Morning Glory

Lysergic Acid Amide(LSA)


The morning glory seeds themselves which are nativly used in divination(ipomoea violecia) are native to the mountains of Southern Mexico, West Indies and Tropical South Americ, contains Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) which is closely related in effects to LSD. The most common varients of Morning Glory seeds containing LSA are; Heavenly Blues, Baby Woodrose, Flying Suacers, and Pearly Gates. The dosage is rather vague anywhere from 100 to 500 seeds need to be ingested to contain the desired effects;



Light- 50-100 seeds
Common- 200-300 seeds
Strong- 300-400 Seeds
Heavy- 400-500 seeds

This is generally the recommended dosage for consuming LSA seeds. Effects usually last 4 to 8 hours.
People should extract the LSA rather then consuming the seed right from the package, it has been report that some companies chemicaly spray their seeds with Mercury, which is highly pousinous cause the fact that the seeds have been used by teens for recreational perposes, many companies must state on the package that they are sprayed to avoid someone being pousinous. And extraction method can be found
here, other methods of extracting can be found over the internet most likely you should search a reliable source like .
if you dont feel like extracting the LSA you could just eat them out of the back which usually comes in a 1-2g pack. Just remmeber to check if they are chemicaly sprayed. i strongly recommend users to first read the popualar
Erowid FAQ of Morning Glory Seeds before you do anything.

And on the legality of these seeds, distribution or consumption:

While the question may seem simple, unfortunately there's no clear answer. We are unaware of anyone who has been prosecuted for ingesting Morning Glory Seeds. This doesn't mean it couldn't happen, but it's certainly uncommon. The sale or distribution of the seeds for the explicit purpose of ingestion is a different question. Again, we are unaware of anyone who has been prosecuted in such a case, but it seems somewhat more plausible that it would/could happen, especially in the case of an individual or organization who was selling large quantities or to a large number of people. The closer one gets to the explicit sale or distribution of the seeds as a drug, the more likely a court would be to find that action illegal. And as you probably know, the extraction of LSA from the seeds would also be a significant step towards illegality, especially if done in large quantities. I know this isn't a definitive answer, but unfortunately there are no definitive answers in these cases. In a case such as the one you describe it seems relatively unlikely that the individuals who ingested the seeds would be prosecuted for possession of a Schedule III substance (LSA) and somewhat more possible that those distributing might face some sort of legal repercussion.



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