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The Times Of My Life

This will be the page of my Life and what has happened in it that I do not know about.


The last DeLoreans are produced.

In 1975 John Zachary Delorean starte pursuing his dream to design the ultimate car, and The DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) started. DeLorean's goal was to design a car that would be safe reliable, comfortable, fun to drive and unmistakable. The first car was called the DMC-12. The design team was made up of Bill Collins, and engineer from GM, and Italian design specialist Giorgetto Giugiaro. The first DeLorean was scheduled to hit the roads in 1978, but didnt happen until 1981.The car will sell for $12,000. The final cost was $28,000. Soon after it went on sale people complained the was not "fun to drive" as promised, also had severel electrical problems. The DMC engineers fixed the problems quickly. In early 1982 the sales where dropping. Then John DeLorean was arrested for drug trafficking in Los Angeles, California. After a few years in the courts the final verdict was he had been framed. While this was happening DMC delcared bankrupt and all assets liquidated. and in 1983 They were out of business. With only around nine thousand cars produced.

Cabbage Patch kids are released.

Kary Mullis conceives and helps develop polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a technology for rapidly multiplying fragments of DNA.

Korena Airlines Flight 007 Shot down by USSR.

US forces invades Grenda

The Tylenol Murders occur in Chicago.

President Regan proposes Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars")

Sally Ride becomes first American woman in space, aboard the space shuttle, Challenger.

Hackers invade sensitive military computers such as Los Alamos National Labratory.

Maragaret Thatcher begins her second term as Prime Minister.

U.S Embassy is bombed in Beirut, killing 40 people.


The "Subway Vigilante".

For kids boarded an express subway train in teh Bronx on a mission to rob video game machines in lower Manhattan. Bernhard Goetz later borded the train at the 14th st. station in Manhatan. Goetz set across from the kids. When two of the kids Barry Allen and Troy Canty approached Goetz. The other two James Ramseur and Darrell Cabey followed. Canty asked Goetz for $5 dollars. Gotez asked him to repeat him self. Canty responded,"Give me your money." Goetz got up and drew his 38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver for his jacket and fired at the youths. All four of them where hit. Cabey was paralyzed by the last shot. Gotez escaped through the opening between two cars. Rented a car and fled to Vermony. Later to surrender to the police in New hampshire on New Years Eve. The Trial was labled the Trial of the Century. In the end Cabey was awarded $43 million $18 million for past and future pain and suffering and $25 million in punitive damages. Goetz filed bankruptcy.Goetz left town and said to the New York Post "Let's say this town won't have Bernie Goetz to kick around anymore."

Apple Macintosh introduced.

Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, is assassinated.

Soviets boycott Los Angeles Olympics.

Congress cuts off aid to Nicaragua. Illegal guns sales start to fund the contras.

Mary Lou Retton wins two gold, two silver and two bronze medals at the Olympics.

Michael Jackson's hair caught fire during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial.

The AIDS virus is discovered.

Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first woman Vice-President running mate.

Chemical disaster occurs in Bhopal, India.

The first megabit chip is made at Bell Labs.


Leaded gas is officially banned in the US.

In the mid 1920's companys like General Motors, Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon Mobil). They knew leaded gasoline was a public health menace. But they continued to use it anyway's. to pervent engin knocking. Lead has been identified as hazard thousands of years ago. Who ever worked around lead became sick. and dozens of workers died from lead poisioing. It can lead to blood pressure increases, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks in adults. But in children lead can lower IQs, increases learning disabilities Hyperactivity and behavioral problems. The Surgeon General held a hearing in 1925 to consider the possibilites. The hearing lasted for six hours and forty five minuets. The Surgeon General set up a committee of experts. The committee came up with, leaded gasoline can be manufactured safely, and that leaded gasiline won't result in injury and they can't prove that it will in the short time they have. It wasnt until companies produced the catalytic converters that lead was a major problem to them. Lead was destroying the catalytic converter. Lead had finally met its match. When lead was finally banned in The EPA estimated that as many as 5,000 AMericans were dying annyally from lead related heart diseases. In 1988 Dr. Paul Mushak made a report to congress with an estimated guess that around 68 million children had toxic exposures to lead.

Nintendo home entertainment systems are introduced.

An extra second is added to the calender year.

Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader.

"Live Aid" pop concert raises money for the starving in Africa.

