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Matt Kyle Leah Eric

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Yo, My name is Matt. Im 15 years old and music is my life! When Red Star is officially started, i will be playing a pacific drumset, with zildjian & sabian cymbals. I play with pro marx 5B sticks because thay meake me happy! I've been playing drums for aobut 2 years, and have had only 2 lessons from TOMMY PERKINS of RADIAL ANGEL. Well that's enough about me, now im gonna give some shout outs.

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Hey how goes it everyone, my name is kyle. Im 17 and i will be playing a fender squire bass for RED STAR when we get to it and get this thing rollin. And music is everything to me so I cant wait.I started really getting into music about the age of 13 when I met some people who always went to shows and I would tag along, then when i lost touch with them i started going to a church downtown and i met alot of the friends I have today and thats when my love for music hit its all time high cause i was always meeting really cool bands and going to every concert and local show that happened. Matt & I were talking one night and we decided to start a band and thought of red star because my favorite color is red and we both like stars. Anywho, I go to an awseome church it's small but thats what makes it so awseome. House of the Lord is the name and the youth is called Power house Youth Ministries were we have the greatest youth pastors in the world Scott & Venessa Grass. Thay rock my face off. Alot of really cool people go to powerhouse and the cool thing is you can be a punk, prep, goth, cowboy, hippie or whatever crazy thing you want and you'll be accepted. Some off my best friends go there. For more info on the church just email us. Now for some shout outs to all the playa's and homies out there.

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My name is Leah and I am the lead vocals in this band. I am 16 years and have lived in oklahoma for most of my life with the exception of 4 and a half years. I've always loved music , starting out with the fact that my mom loved all of the greatest bands from the 60's & 70's. She was always real into music as a teenager so I am following her love for music as well. When I was about 14 I found myself becoming intrigued with newer & older styles of music. I met this guy in my middle school that i didn't know what to think about at first. But now he means the world to me. His name is John Duncan. He was just another "punk" kid who wore grungy clothes and liked nofx & rancid. We biult a good friendship I will never forget. He was Always there for me no matter what. He was definatly one of those people god put into my life for a reason. I started going to alot of local shows at the attic and everytime I would see a bandi knew more & more how much i wanted to do that. My friend John had started a band and he was the drummer. They were honestly one of the most amazing bands ever, their name was XEPI. I can only remember missing one show ever. Thats were my appetite for wanting to make music really started & I thank god for this oppurtunity to be in this band. So get ready cause red star is gonna rock your face off!

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(eric has been busy, but we should have his info soon)

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