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The SS Norway Experience
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Virtual 360 Tour of Norway

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Norwegian Cruise Lines Latest press release

May 25th, 2003 Exposion Report and video

St. Petersburg Times explosion report and video

Single tug tows Norway Across the Atlantic

Norway arrives in Gernmay for repairs

German Television Report(RealPlayer needed)

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Historical Pesective by Lisa Plotnick

MaritimeMatter Norway History

Norway Preservation Society

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Welcome to Grand Dame of the Seas

Cruise with Norway Fans!!!

A few years back my family and I had the pleasure of sailing the SS Norway, the largest steamship afloat.This museum of ship that survived the tough economic times for cruising, gave us a feel for what was, the golden age of cruising.
Those who cruised this fine lady of the seas know that the ship was built for exploring too! After the renovations hidden portholes, stairway exploring, and that feeling your were cruising during days gone by,is the Norway Experience.
A tragic and deadly boiler explosion May 26, 2003 has put her out of service. Let's hope she is returned to service in 2004! Check out the facts below and links on the left side of the page and explore!

Offical NCL Deck Plans

Help save Norway from the breakers!
(ship salavage opertations which are usually horrible ecological operations).

Take time to write a letter or just a postcard Devon, who runs the SOS Norway Preservation Foundation, had a postcard campaign a while before the explosion. He suggested that postcards are more likely to get attention than are letters - especially ones with the ship's picture if you have them. Send them to

Colin Veitch, CEO Norwegian Cruise Line 7665 Corporate Center Drive Miami, FL 33126

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Hope to see you on Norway one day!!!!