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Toxic Reasons

One of America's Premier Hardcore bands!

These pictures are from their 20th reunion show at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton,Ohio Oct.2,1999.You can purchase a 2 Hour VHS Hi-Fi video tape of this incredible show plus their rehearsal the night before from BIG BEEF PRODUCTIONS at All proceeds from this concert and video go to the Gregg Spence Fund.



The band is having another reunion show at the Melody Inn 3826 N. Illinois in Indianapolis , on Saturday July 12th at 10:00 P.M.

This is all the information I have at the time. I will update this whenever I get more information to add. I'm not sure who all is showing up yet, but, I suspect that J.J. & Bruce , will be there for sure. I 've talked with Tufty , and , he will NOT be there. The last reunion in Dayton, brought Bruce , J. J. , Rob , Ed , & Joel together . so , this might be the same line-up that will appear @ the Melody Inn . I'm trying to find out,but, Bruce is very bad at answering his email,and, J.J. seems to have changed his,since his aol address bounces back to me.I will keep trying to find out more,and keep you informed.For now you can go to this website from to check out the weekly gigs, including the TR Reunion @ the Melody Inn.

Though other members came and went through the bands career, these were the main members,in one form,or another,they kept the band alive,and Bruce, J.J. , and Tufty carried on until the end in 1995 sometime after recording "No Peace In Our Time" for Bitzcore Records.



Toxic Reasons recordings:

This CLASSIC debut album has been released in 2002 , by a third record company , Beer City ( out of Milwaukee ) . It features brand new art work and a huge poster ( available with Lp only ) , the CD includes a 16 page booklet .

Some basic facts about the band:

Toxic Reasons were formed in Dayton,Ohio in 1979.The founding members were Bruce Stuckey (bass & vocals); Joel Agne (guitar & vocals); Ed Pittman (lead vocals);Mark Patterson (drums).In 1981,Mark Patterson left the band and was replaced by James J. Pearson (J.J.) on drums,and Joel Agne was replaced by Rob Lucjak (Snott) on rythm guitar,and Greg Stout on bass,Bruce switched to lead guitar.Though the band was from Dayton,J.J. was from Canada. Times weren't easy for the band in the early days living in Dayton,Ohio, a city in a state hardly noted for punk music,but the band survived .There were many days when,Ed,Rob,Bruce,J.J. , Joel, and Greg lived on ONE DOLLAR a DAY ! They used to pool their dollars to buy tortillas and cans of chili beans and heat them up on their van dashboard heater ! Gig money was just enough to fill up the van with gas . There were even times that they had to steal boots to put on their feet along with other shit . These were hard times indeed,and these guys paid their dues to be sure .Both Joel and Greg had left the band when they hired me,Terry Hammer as their Manager,Producer/Engineer.Although Joel did not play on "INDEPENDENCE", he did in fact help write most of the songs,along with Ed and Bruce, and those are Joel's great guitar leads that you hear Bruce playing. Greg did contribute bass on Riot Squad and Noise Boys.Greg left the band while recording the basic tracks.We finished the recording session with Rob playing bass on the other tracks with the exception of Ghost Town, J.J. played bass on that particular track.

While recording the Lp at Keystone Recording in Indianapolis,Indiana,which was actually a guy's basement,we stayed at the Zero Boys' house.They were a popular punk band from there,who were breaking up.Since they were going their own ways,we enlisted the services of their bass player,Tufty to tour with us.He was a natural and fit right in,and became a member instantly.

We went on tour and moved to San Francisco,where their label,Risky Records was located.

When the band hired me as their manager,we went to Indianapolis to finish mixing their debut album,INDEPENDENCE.We only had 2 days to finish the overdubs and mixing sessions.Since the basic tracks were done,we had only a short time to finish the project.Against all odds,we managed to fix as many problems as we could to make it a presentable album.Fans and critics hail it as a must have,and a true classic.All things considered,we did a decent job with what we had,and I am proud to be a part of that experience. I left shortly after the release of INDEPENDENCE,and so did Ed.The boys continued without Ed and basically remained the same except that Rob left the band after Within These Walls.He was replaced by Terry Howe for the Recording of Bullets For You in 1986.Howe left shortly after the recording and they remained from then on,a three piece band,Bruce,J.J. & Tufty.Though alot of people relate to their first album INDEPENDENCE which included Ed , the fact is that Bruce, Rob , J.J. , and Tufty were the main reason that people recognize the name.It was these four members that struggled through the hard times(they braved their first tour of Europe in the winter by sleeping in frozen tents because they didn't have much money!), and they carried on the name for some 12 years.They are living in Indianapolis,Ed is back home in Dayton, Joel,Mark and Greg are still living in Dayton,and I believe Rob is living in Minneapolis,the last I heard,Mark Patterson was living somewhere in Texas.

Toxic Reasons have over 40 recordings to date,including eight full length albums.

Tufty and J.J. have promised to do a more in depth and complete web site with sound files and pictures and lots more,but, until then,this will have to suffice.

Die hard fans might be glad to know that there is a 2 HOUR VIDEO 20th year reunion of the band in Dayton recorded at the Canal Street Tavern 10/2/99. It is recorded in VHS Hi-Fi Stereo. Toxic Reasons did this reunion and allowed it to be recorded by Big Beef Productions.It was in support of and dedicated to the late, great Gregg Spence-- beloved musician and friend to so many in the Dayton,Ohio music community.You can help support this worthy cause by purchasing this video of one of america's finest hardcore bands ! All proceeds from this concert and video go to the Greg Spence Fund. You can purchase this video from BIG BEEF PRODUCTIONS .


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