French secret agents sink Greenpeace ship, "Rainbow Warrior".

1000's are killed in both an earthquake in Mexico and a volcano erupting in Colombia.

New coke is introduced, but is quickly replaced with Original Coke.

Hole in the ozone layer, first detected in 1977, is now indisputable.

Brussels, Belgium: 39 dead, 250 wounded during a soccer match between Liverpool and Juventus

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is opened.


Halley's Comet.
Halley's Comet returned after about 76 year's. The path of this 5-6 mile ball of ice and dust, goes around the sun and extends beyond the planet Neptune. People have recoded the appearance of the comet since 239 BC. Edmund Halley was the first person that demonstrated that the comet revolved around the sun, he also predicted that the comet would return in 1785. After his perdiction was shown the comet was given his name. The European Space Agency equipped a spacecraft with cameras telescopes and microphones, and other sensors. It also flew with in 550 km of the comet. to gain data toward the comet.

The space shuttle Challenger explodes.

Seventy-Three seconds after take off from Kennedy Space Center on January 28, 1986. The crew was made up of The mission commander Francis R. Scobee, Piolt Micheal J, Smith, Mission specialists Ronald E. McNair, Ellison S Onizuka, and Judith A Resnik, And payload specialists Gregory B. Jarvis and Christa McAuliffe, a high school teacher from New Hampshire dided that day. President Ronald Reagan convened a team, the team was headed by former secretary of state William Rogers and included former astronaut Neil Amstrong and former test piolt Chuck Yeager. This team found it was a failure of an O-Ring seal in the solid fuel rocket on the shuttle's right side. Flames from inside the booster rocket went through teh failed seal and enlarged the small hole. The flames eventually made there way to the externam fuel tank, The booster broke loose and collided with the tank 's side. Liquid Hydogen and liquid ozygen fuels from the tank and booster mixed and ignited.
A cloud of carbon dioxide rumbled out of the lake Nyos in Cameroon and killed approximently 1,700 people.

Chernobyl Accident (first nuclear disaster) in Soviet Union.

Iran-Contra (1985) revealed to public.

Corazon Aquino assumes presidency of The Philippines deposing Ferdinand Marcos.

US bombs Libya.

Argentina wins soccer World Cup. England knocked out 2-1 in Quarter Finals by Argentina, including Diego Maradona's "Hand of God" goal.

Statue of Liberty celebrates its 100th Anniversary and gets a face lift in the process.

Hands Across America takes place.

Fox Network starts in America


Stockmarket crashe of 1987.

Black Monday the crash of 1987, on October 19th the Stock Market crashed. The Dow jones Industrial plunged 508.32 points loosing 22.6% of its alue. It was far worse than the 12.9% loss of 1929. it also triggered panic selling and similar drops in stocks happened worldwide. By September 1989 the Dow regained all of the value it had lost. The fault of the crash was said to be "program" trading. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) restricted some forms of program trading. The NYSE and the Chigago Merantile Exchange instituted a "circuit breaker" which halted trading for one hour if the Dow Jones aceragfell more than 250 points in a day. and two hours if it fell more than 400 points.

INF agreement between US and USSR eliminates an entire class of nuclear weapons.

A German lands an airplane on Red Square, Moscow.

Robert Bork was denied a Supreme Court appointment after opposition to his involvement in Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" was raised.

Jessica Hahn is implicated in the Jimmy Baker scandal.

World Population reaches 5 billion.

Bruce Willis marries Demi Moore.

US budget reaches the trillion dollar mark.

Gary Hart scandal with model Donna Rice destroys his career

The marriage of Charles and Diana starts to deteriorate, they begin living alone.


Police accused of planting gun in 1988 shooting.

On October 11, armed robbery suspect Graeme Jensen. He was shot by police. Two days later two police were shot, allegedly as payback for Jensen's death.The police said it was self-defence. That Jensen threatened them with a rifle when he was trying to escape in his station wagon. But an unloaded sawn-off .22 rifle was later found in side the car. But Detective Sergeant Malcolm Rosenes said the gun was planted by police, and he was facing serious drug charges. He was incharge of the unit following Jensen when he was shot. Eight armed robbery squad deectives were charged with murdering Jensen but the charges were droped against all but one. The detective who fired the gatal shot stood trial in the Supreme Court but was acquitted in 1995 when the prosecution did not establish a strong eanough case.

