All These Words

fanfiction by Rebecca

Hello, I am Rebecca, and welcome to my fanfiction site! Just to warn you up front: while there is a bit of het here, most of the fiction is slash; that is, sexual relationships between characters of the same sex. This means boy/boy and/or girl/girl. Much of this is RPS (Real Person Slash).

If any of this offends you, please, do not read further, close the window now. If you ignore this and enter the site, ignore the disclaimer within and continue to read, and get offended, I claim no responsibility.

This site is in no way, repeat, NO WAY affiliated with the National Hockey League or World Wrestling Entertainment, INC., or any of their subsidiaries. Nor is affiliated with Major League Baseball, or any of the real people mentioned here. This is a personal site for entertainment purposes only. All wrestler character names and television show names are owned and copyrighted by WWE. All hockey team names and logos are owned and copyrighted by the NHL. All baseball team names and logos are owned and copyrighted by MLB. All the real people mentioned in here are owned by themselves and are completely unrelated to this site. None of this is real in any way.

One final note: The majority of the fiction within is rated NC-17. If you are under 17, DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE. Consider yourself advised.


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