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Street Walkers, Scaring children across the nation

Street Walkers- Hobos Across the Nation
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How the informers came to be...

Not too long ago a group of teenagers had an encounter with one of the many hobos located in Charlotte, NC. This particular hobo was in a fetal position in a sleeping bag on the bridge of a children's playground, therefore, he looked uncannily like a bookbag , luring the group close. After one of the group proclaimed that it was indeed just a bookbag, the hobo awakened and grunted, possibly getting ready to attack. After the screaming stopped we hiked through a jungle-like trail, complete with a mysterious slime covering the ground. When we returned, the hobo had mysteriously dissapeared. Thus, the hobo informers were came to be. We are dedicated to finding and documenting the various hobos that can be found in Charlotte, so that they may never harm or be harmed.

Hobo Hunter Mitch:
Hobo Hunter David: