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A love I once knew by Skittles

Skating to the music
I was doing just fine
Then I layed eyes on you
And my life cam off its line

Just your face was enough
To tell me it was love
Like a country showing peace
By freeing a beautiful dove

Your eyes so green
Your lips so soft
Just that was enought
To make my heart stop

My blood was flowing
The butterflies were turning
You gave me love
The love for which I was yurning

I loved you
You loved e back
But after a while
Your heart turned to black

There we were, once again
Sitting face to face
We were doing just fine
But you let me down at your own pace

I tried and tried to get you back
But you just stood firm
I mad myself believe you loved me
But I had alot to learn

Finally I gave up
I just had to move on
And after a while you tried to get me back
But my love for you was gone

I fell in love, once again
But you said you didn't know
I had to try just one more time
But you just kept layin low

You said you love me
I thought it was true
But I figured out
You made yourself believe it was true

I told you to listen to your heart
And it would truthfully send
What it sent, I didn't like
But long ago was really our end

Now I'm left here
In all this pain
Locked in my room crying
Because my quest for our love was in vain.