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--=Phive5 d0pe Ninjas Media Archive=--

Heres the songs we recorded in some guys basement. The qualitys kinda nice, but the vocals are.... best. And Burrito got kind of messed up for some reason (if you listen closely you can hear it overlapping itself in the middle of the song). Oh well. Enjoy! *All songs are in MP3 format. And copyrighted so dont steal our ideas and run them off as your own. please. !NEW! The Better Twin LIVE! at the Coffee house.

!UPDATE! We took the "studio" burrito off the site cause it sucked and i was running out of space. But...Ph5ve d0pe Ninjas and Hot Sauce All-STARS played The Enchanted Burrito at Coffee house on 5/23, and played the most amazing song ever recorded in human History! Download it here! This burrito truely was enchanted! BEWARE!!! Its 12 Megabytes and 13 minnutes long!


The Better Twin
The Better Twin (instrumental)
The Better Twin (LIVE)
The Enchanted Burrito (LIVE!) with a dash of Hot Sauce!