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The movies are basically about hockey. Here's a better idea of the plots:

D1: This is the first movie in the series and it depicts a young neighbourhood hockey tram finally getting a coach who is willing to get them into shape. Emilio Estevez is an alcoholic lawyer who is sentenced to community service and is forced to rain the hockey team. He was once a wonderful hockey player and at first he hates having to coach the kids. In the end, good wins and the Ducks are even able to get all the way to the finals. Will they win over their longtime enemies, The Hawks, a rich, harsh hockey team which Emilio Estevez once belonged to?

D2: The second movie about the Ducks. This time, they go to a championship for junior hockey, representing their country as Team USA. Many new players are roped in to help them battle the evil Icelandic team. Not to mention, Banks, one of the star players is out with a sprained wrist and Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) their coach, is having a major problem dealing with all the coverage on him... are the Ducks set to lose the championships?!

D3: The Ducks are all granted scholarships to Eden Hall, Bombay's former school!!! However, Eden Hall is a snooty, rich kid school, and the Ducks are despised for being there. Not to mention the fact that the Varsity Team hate the Ducks and want to make their lives a living hell. The worst part is, Gordon is out. He can't coach the Ducks anymore and a new coach comes in, who everyone learns to hate as he is very strict and makes many rules for the Ducks. He also takes away the Captainship from Charlie. Charlie wants out, who wants hockey when the ducks are dead, and only the Eden Hall Warriors coached by a harsh coach are left? But the other kids want to stay for their scholarships. Will the Ducks break up? What part will Bombay play?

The very first Mighty Ducks movie was made in 1992 and stared Emilio Estevez as the coach, and Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek) as the Captain of the movie.