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Well you will all be ECSTATIC to know that i am virtually recovered from my horrible chest infection last week. Although i did feel incredibly rested after it, and had time to read a book by maeve Binchy called "the copper beech" (nice light reading off 400 pages) and am well on my way into the second book of Lord of The Rings. Okay is it just me or does anyone else feel that the book is FAAAAAAAAR superior to the film?? they changes stuff and cut stuff out - not on AT ALL.

Anyway what else??? Oh yeah im off to the assembly this weekend with the dange, eli and dome which i am really looking forward to cos all the reports ive heard have been amazing!

How GORGEOUS has the weather been lately??? I am extremely worried that indeed this may be it for our summer - i really really hope its not!!!!

Well ive got dinner to make, ill finish this later

love me*