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©6/21/03 5:58pm
i didnt work on this at all yesterday
but today i put in a different title image. . .
and the email link works if you want to e-mail me!
i didnt put in a navigation thing yet, i will soon though.
i'm still workin on the other pages. . .
ok thats it!
¤ deenie {pk}

©6/19/03 10:31pm
this is my site so far. . .do you like it?
eh, its ok. But its my first one so its kinda crappy
youll just have to deal with it!
muhahahhaa!. . .no
im so happy its summer!
but it doesnt really feel like it. . .
oh well! as long as it IS summer then im happy!
um. if you have any ideas for me, tell me!
cause i think i may need some help
this is it for now!
nadine {Pink KittiE}