Iran-Iraq war ends.

Benazir Bhutto becomes President of Pakistan.

USS Vincennes accidentally shoots down an Iranian airliner.

A Pan Am Boeing jumbo jet crashes into the Scottish town of Lockerbie as a result of a bomb.

The first McDonalds appears in the USSR.

Bobby McFerrin tells everyone "Don't worry, be happy."

The first plutonium pacemaker is made.

Sonny Bono becomes Mayor in Palm Springs.

The Iran-Iraqi war ends.

Human Genome project begins.


The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was more than 12 feet tall and divided berlin for nearly 30 years. It was tore down in November 1989. In 1961 The wall went up and seperated east and west Germany. It was more than just a wall. It was a borderline, and many people where killed trying to cross to the west. There are only a few hundred meters still standing. Since the wall was built in August 1961 there were four generations, and in 1975 the wall had it's fourth generation. With over three hundred watch towers and twenty bunker's. Around 5000 people succedded in passing the wall. A little over 3,000 people where arrested in the border area. About four hundred people where ither killed or injured trying to cross over the wall.

Soviet forces withdraw from Afghanistan

Milli Vanilli gets Best New Artist Grammy which is later stripped when it's learned they were lip synching..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles become an over night sensation.
Communist regimes in Eastern Europe collapse.

Pete Rose is banned from baseball for betting on games.
Students protest on Tienanmen Square, Beijing, China; the army intervenes and 6000-7000 are killed.

Anti-Communist revolution in Romania.

Chinese pro-Democracy demonstrators and students massacred in Tiananmen Square.

Ayatollah Khomeini condemns British author Salman Rushdie to death for blasphemy.

Ayatollah Khomeini dies.


The Hubble space telescope is launched into orbit.

Originally designed in the 1970's The Hubble Space Telescope was not launched until 1990. It now work's around the clock to unlock the secrets of the universe. WIth state of the art instruments, and powerful optics. It provides stunning views of the universe. The design allows the astronauts to take it apart and replace any damaged or warn out equipment, and upgrade instruments. Each time an instrument in Hubble is replaced, it increases the scientigic power by a factor of 10 or greater. Sine it has been launched everyday it archives 3 to 5 gigabytes of data and delivers between 10 and 15 gigabytes to people all over the world. It has taken more than 330,000 seperate observations. bserved more than 25,000 astronomical targets. It's data archives holds over 7.3 terabytes of data. Has travled more than 1.489 billion miles. The Hubble is still going strong for being more than a decade old.

Nelson Mandela released from prison in South Africa.

Iraq invades Kuwait.

West Germany wins soccer World Cup.

Hubble space telescope launched.

Microsoft introduces Windows 3.0.

British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher resigns.

Tim Berners-Lee invents "The Worldwide Web".

New movie rating NC-17 is passed in order to allow for an adults-only rating without the stigma of an X rating.

Mayor Busted! Mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr. is arrested by the FBI in a drug "sting" operation and later convicted of misdemeanor drug possession. Barry served 6 months in prison.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian assists his first June 1990, he assists 54 year old Janet Adkins, who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This goes against the Hippocratic oath, "I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked nor suggest any such counsel"


Mount Pinatubo Volcano, Mount Pinatubo Volcano .

The Mt Pinatubo eruption of 1991 was the second largest eruption of the 20th century. It all started with an earthquake northeast of the volcano. There were little signs that lead up to the big Eruption. In April there were 200 small earthquakes that registered at the volcano. In may 20-180 earthquakes were recorded, and Alert level 2 was issued. The Earthquakes became centered 5 km below the volcano. June of that year 1500 earthquakes under Pinatubo, and ash eruption send a cloud to 8 km high. The alert level 4 was issued ( Level 4 states an eruption could happen within 24 hours). Lava reached the surgace and formed a small dmone a little northwest of the main crater. The same month 14,400 people were evaciated at Clark Air Base. June 15 Typhoon Yunya passes 100 km northwest of the volcano, mudflows raged down the mountain at 30 km/hr. At 3:39 the main eruption began, and ash, gas, steam begun to rose 34 km high and travelled 400 km. It all stoped at 10:34. When all was said and done 750 people killed, Global temperture reduced by 0.5 degree C. Forest were burried under 50-200 m deep ash and pumice. 8,000 houses were destroyed, and 75,000 houses damaged. 2 milleion people were affected by the eruption.

