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    Why in the world did you do this page?
    Actually, that's a very good question... cause we're not to sure either. It's because I got sick of helping people directly, this way I just give a link and I don't have to deal with it. Plus, it was fun.

    Why take such a large topic?
    They all interelate somehow. Besides, I hate it when I can never find something on a page, we got a good deal of bases covered for the average person...but for anyone who has over a high-school knowledge of computers this page isn't going to hold their attention as much.

    Why only Windows?
    We don't know much about mac. We're working on that though. Eventually we hope to cover mac.

    Do we have to link back?
    Yeah, one way or another. We should have banners soon. Or you could make one for us.

    How did you find all the information provided here?
    Well between the two of us, we had a pretty broad knowledge of computers, also if you look at links and legal information there are some books and tutorials that we found helpful. Also, weeks, maybe months spent at the computer.

    What is some of the stuff on this page? I've never heard of it!
    Depends on what you're talking about. There is some less common things on here, but it's all included on a standard windows computer...maybe not linix or unix...but that stuff is a little more advanced than the average person.

    Acronyms!! no! Why is it always stupid acronyms?
    Yeah, we know. They all do make sense if you think about it...even file extensions do. We use acronyms because HTML is faster that Hyper Text Markup Language. Deal with it.

    Why isn't music covered as throughly?
    Well, music is a little different. Most people don't edit their music, they just burn and mix CD's. We do cover it though, if you want more detail, check the links, or e-mail us.

    What will be included on the next version?
    Hopefully Macintosh. That'd be a good step for us. Maybe more towards actually programming things, but we'll probably just add a lot more sections, and hope fully have a better layout. We're just going to keep it simple. We might even get a forum or something.

    Why don't you cover games?
    Gamming. Not a bad idea. Maybe in a future version. We were going with more general and commonly used things on this page...besides what fun would solitaire be if you had hints and cheats?

    Can I request you to add something?
    Please do. Just e-mail us and we'll add it, or try to in the next version. You can even help us with it.

    Want to add a questions? e-mail us.

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