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Tanted views by Dan

tainted veiws

i sit here
staring at the wall
trying to think who stated it all

god in heaven
or satan below
look at the fire,look at the snow

isn't it pretty
its just a blast
when you hold the world
in a small globe of glass

i look at the people staring at me
i ponder, and wonder
what ever do they see

they see torture
they see myths
they see the truth
they're in dark murky mist

they see the creator
a god unlike me
hes perfect and flawless
and he flaunts around so carelessly

you see he is drunk
which has tainted his vision
he see's all the corruption
and hate in our village

i cry out for help
but i dont think he hears

because god among men
sheads the loudest tears

copyright of Juggalomaggot666