US, Britain, France and allied countries drive Iraqis from Kuwait (Operation Desert Storm).

Warsaw Pact ends.

Attempted coup in Soviet Union.

Break-up of USSR, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) formed.

Croatia and Slovenia independent from Yugoslavia after a brief war.

Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI) collapses.

Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassinated.

Rodney King A videotape of black man (Rodney King) being beaten by four white police officers makes national headlines. It shows King being beaten and kicked, without offering any resistence.

Chlorea outbreak in Peru It was the first outbreak since the 19th century, and it spread to Ecuador and Colombia.
Bank of Credit and Commerce International closed Banking regulators from 69 countries shut down the BCCI claiming it laundered money, dealt in illegal arms, and was reponsible for smuggling, fraud, extortion and bribery. $12 billion was claimed to have disappeared within it's walls. BCCI was responsible for Iran-Contra transfers, providing nuclear weapons technology to Iraq, and secretly buying three American banks.


Land Withdrawal Act

In October 1992 The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Land Withdrawal Act withdrew public lands for WIPP. a test repository for transuranic nuclear wast disposal in a salt deposit deep under the deserd. Transuranic wastes are tadioactive and heavier than uraniun, and take a long time to decay. Most transuranic waste is rags, protective clothing, laboratoy equipment, and tools. Alot of DOE site generate transuranic waste is temporarily sorted in metal drums and boxes in little trenches and covered with soil above gound asphalt pads. The WIPP is located in the desert near Carlsbad, New Mexico. Now houses 2,150 geet deep in a salt bed the transuranic waste. There are no earthquake activity and little to no groundwater.

Bosnia votes for independence from Yugoslavia.

Bosnian war begins, siege of Sarajevo.

Los Angeles riots. Triggered by acquittal of four white police officers for beating of Rodney King (1991).

Boxer Mike Tyson convicted of rape.

Congress Bank Check Fiasco The congress voted in October to close the US House of Representatives Bank, the only clients were the congressmen. Over 8000 bad checks had been written by the members of the bank. They also owed over $300,000 in the House restaurant.

Hurricane Andrew hits Florida Killing 14, it left 250,000 people homeless, and was one of the costliest hurricanes in history.

Johnny Carson leaves the Tonight Show Bette Midler was his his last guest, Jay Leno was his replacement. David Letterman then left for CBS and beat him in ratings for a year or so.

Largest shopping mall in the US is constructed Minnesota's Mall of America, 78 acres, with the largest indoor amusment park

Peace in El Salvador In February, El Salvador signed peace agreements between the leftist rebels and the rightist government. Open elections followed two years later.


Abortion doctor killed by fanatic

Dr. David Gunn educated in Nashville at Canderbilt University. He received his M.D at the University of Kentucky. Later he moved to Brewton Alabama. He lived in poor, rural community where no OB/Gyn was practicing. He then began performing abortions for the same reason he chose to aid women who were having trouble conceiving. He belived his patients had the right to decide what happens to them. He travled over 1000 miles a week providing servies in communities that lacked reliable abortion providers. All the while he was driving he was in great pain with lack of most use of his left leg, this began with a bout with polo in his childhood. After all this on March 10, 1993 a lone assassin, drunk shot him three time in the back. All of the anti-choice, Pro-life organizations that did not agree to Dr. Gunn's actions did not condone Mr. Griffin's (the person that shot Dr. Gunn) actions. "But look at all the unborn children he saved" by shooting him.

Flood of '93 in the Midwest The Mississippi and Missouri flooded.

First World Trade Center bombing. Terrorists detonate bomb in underground car park.

Peace treaty signed between Israel and PLO.

Mosaic, web browser software, introduced.

The Lorena Bobbatt Trial Lorena Bobbatt, who claimed to be a battered wife at the time, was given a suspended sentence for amputating her husband's penis. Lorena, who was on trial for felonious assault, claimed to have no memory of the event in question? About six months after the trial they divorced.

Explosion at the World Trade Center in New York February 26, Muslim funamentalists tried to destroy the World Trade Center, killing five people and trapping tens of thousands of office workers in the tower. In March, four men connected with Egyptian sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman were convicted and sentanced to 240 years.

