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The purpose of this site is to educate those who may be thinking of selling online and to maybe prevent them from making mistakes others made. do your research and come to your own conlusions.

if you are a x Ruby Lane shop owner and would Like to add content to this page see form below or email me.

  Looking to sell online ?
Do your research first
  I have been selling online since the late 90's at the big auction (ebay} about a year and a half ago thought I would diversify and open a online store or shop. Decided to go with Ruby Lane what a mistake that was, and I do not recommend it to any one.
but I do recommend TIAS AND TROCADERO. shop owners at RL are good folks but managment or the owners I should say leave a lot to be desired. Dont just take my word for it as I am one of many that have this point of view. email me if you would like to add content to this page or use form at bottom of the page you can remain anonymous if you like.
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where do I begin.... how do I begin to explain what I and others put up with....

ruby lane at first seemed like a good venue. first few months were slow and I never made many sales there any way with out promoting the site myself with links from my auctions and monies spent on site promotion independent from ruby lane.

ruby lane or as I will refer to it as rl has a private in house bulletin board for shop owners only and some public boards also but the private shop boards is where shop owners met and chated amougest themselves and ask for help if needed.

thats were the owners made themselves and there opinions known to shop owners.

as time went by and you read and absorbed the posts from one of the owners you could see a trend of discust with anyone that did not agree 100 % with rl or with what he had to say. over the year plus I was there there were several chages discussed some i agreed with some i did not, which is normal for humans to do... disagree. but to those who did diagree they were scolded for lack of a better word on the public boards and even worse thru direct emails from the man. all the time reading and scratching my head thinking to myself what is this man thinking by reponding to his customers in this manner

Does he not realize we are paying him to use the venue not be coverted to rubylaneism over and over i would read where he was chastising some one about something or someone would email me and tell a tale of an email they recieved from him. many of times I should have responded to his comments.... once kindly IMO one refered to his comments as acerbic

(I had to look it up to = harsh or corrosive in tone, bitter words, blistering criticism)

this as time went by seem to be the norm as the mirad (several) proposed changes came along.

I opened a shop at another venue and posted to there private board that I liked the site features and it was less restrictive than the other site i had which was rl but not refered to in said post... shortly after that I email rl asking about one thing or another and my post TO A DIFFERENT venue was thru in my face in a condesending written tone, it was like the end of the world that i liked features of the other site etc etc. that was a couple of months prior to christmas and i did not want to close my shop at that time do to already being in the search engines and established to a degree at this venue.

to be continued....and spell checked later

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