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Rafting The Mighty Crik: Part 1

For approximately levendy billion days it rained on our fair city. Sure the weather sucked and there was nothing to do except play endless nights of poker but there was one good side effect. The area’s surrounding criks and rivers flooded with a quickness like no other. The rain this day was falling especially hard, so hard in fact that it prevented Evan and I from reaching work. After turning around, not so sad since work sucks in the rain, we got the idea to turn this dark and stormy day into an adventure. We had all that we needed except for rafts. God Bless Wal-Mart. After securing our third participant, Will Brownlee, we headed off to Wal-Mart for supplies and finally arrived at our destination, The Lake Montclair Dam. The following is a true story, the names have not been changed in order to show just how kick ass the three of us truly are.

Rules Schmules

We broke rules 3, 5, 6, and 7 during the course of our adventure. Oh well, it's not like by not following the rules we could hurt ourselves, right? RIGHT?!?!

Montclair Rules!

Yet another reason of why we're better than everyone else. Don't hate!

The First Injury

So it's the third picture and already there are injuries. The fun hadn't even begun yet when Will slammed the car door on my hand. I didn't think it was possible to have the door close all the way while my hand was halfway in it, but then again, here we are.


With outdated PFDs and rafts made for middle schoolers in hand the troops were ready.
(Picture: Evan McMahan left, Will Brownlee right)

Also Ready

Knowing we might not come back alive, i show no signs of the fear that we all are feeling.
(Picture: Matt Kudla)


Evan and I have a test run on our new rafts. So far so good.


The rafts seem to be holding up. It looks like after the trial run the mission will be a GO.
Editor's Note: Will takes good action pictures.

The Approach

Will, Evan and I approach the Dam seen off in the background.

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