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Have you enjoyed looking at the old school photo??  Did you wish you still had the original so that you could look at it and find that missing someone you have such fond memories of?  Do you just need a new dartboard??  Well, thanks to Fiona West (née Thorp) now you can.


For the bargain, all inclusive fee of £23.00 you can now own a new copy of the original 1972 photo.  To obtain your copy please send cheque payable  to:


ACS Photography


And mail it to……


            Mr. N. Haggerty

            ACS Photography

            51 Bridge Street

            Deeping St. James


            PE6 8HA




The phone number for ACS Photography is 01778 344989


So go on, buy yourself a copy, or better still buy two and use the second as that once in a lifetime Christmas present surprise for someone from “The Good Old Days”