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    Paint Shop Pro- Jasc® Software

    The Middle of the Road.

    PSP is pretty much a middle of the road program, it's a hundred times better than paint, but not as good as some of the professional stuff. It's perfect for banners and doing things for web-pages and isn't bad for editing. Probably the best thing it holds over paint -besides the amount of colors- is the effect of layers.


    When you open a new psp image what you see is either white or the checkerboxes which indicate transparentcey. That's called the background, or the first layer. Gererally one makes the backgrond color what they wish before they start the rest. For reference they fill it black and it fades to grey.
    They add an image and they want to add somethings, but it looks bad, they erase it, and the background doesn't look the same. Here's the problem avoided: If the person would have pasted the image as a new layer, or created a new Raster Layer, then you could erase the second layer with out disturbing the first.
    If you have multiple layers you can do a cartoon effect. You start out with the outline or background, then build up from it.

    Special Effects

    Many Artistic and Illumination effects are included in psp7. Depending on the version you'll get different effects and features. If you download the trial of psp7 it's not the same as if you bought it.
    Effects Include:
    Chrome, Sun-burst, lights, pattern, charcoal, aged, neon-tubes, curles, buttons, kalideascope, black and white, topography, and atleast two-dozen others. These are great to make quick changes to images and make banners look different. It's fast and it gives you a decent effect.

    The Picture Tube

    It's the icon with the paintbrush and the weird blue shape over it. If you click it, and as long as you have the windows/toolbars open...you'll see it load different tubes. This is the main difference in psp4, psp7 and trial psp7. They have different tubes, and not as many as the newest version. These tubes are cool, they have things like grass, trees, leaves... good for a card and it doesn't look half bad either. It's a fun little touch to add.

    The Bottom Line

    There is a lot in psp. It's a pretty deep program, but it's not hard to master. It's a huge upgrade from paint and you can download the new one for 30 days. The link for Jasc Software is in the links portion of this web-page. Depending on your modem it might take a while, but on mine it took under 2 hours, so it's not that bad. Besides if you're doing something else, the time goes fast.

    So if you have it, play with it...see what you come up with. There's some fun stuff and you'll greatly appreciate it after trying to do the same things in paint. It's near impossible.

    Questions? Ask Us and it will be addressed ASAP.

    © 2003 helevorn

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