Warships To Haiti U.S. President Bill Clinton sends 6 American warships to enforce United Nations trade sanctions against the military-led regime in Haiti.

Febuary 28th, Ishiro Honda Japanese director/producer (Godzilla), dies at 81

Combat roles for women in the US military


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Started on January, 1, 1994, The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). removed most barriers to trade and investment among the Untited States, Canada, and Mexico. All non-tariff barriers to agrucultural trade between the United States and Mexico were eliminated, and many tariffs were eliminated immediatly, with others being phased out over periods of 5 to 15 years. All agircltural provisions will be implemented by 2008. For import-sensitive industries, long transition periods and special safeguards will allow for an orderly adjustment to free trade with Mexico. The agiricultural provisions of the U.S.Canada Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). It has been in effent since 1989. It was incorporated into the NAFTA. All tarffis affeciting agicultrual trade between the United States and Canada, with few exception for items covered by tariff-rate quotas (TRQ's), were removed before January 1, 1998. mexico and Canada reached a separate bilateral NAFTA agreement on market access for agicultural products. The agreement eliminated most tariffs either immeditely or over 5, 10 or 15 years. The tariffs affecting trade in dairt, poultry, eggs and sugar are maintained.

Nelson Mandela elected President of South Africa.

Rwandan genocide: 800,000 Tutsi killed.

Channel Tunnel opens between England and France.

Brazil wins soccer World Cup.

Major League baseball players strike As a result the World Series was canceled.

Comet hits Jupiter In July 1994, the planet was pelted by the comet with 21 large fragments over the course of 6 days, creating 2000 mile high fireballs and leaving black bruises in the clouds of the planet.

Los Angeles suffers massive earthquake

IRA peace talks result in a cease-fire

Oldest Human Remains Found. The oldest known human ancestor (Ardipithecus ramidus) is found in Kenya, East Africa. The find was estimated at 4.4 million years old.


Earth Day 1995

April 22, 1995 was warm and sunny in Washington D.C. Ton's of people gathered for the 25th annual celebration of Earth Day. But a brief thundershower moved through in the midafternoon, it wasnt eanough to break up the celebration. People descended on the Mall, and on the main stage it was a full program of speakers music, including a performance by Boyz to Men. People were having fun playing hackeysack, vollyball, and tossing frisbees. Near the Washington Monument a large blue golbe dominated by the mall. Everyone was enjoying the springtime, and loving life. D.C. was full of life that afternoon.

Terrorist bombing kills 168 in Oklahoma City.

O.J. Simpson Trial. Simpson is acquitted.

Dayton settlement ends war in Bosnia.

Netscape goes public, start of Internet stockmarket boom.

President Clinton proposes " The American Health Security Act" and the insurance industry answers with Harry and Louise.

Ebola Virus Hits! The Ebola virus kills 244 Africans in Kikwit, Zaire in Central Africa.

Conviction of Sheik and 9 followers over bombing The men responsible for bombing the World Trade Center a year earlier were found guilty.

Large earthquake in Japan strikes

Capt.Scott O'Grady Shotdown Captain Scott O'Grady of the Air Force was shotdown on June 2,1995 while flying a routine sortie over war-torn Bosnia.He was rescued 5 1/2 days later on June 8,1995.

The First Tibetan Freedom Concert. August 1995: Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys organized the first Tebetan Freedom Concert in Los Angeles. The proceeds from the ticket sales went to the Millareppa Foundation which exposed human rights violations in Tibet by the Chinese government. Artists that appeared at the TFC were: The Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers and A Tribe Called Quest.


The Port Arthur massacre

On April 28 and 29 1996, a 26 year old man named Martin Bryant murdered 35 people, injured 18 and attempted to murder 20 people. He walked into the Broad Arrow Cafe at the Port Arthur Historic Site, using a Armalite rifle. Then barricading himself in a guest house. After killing 35 people which included an elderly couple, a young girl, and a baby in its mothers arm. it was the worse peace-time massacre by a single gunman on record. Bryant was capturded by police after setting fire to a car he stole and the guest house he was barricaded in. he was sent to Risdon prision near Hobart. During that time he made several suicide attempts. He eventually pled guilty and avoided a trial, he was sentenced to life without parole and returned to Risdon proson. The judge described Bryant as "a pathetic social misfit".

Bomb kills 19 US servicemen in Saudi Arabia.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorce.

