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This weeks dumbass movies

Our first film is Dreamcatcher. Looks like Stephen King is up to some major no good in this. Thye god damn monsters come out of your ass and eat you. Wtf kinda monsters are those? I'll catch this on video, but i mean for god sakes. How much more perverted can King get? Gee I can't wait to see the weasels fly out some guys asshole.

Piglets Big Movie

Theres not much I can say for this movie other than ask why? Why does such a piece of shit need to be released before my eyes? Theres no way in hell you could pay me to see this. But on the other hand some fags will pay ten dollars to view this. Give me ten dollars, a baseball bat and i'll make u have a dream much better than this movie.

A View From The Top

This movie looks just as bad as piglets fag fest. Except for in this one we get to see Gwyneth Paltrow dance around like a little tramp. Gwyneth, just come give me a lap dance and i'll slip you the ten dollars in ur g-string. It'll save me the time of seeing this crap, and u'll be doing ur best acting yet. Heres to a view from the top of Gwyneth's tits.

Boat Trip

Heres to the true fag fest. Cuba you may be a good actor, but wtf are you doing on a gay cruise. Or wait are you trying to send us a secret message? During the filming of this movie, i'm sure all the male stars go together and practiced being gay with each other. Count me OUT on seeing this gay ass flick.