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RuneScape Movies by Chavis

Welcome to my RuneScape movie site. I have been playing RuneScape since 2001 and love the game. I am always looking for new people to stay in my movies and find it a passion to work in flash.
Lol, I gurantee you I don't have 77 Pink Phats, but, frankly, I am giving out pink, red, and blue phats to the first 5 people to email me the secret password.. It's a word found hidden in the movie.

Riddle 1: Whats grey, but blue, and going to kill you?

RuneScape Movies

Title Description Size Projector (.exe)? Download
A fallacy of picture frames My first RuneScape movie, it took me about 15 minutes to make, there is no sound.   28.00kb Yes Here
Question Answer
Why is the movie a .exe file, and not a .swf? It is a .swf, but it's wrapped in a flash projector (.exe) so people without flash on there PC's can view my movies, pretty slick huh? =)
Can I be in one of your movies? Yes, use the email listed below.
How much do you charge for a person to be in one of your movies? It's free. I get money by the popup's I put in the movie download link, hehe. :D!!!
Why do you do this? Didn't I say this on the top? It's my passion! Lol.
What's your RS name? My RS name is "RufflesG20".
Will you add me? My friends list is full, sorry. :-(
Contact Me
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AIM Cryptalius