President Clinton abandons the Health Security Act.

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat asks US President Bill Clinton for assistance to stop Israel from expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Flight 800 from New York crashes Killing all aboard, July 18th.

O.J. Simpson trial begins The OJ Simpson trial begins when OJ is charged with murder

Olympic Park bombing After killing one person, a security guard named Richard Jewell came under suspicion initially but was cleared in the incident. No one has been convicted of setting the bomb.

Divorce! Princess Diana and Prince Charles are divorced. She has her 'HRH' removed.

The unabomber, Kaczynski arrested in Montanna


NASA's Mars Pathfinder probe lands on Mars.

The Launch date of the Mars Pathfinder was December 4, 1996, it landed July 4, 1997. It cost around 265 million wich includes launch and operations. The lander's on-board computer is based on 32 bit architecture with 4 million bytes of static random access memory and 64 million bytes of mass storing images. The landing site was in the Ares Valis region of mars. The Rover would take longer trips away from the lander each day, and even longer trips were planned. Images and experiments perfromed by the lander and rover until September 27, 1997 until communications were lost for unknown reasons.The Pathfinder telecommunication session eneded at 1:21 P.M PST when no transmissions had been detected. Flight controllers Ben Toyoshima and Rob Smith spent nearly four hours today trying to command the lander to turn on its transmitter. That was the last effore to listen for a signal for the pathfinder, and no other communications will be made.

Britain cedes Hong Kong (a British colony since 1841) back to China.

Princess Diana dies in road accident in Paris, France.

NYC Police Assualt Haitian Immigrant 4 New York City police officers assault Haitian immigrant Abner Louima while in custody. Louima was beaten severely while handcuffed and had a toilet plunger shoved into his rectum, puncturing his intestine and bladder

Jean benet ramsey murder

Comet Hale-Bopp 1st spotted It was considered to be the greatest comet in the 20th century. About 80% of Americans saw it without a telescope.

Heaven's Gate Cult mass suicide A mass suicide in which 39 members of a "Heaven's Gate Cult" in California killed themselves thinking they would be sent up to a spaceship behind the passing Hale Bopp comet. Strange and sad story.

Scientists cloned Dolly the sheep Dolly the cloned sheep was cloned by scientists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland.

Timothy McVeigh is found guilty of bombing

China resumes control of Hong Kong July 1, after 156 years of British rule, the colony was turned back over to China.

OJ Simpsons loses civil suit for wrongful death


The unabomber pleads guilty

Theodore John Kaczynski, was born in Chicago. He was a smart person skipping two years in school, and eventually graduating from Harvard Unitersity. Then getting his doctorate in math from the University of Michigan. Eventyally teaches math at the University of California-Berkeley. He tryes to immigrate to Canada but is rejected. In 1978 he sends his first bomb only injuring one. In 1987 he stops bombing things, he was sited placing a bomb, and is not seen for six years. Then in 1993 he injured one Dr. Charles Epstein while he was at home. until he is cought in 1996 he killed three people and injured 23. He was arrested at his mountain cabin in Montana. At the trial he asks to serve as his own attorney. He agrees to plea bargain and is sent to life inprisionment.

Prosecutor Kenneth Starr pursues President Bill Clinton for alleged lying about extra-marital affairs.

US and Britain bomb Iraq (Operation Desert Fox)

France wins soccer World Cup.`

2 US Embassies in Africa bombed

India resumes nuclear testing May 12th, violating a worldwide ban on nuclear testing

Clinton admits to Lewinsky affair After denying the afair for close to a year, the President held a press conference to admit to having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky

Texas Dragging Death In late June, three men associated with the Ku Klux Klan dragged a black man, James Byrd Jr. to his death. They were later sentenced to death

The Pentagon was hacked by an Israeli teenager.

