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XPinkCupcakex (12:36:40 AM): you hojme?
overyde (12:37:05 AM): yep
overyde (12:37:20 AM): why do u ask?
overyde (12:38:04 AM): u should stop by and talk with me
overyde (12:38:41 AM): u there sweetums?
XPinkCupcakex (12:38:54 AM): i want to but i cant
overyde (12:39:49 AM): y not i wanna see u soooooooooooooooooooo bad
overyde (12:39:53 AM): just for a few mins please
overyde (12:40:45 AM): no way whatso ever?
overyde (12:42:00 AM): i feel like im never gunna see u again
XPinkCupcakex (12:42:00 AM): areyou still with andrea?>
overyde (12:42:09 AM): no
overyde (12:42:16 AM): i havntt seen her in a month or 2
XPinkCupcakex (12:42:18 AM): no???
XPinkCupcakex (12:42:19 AM): why??
XPinkCupcakex (12:42:24 AM): i was with her tonite
overyde (12:42:32 AM): thats cool shes a nice girl
overyde (12:42:37 AM): y cant u stop by>
overyde (12:43:24 AM): am i ever gunna see u again iv been getting so depressed about this
XPinkCupcakex (12:43:27 AM): i cant drie right now
overyde (12:43:43 AM): iv never heard u say that
overyde (12:43:50 AM): alrite i care more about ur safty
overyde (12:44:09 AM): do u think u can visit me tommorwo please just for a bit i miss u so much
XPinkCupcakex (12:44:10 AM): hah i knowww
overyde (12:45:16 AM): like in the afternoon
overyde (12:45:24 AM): could u chill with me for just a bit
overyde (12:46:10 AM): ill take that as a no
XPinkCupcakex (12:46:40 AM): waitwait
XPinkCupcakex (12:46:43 AM): i will try
XPinkCupcakex (12:46:54 AM): why didnt you go to the carnicval?
overyde (12:47:01 AM): i cant see cami
overyde (12:47:10 AM): he told me he dosnt want me in his life i respect taht
XPinkCupcakex (12:47:18 AM): you are so cute

overyde (12:47:24 AM): but i have been thinking about u so much u dont know i just want 10 mins with u
XPinkCupcakex (12:47:26 AM): so is andrea be together!
overyde (12:47:33 AM): noo
overyde (12:47:35 AM): i dont like her
XPinkCupcakex (12:47:43 AM): whyt?@!
overyde (12:47:59 AM): do we have to get into this now?
overyde (12:49:26 AM): are u just saying ur gunna try to see me tommorwo cuz ur drunk cuz this is gunna haunt me till i talk to u tommorwo
overyde (12:50:58 AM): what ever i really hope u can i feel so bad about what i did to u i know i hurt u and it pisses me off that i did it
overyde (12:51:16 AM): and andrea is not my type of girl she is just u know
XPinkCupcakex (12:51:38 AM): I MISS YOU
XPinkCupcakex (12:51:43 AM): ...the old you
overyde (12:51:53 AM): =(
overyde (12:51:58 AM): i loved u so much
overyde (12:52:07 AM): i think i still do uv just been avoiding me
overyde (12:52:43 AM): i knwo that rite when we spend time with eachother u will remember the easy chesse and the movies and the good times when we first met everything i love u jessie
overyde (12:54:01 AM): y dont u pick up ur phone when i call u i havnt heard ur voice in so long.... im so scared ur not gunna mean what ur saying rite now
XPinkCupcakex (12:55:18 AM): i do!
XPinkCupcakex (12:55:28 AM): im just timid and scared of ouy
overyde (12:55:51 AM): dont be scard of me i would never ever do what i did again i swear on my life and my brothers life
overyde (12:56:38 AM): i just want to give u a hug and sit down and talk to u it would be so fun i miss u so fucking bad u were the best thing in my life for so long and then i just fucked it up
overyde (12:57:43 AM): what are the chances i can see u or even talk to u on the phone
overyde (12:57:53 AM): ?
overyde (12:59:57 AM): like 25%?
XPinkCupcakex (1:00:39 AM): dsghiri i lov eyou
XPinkCupcakex (1:00:47 AM): byebye hunnay
XPinkCupcakex signed off at 1:00:51 AM.

Session concluded at 1:01:07 AM
overyde (12:47:57 PM): hey
overyde (12:48:58 PM): how u feelin?
XPinkCupcakex signed off at 12:50:35 PM.

Session concluded at 12:50:52 PM
overyde (12:52:34 PM): hi
Session concluded at 12:52:35 PM