• 1st round A

    Leme tel u something, check this out, yo, this guys a choke artist, he catche a bad one, you better off shooting yourself with popa docks handgun, you aint detroit im the D you the new kid on the block, about to get smaked back to the boom docks, fuck it notsee take some real advice, form a group with vanilla ice,and what i tell u, u better use it, this guys a hill billy, this aint willy nelson music, sayin ur trash i take it to the last round, ur lookin foolish like chedder when he shot himself, silly rabbet, i know why they call u that, cuz u foll a future like u got gas up his ass crack, and when u actin up thats when u jaked up, and now im stupid like when she got smaked up, i crack ur shoulder blade, youll get droped so hard taht elvis will start turning in his grave, i dont know why they left you out in the dark, you need to take ur white ass back across 8 mile to the trailer park

  • 1st round B

    this guy raps like his parents jerked him, he sounds like erik sermin, the jeneric version, this whole crowd looks suspicious, its all dudes in here, exept for these bitches, u want jerman ay? thats ok u look like a fuckin worm with brains, these leaders of the free world, rookies lookie how can 6 dicks be pussys? talk about shit streak bitch you can be a piss creack with paddles this deep you still wouldnt sink your a discrase, ya they call me rabbit this is a turtle race, he cant get with me spit in this shit wickenly lickety shot shikeny plit lickets, so then i turn around with a smile, and walk my white ass back across 8 mile

  • 2nd Round A

    huuhm huuhm yo, ill spit a raci shoo hokie sumie, this shit is a holiflict, but a black guy doesnt die in this movie, you gotta be kidding, that makes me believe u really dont have a intrest in living, you think these nigga's gonna feel the shit you say, i got a better chance joining the kkk, also want some real shit dawg, i like you, thats why i didnt want to have to be the one you comit suicide to, but ladoo call me ur leader, i feel bad that i gotta murder taht dude from leave it to beaver, i used to like that show, now you got me in bike back mode, but oh well if u gota go, then u gota go, i hate to do this, i would love for this shit to last, so ill take pictures of my rear end so you wont forget my ass, in all as well it ends ok, so ill end this shit with a fuck you and have a nice day.

  • 2nd round B

    lord, i think u were a little hard on the beaver, so was little haskell, wally and mrs cleaver, you got cleps screaming, hes pariniod, quick someone get his ass another steriod, blah blah bleh blu blah, i aint hear a word you sayed, blah ble bluh blah, is that a tank top or a new braw, look snoop dog just got a fucking boob job, did u listen to the last round meat head, pay attention, ur saying the same shit that he sayed, as a mater a fact dawg , heres a pencil, go home, write some shit, make it suspencful, and dont come back untill something hits you, fuck it, you can take the mic home with u, lookin like a cyclone hit u, tank top screamin lotto i dont bitch you, you see how the white jokes get yu, boys like how vanilla ice gonna diss u, my motto buck slide o, ill get the 7 digets from you mother for a doller tomarrow

  • 3rd round A

    everybody from the 313, put ur mother fuckin hands up and follow me, every body from the 313 put mother fuckin hands up, no wally stands tough notice that this man did not have his hands up, this free world got you passed up, now whos afraid of the big bad wolf, one two three into the four, one pac, 2 pac , 3pac , 4 , 4 pac, 3 pac, 2 pac 1, one pac hes pac no pac, None, this guy aint no fuckin M C, i know everything hes got to say against me , i am white, i am a fuckin bum, i do live in a trailer with my mom, what boy a future is a bootan, i do got a dumb friend name chetter bob who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun, i did get jumped by all 6 of you chumps, and u did fuck my girl,im still standing here screaming fuck the free world, dont never try to judge me dude, u dont know what the fuck i been doin, but i know something about you, you went crambrook, tahts a private school, whats amatter dawg? u embarresed? this guys a gangsta? his real names clarance, and clarance lives at home with both parents,and clarence parents have a real good marage, this guy dosnt wanna battle, he shook, there aint so such things as half way crook, he scared to dent, hes scared to look, at his fuckin year book, fuck rambrook, fuck the beat, i go walk a pella, fuck the papa dock, fucka crock, fuck a trailer, fuck everybody, fuck you all if u dought me, im a peice of fuckin white trash and i say it proudly, and fuck this battle, i dont wanna win im outy, here tell these people something they dont know about me.

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