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Hi:), Kathy ere. It is da suma hols and I am sitten ere sooooooooo bored! Dis pg isn't takin that long 2 du so I don't know wat else i'm gonna du 2day. Isn't dis pic so sweet! My fave bands/solo singers r: Evanesence, Good Charlotte, Misteeq, R Kelly, Christina aguilera, Shakira and my fave song at the moment is crazy in luv from Beyonce! My mates IN MY GANG! R:Jacci, Lucy, Lizzie M, Lizzie F, Katie, Rochelle and Lara.Soz 2 all ma friends out of da gang dat i didn't mention bu I'm 2 tired so I'll shut up now. Bye!

My Fave Web pg's

Lara's pg
My otha pg
Funny pg

mi is mad a bout mini's!

I am really sorry bu I can't work out how to get a guest book so instead please email me at also if u av any ideas of somthing 4 mi 2 du during the summer tell mi.

du u like the doll maker! Thanks 4 visiten c u again soon luvKathy