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The Internet Revolution

Good Sites

Zophar's Domain: Everything Emulation
The Cult of Kefka: Great Rom Site
Arch-Nacho & Tortilla Godzilla's Quality Roms
Left Foot Emulation
Abandonware + Roms
Lucullus Site of Emulation
Diskworld: Roms+ Abandonware
Edge Emulation
ZX Spectrum Roms+Emus
The Best Page in the Universe
Official Ninja Site: REAL ULTIMATE POWER
8-bit Theather: Final Fantasy Comic
Sinfest: Funny Web Comic need i say more?
Steak and Cheese
Rate My Poo (the name says it all)
Salamando's Stove (Humor about games)
The Aspect (some kid i know's site)

Welcome to The Internet Revolution. Attempting to make the internet suck just a little less.