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This is the town where you first start off. The beginning of the game takes place first when you are sitting in your room. Go down the stairs and your mom will talk to you. She will ask you if it is daylight savings time and what day of the week it is. After you do this, go next door to the building on your left. This is Professor Elm's lab. He had 3 rare Pokemon on a table and you get to pick one of them. The choices are Chikorita the grass Pokemon which is the worst starter Pokemon and should only be used if you are an expert, Totodile the water Pokemon which is a pretty good all around Pokemon and is the second best choice, and Cyndaquil the fire Pokemon which is the best starter Pokemon even though it is a little weak at the first gym. After you pick your Pokemon Prof. Elm will tell you to visit his friend named Mr. Pokemon. Do it.


When you are finished walking through all the grass that leads to the next city, you need to go find Mr. Pokemon's house. You need to go up the path way near the top of the city. Keep going through this grass and maybe fight some trainers if you run into any. Then at the top you will see a house and you should know that it is the right house by reading the sign because it says "Mr. Pokemon's House" right on the sign. Professor Oak will be there from the last versions if you have played them and he will give you a Pokemon Egg and a Pokedex. The Pokedex tells you all the Pokemon that you meet and have caught. It can do lots of other things too. Anyway, after you step out of the house, Prof. Elm will call you and tell you to get back to his lab because something bad happened. On your way back you will have to battle a mysterious trainer named ???. When you get back to the lab tell the police the trainers name (you get to make it up) and then show the egg to Elm. He will be very surprised and happy. Leave the egg with him for a while since you get it back later. Go back to Cherrygrove City and then get ready for the next town.

VIOLET CITY Go up from Cherrygrove City but not the way that you went to go to Mr. Pokemon's House. You need to stay a little to the left. You will know if you did it right if you see a cave that is called Union Cave. You will know that this is Union Cave because the sign will say "Union Cave". Anyway, when you get to the cave, you need to go to the left. You should pass through one of the little houses with the security guards inside. On the other side is Violet City. The 2 most important things that you need to do here is beat all the little people in the Sprout Tower and beat the Gym leader whose name happens to be Falkner. First I suggest you go to the Sprout Tower to get some training for Falkner since he won't be that easy. You will find the Sprout Tower because there will be a sign that says - you know what. Go in there and start climbing the stairs ad start beating all those little people with their stupid Bellsprouts and the occasional Hoot - Hoot. After you beat the last person you should go to the gym as soon as you think your ready. After you beat Falkner get the badge and beat it out of that city because you still have 7 more gyms to go.


OK, from the Violet City you need to go up the path that is right near the Mart and then go down into another little house thingy with a security guard (if you try to go straight you will see that a squirming tree is in the way). Now you are in the Ruins of Alph. This place is not hard to get through but there are a few trainers to watch out for. You should be able to find the way through here. After you get through all that you should find a cave. It doesn't really have any name. You need to go through here with a few trainer, and on the other side there is only one path to take. You should see a well sort of thing with a black rocket guy in front of it. This is not a trainer so don't worry. As you should when you get yo every new city, go to the Pokemon Center. 3 objectives for this place. First, talk to Kurt the ball person. His house will have a sign also. After you talk to him he will go to the well we talked about before. Go down there and fight some people and then free the Slowpokes. After you do this and talk to Kurt he will say he will make balls for you anytime now. Then, go to the gym and defeat Bugsy with his bug Pokemon. After you do all this make sure you go to the Pokemon center. The next part will be hard. Now you must defeat ??? once more. When you try to go left to the house thingy with the security guard inside, he will stop you and battle you. After you beat him though, you head into the Ilex Forest which leads to the next city.


A lot of cool stuff will happen in this city but not all at once. This city as I'm sure you noticed has a daycare center that will raise your Pokemon for some money... sometimes this is worth it but other times it isn't because your Pokemon will not evolve while it is there and the daycare people might not teach your Pokemon the moves you wanted it to learn. So you think about it. All that you need to do in this city is defeat the gym leader for now but beware you will have to travel back to this city later on in the game. While you are here you might as well stop at the Radio Tower and try the quiz at the front desk to get a Radio Card for your Pokegear.