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                                    LOOOK MOMMA!!!!!! A CAMEL! Bitch that aint a Camel thats a fucking llama...Reject..

    This is King Henry the Praying Llama he prays mostly for fresh hay and no niggers on his farm and for no one to poison his water hole cause alot of Mexicans like to poison his water hole then he get the llama rage Rawr's and lowers his head and releases the FURY!!! watch out Bitch he's fierce.



This is Prince Albert he is training to become The Llama King One day he wants to follow in the foot steps of his father he is also Fierce and has Rage He is still training with the Head Butt and Almost mastered the RAWR!

This Is Charlie , he is the llama master He is The only one prince Albert really likes cause he don't trust anyone else He has raised Albert since he was a Royal Llama Pup. The day Albert takes over the throne everything will be different. He promises that There will be No hay anymore but Fish sub's and Snapple Ice Tea. He likes it u can blame this on Charlie.

This is Hump Free he's is a Very very Weird llama Every calls him FREAK! he doesn't like it but its not his fault he has a Hunched back like the other FREAK from the Notre dome well they are very similar and an outcast he fell in love with the princess but she laughed in his face and he cried then he Climbed His Clock Mountain  and jumped off and killed himself end of little old Hump Free.

This is Uncle Sam He is the Llama in Charge of Military Actions he Commands over 1,000,000 Llama Troops he isn't fucking around He most defiantly Can wipe you out all of his Troops have Masterd The Rawr Technique. So watch out ...He is defiantly watching you.

This is the princess Llama she is very lonely now everyone hates her for what she did to poor old Hump Free , well Prince Albert loves her tho thats about it she prolly gonna kill her self too..   Home