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It seems like yesterday our friendship started
So shortly before you parted
We grew close so fast it was crazy
The memories we once had are beginning to get hazy.
You came to me with sad news one day
You said you had to leave shortly after May
We both cried but laughed it off remembering insiders
Which these days are constant mood changing reminders
Girl I think back and can recall so many different times you were there
I wish so badly right now I could come runnin to you, but I cant, its not fair.
You started off as some acquaintance then a good friend
Soon became my best friend and that, til the end.
I miss you more and more everyday
Without you around, sometimes I just cry so hard, much like that one day.
Again I'm Im thinking of how beautiful you were on the in and out
It makes me want to shout………I MISS YOU!