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    Windows ® Internet Explorer

    Chances are you're using it right now.

    Internet Explorer, commonly refered to as IE is an essential program used for the internet and displaying other html files.

    IE is Microsoft's brower, like netscape and the hundred others that are used. Technically you could make a browser in under 100 lines of JavaScript, but that's another matter entirely. Even if you don't have internet access you still have IE on your computer, which is handy for scripters and web-designers who don't want to, or can't, connect to the internet.

    Using IE Efficently

    There are better ways to use it, like editing your favorites, setting your home page to be another site, cleaning out cookies and temporary files and opening files.

    First Things First. Your home page. In the menu, go to tools, then Internet Options. You can edit it there, along with deleting cookies, clearing history, and deleting temporary internet files.

    Cookies and Temp. Files

    If you don't clean them out, they can slow down your computer. An example is my mother...she never cleaned out her cookies... and since she had a small hard-drive, they took up about 10% of her used space. It might not seem like a lot, but they add up quick.

    All a cookie is a little file that is put into your computer, so that if you revisit the page it loads faster. Or in some cases allows you to access it.

    Temp. Files: Basically some downloads, or just cookies that will go away eventually.

    Opening HTML Files

    File, Open... browse for the file...and presto you can view your layout in an internet browser. You no longer need to be connected to the internet.

    History of the Internet

    Here's the short Version:
    It was originally established in the 60's for the government... it evolved and in the 90's went world-wide and started up a huge network of computers together. Think about all the skeptics who said the internet was a fad, or that it'd never work. -that was really short. o.0

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