Two hackers in China were sentenced to death for hacking into a bank and stealing money

The Pentagon was hacked by an Israeli teenager


Columbine Shooting

Eric Harris

Eylan Klebold

Tuesday April 20, 1999 two students suposibly members of the trench coat mafia, walked in to Columbine High School. They had one tec dc 9 modified, semi- automatic pistol, one sawed- off double-barrel shotgun, one sawed-off pump-action shotgun ,one 9mm semi-automatic rifle, and more than 30 homemade explosives, including pipe bombs, crude hand grenades and a propane tank with explosives attached. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both seniors, killed 13 students and teachers, wounded 23, and shooting them selves. They started firing in the parking lot. Then the shcool cafeteria, shooting as they walked. They went upstairs to the libary still shooting. People were hiding in bathrooms, undertables, and some barricaded behind a heavy door. The first emergency call was received at 11:21 police was there shortly after the call. At 4:30 the school was delared safe, and at 6:15 a bomb was found in a car in the school parking lot, then at 10:30 a bomb that was on a timer blows up. In Eric's garage the police found bomb making equipment, his diary showed the crime was well planned it dated back to 1998 of April. But this is not the only school shooting since 1979 there has been 22 or more shooting's, After Columbine there has been eight shooting's the last in 2001. It will cost over 50 million dollars to repair Columbine, and to help students, staff, and families to deal with what happened. I belive that is has not change much except schools have become more prision like, and There is too much tenchion between principals students teachers. Thing's need to change before they can get better. From what I have seen nothing has changed for the better. But it is a wrking process I guess.

President Bill Clinton acquitted in Senate impeachment trial.

The United States Information Agency was hacked.

NATO begins bombing Serbian forces in Kosovo. Mass explusion of Albanians from Kosovo.

Y2K scare. Computers predicted to crash at the end of the year.

Earthquake in Turkey Kills 13,000 In August, one of the most powerful and deadly earthquakes of the century strikes Turkey.

Bomb and Shooting in Texas Church Kill 22 In Fort Worth, Texas, Larry Ashbrook threw a bomb into a church, which killed 7, and then he opened fire on 14 people during a teen service, and then killed himself.

Woodstock 99 Woodstock 99 took place in New York. It was a 3 day concert featuring Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,KoRn and many other superstar status bands and singers! There were rapes, mud wars, and fires during the concert. Nobody was seriously injured.

Worcester Cold Warehouse Fire, 6 firefighters lost Largest amount of firefighters lost in action in Massachusetts in over 30 years.

First non-stop world trip in a balloon

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey and kills 15,600 and leaves 600,000 homeless.


Odyssey 2000 Trip around the world.

Odyssey 2000, the trip aroujd the world on a bike. Sharon Dennis spent a year 366 days riding her bike around the world. 240 people participated (the oldest being 80 and the youngest only 17)in this 20,000 miles and 45 countries Los Angeles to Los Angeles. The trip started on January 1, 2000, and ended a year later. In the ride they had 30 rides 18 ariplanes, 11 ferry rides, and one train ride. They averaged 77.0. and took 110 days off to recover and explore.

Y2K computer bug doesn't cause too many problems.

Air France Concorde crashes near Paris.

US Supreme Court decides in favor of George W Bush in split decison over 2000 Presidential election.

Pakistan test fires a new, more acurate short-range (60 miles) surface-to-surface missile, Pohkran-2. The missile can carry a variety of unspecified warheads.

Colin Powell becomes the first black U.S. Secretary of State.

Concorde crash kills 113 near Paris.

Mad cow disease alarms Europe

Plane Crash Kills 19 Marines. Controversial Osprey, a hybrid craft, destroyed in Arizona.

Fire Kills 170 Skiers in Austrian Tunnel. Cable car stalls and bursts into flames in Alpine village of Kaprun. Americans among casualties.

Abortion Pill Wins U.S. Approval. Food and Drug Administration announces acceptance of marketing of drug, milfepristone, or RU-486, a prescription drug that is first alternative to surgical abortion approved in U.S.


Bush's Tax Cut.

As the new president came into office, his top item was a $1.6 trillion tax cut. Congress argued that the bill favored the rich, and eventually cut it to $1.35 trillion over 11 years. It became a law on June 7. In August it was put into effect. and $300 for individuals and $600 for married couples. Most believed that the country was heading toward a full-blown recession.

World Trade Center and Pentagon struck by hijacked airplanes on September 11th.

Former Soviet/Russian space station, Mir, re-enters atmosphere.

Terrorists hijack 4 US airlines, and crash them. World Trade Center in New York destroyed.

Three Palestinians and one Israeli soldier were killed in gunfight near Nablus. Two Palestinians were also injured near the village of Tel Bourin in the northern West Bank.

According to the International Data Corporation, some 9.8 billion electronic messages are sent each day

Anthrax scare rivets nation, as anthrax-laced letters are sent to various media and government officials. Several postal workers die after handling the letters.

Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh executed.

FBI agent Robert Hanssen is charged with spying for Russia for 15 years.

U.S. submarine Greeneville sinks Japanese fishing boat, killing 9.

Race riots in Cincinnati continue for several days following a shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer.


Sniper's of DC

Sniper hits D.C suburbs. They cut a hole in the trunk lock of there car. that is how they made each hit. They killed ten people in about a month. Also wounding many more. The first victim in Wheaton, MD on Oct, 2. Then on Oct, 3 Fove people were shot outside of Washington, DC. Oct, 4 A woman survived an attack. Oct 7 victim shot at a gas station in Manassas, Va. Oct, 11 victim killed while pumping gas in Fourmile Fork, Va. Oct, 14 FBI analyst shot in a parking garage in Falls Church, Va.Oct, 19 A man survives an attack in Ashland, Va. Oct, 22 A bus driver killed in Silver Spring, Md. Then finially on Oct, 24 in a rest areain Rockville, Md John Allen Muhammad age 41, and John Lee Malvo age 17, were arrested. Oct, 25 Muhammad and Malvo charged in Maryland with six counts of first-degree murder.
Brazil wins soccer World Cup.

Accountacy and auditing scandals engulf Enron, Worldcom and other US businesses.

Rapper Killed in Honduras Accident, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of hip-hop band TLC dies when the SUV she was driving veers off a road.

German Student Kills 18 in School Shooting, Robert Steinhäuser, 19, recently expelled, murders students, teachers, and staff member before turning the gun on himself in Erfurt.

Mother Escapes Death Penalty, Texas jury recommends life sentence for Andrea Pia Yates, who was convicted of drowning her five children in a bathtub.

Two Dead in Airport Shooting, Alleged gunman, Egyptian-born Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, kills two at Los Angeles International Airport.

Pennsylvania miners rescued after spending 77 hours in a dark, flooded mine shaft.

Terrorist bomb in Bali kills hundreds.

Scientists report a new type of black hole. Hubble Space Telescope finds evidence of a middleweight class of gravitational sink, adding to earlier identified small and super classifications.

FBI lawyer Coleen Rowley criticizes FBI for thwarting terrorist efforts in a letter to the FBI director.


Chromosome 14 finished
Chromosome 14 is finished which is four down and twenty to go. Chromosome 21, 20, 22 were finished in the last three years The reasearchers led by Jean Weissenbach and Roland Heilig, Identified 1,050 geanes and gene fragments on the chromosome. Two genes that are critical to the body's immune response reside on chromosome 14, I personaly do not think that this is something to be messin around with. It is too hard to understand and control, or it just might be me. I just don't see how it will help with anything.

Israeli occupation soldiers murdered three teenagers in Gaza overnight. An Israeli army spokesman said Israeli troops murdered the three kids, aged 13, 14 and 15 respectively, after citing them walking near the Jewish colony of Eli Seinai in southern Gaza.

The first official Swiss online election takes place in Anières, Genève canton

Bosnia Arrests Wanted War Crimes Suspect A man arrested while committing a robbery last week was discovered to be a war crimes suspect, a Bosnian judge said Wednesday.

Supreme Court Focuses on Death Penalty The Supreme Court appears poised to take on yet another death row case infused with concerns about capital punishment.

A 12-year-old boy accidentally burned down a poolhouse and a summer pavilion with a flaming paper airplane, causing more than $40,000 in damage, police in southern Germany said on Thursday.

Oil, Gas Gets Break From Storm Permits Oil and gas developers are getting another two years before they have to obtain storm water pollution permits at some 30,000 sites around the country.

Airlines Still Finding Unsafe Carry-Ons Despite reminders that potential weapons aren't allowed in airliner cabins, people are still trying to bring tens of thousands of knives, dozens of guns and thousands of box cutters on board planes every month.

F-16s Shoot Down Skull Valley Nuclear Fuel Storage

Surgeon General Gets Smallpox Vaccine Surgeon General Richard Carmona got his smallpox vaccination Tuesday, hoping to persuade reluctant health care providers to do the same.

50 cats dead in S.I. house of horror More than 50 dead cats were found in a filthy house on Staten Island, while more than two dozen live felines roamed among the carcasses and mounds of trash.