectations as a captain, they will be stripped of their rank. Abusing of the membership will lead to expulsion. (But we donít want that.)

5. BECOMING A MEMBER: In order to become a member, you must race a team of four and come in first place. You will then join that division, or another division if there is an open space.