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This Stranger, My Father


This book is a adventure/mystery novel where there are two types of cops. One type is trying to

bring the criminal to justice, the other one is trying to get the stolen money ( illegal money ).

Also, to keep you interested the author leaves you in suspense after every chapter.


Patty Meely –> Patty is the main character of

this novel. At the beginning, she has long, straight, brown hair and a couple of guys like

her. Life as she knows it is great and her best friend is “Kimmers”. Patty finds out that her real

last name is Pelling and about halfway through the book she changes her name to Karen Peterson which

goes with her new, short, and curly black hair. Patty is around 15 years old but she has a birth

certificate saying she is 17 turning 18. Patty is a round character because the book tells you a lot

about her and the way she looks. Patty is also a dynamic character because at the beginning of this

novel, she is living a normal life, going to school and towards the end her appearance is

totally different and now she is always on the run, she is no longer a happy person and she

doesn’t go to school. Patty is the protagonist.

Doug Meely –> Doug is Patty’s father. 20

years ago he received a life sentence for some illegal things he did. After being in prison for a

little while, he escaped and he’s been running from the cops ever since. He has dyed blonde hair

and beard, brown eyes and according to Patty he’s a nice, kind and very intelligent guy. Doug is a

round character because the book talks a lot about his moods and the way he used to be, compared to

now; and it also gives a physical appearance of him. Doug is also a dynamic character because he

is a hard working, average guy at the beginning of the book and later on you discover that he’s a

fugitive and his whole personality changes when he finds out the cops are still after him. ( He

becomes angry and sad all at the same time )

Agent Munroe –> Agent Munroe is the antagonist in the novel. He is trying to steal the

money from Patty and her dad. Agent Munroe is in his late 30's but he looks as if he was in his

50's due to his white/grey hair and the bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. Agent Munroe is a

stock character because he is easily recognized in this book as being the “crooked cop” who is just

out for himself. Munroe is also a dynamic character because when you first read about him he

acts as if he was a good, friendly cop but in fact he the complete opposite and actually becomes

quite desperate and violate.

Agent Helker –> Agent Helker is also the

antagonist because he is a cop who wants to bring Patty and her dad to jail for good. Helker is a

hard working cop who is determined to bring justice to order. He has a short temper and he is

not very likeable. Also, he has a twitch in his mouth when he smiles. Special Agent Helker is a

flat and static character because it doesn’t tell you another about his physical appearance or his

life and he doesn’t change throughout the book, he is constantly a cop chasing after Doug and Patty.

Kimmers –> Kimmers is Patty’s best friend and has been for a long time. Kimmers is better

looking than Patty and she is despised by most girls because of her little remarks and the way

she dresses. ( she dresses to please herself not anyone else) Kimmers is only in the first couple

chapter ( 1 and a little of 2 ) Kimmers is a flat character, she isn’t talked about a lot in the

book and she is a static character due to the fact that she never changes, she still remains Patty’s

friend even though what happened.

David –> David is the boy that Patty meets in California at Dairy Queen. David has a nice

motorcycle and Patty and him get along instantly. They share the same sense of humor and interests

and Patty finds David pretty cute. David helps Patty get her driver’s license, with her fake ID,

and he helped her get away from the bad guys. David is kind of a round character, he is talked

about a lot and the book tells you enough about him to understand him and he remains static

throughout the book except for the fact that he will always help Patty no matter what. ( So I

guess she changed him? )


This story takes place in many different cities and states. When Patty is going to school

at J.T. Kreuger High School, she lives in Michigan City, Indiana. Later, when the cops arrest her

and her father, the story’s setting changes to South Bend, Indiana. After Patty sneaks out of her

Foster Home, which is also in South Bend, she hitchhikes all the way to Rye Springs near her

hometown, where she meets back up with her dad. Then, her dad takes her to Bloomington,

Illinois where they stay for a couple of days until they go for a long drive and pass through seven

US states including Augusta, Kansas. Their final destination by car is in San Bavispe, California

where they stay in a small motel. On the last day, Patty drives her friend David’s motorcycle to a

town in-between Glamis and Brawley California.


The theme of this story is implicit, it doesn’t come right out and tell you what it is but

I think that what it is trying to say is: Don’t take life for granted, live life to the fullest

you never know what might happen or (You do the crime, you should do the crime! :) )

Personal Reflection:

I thought that this was a great novel to read especially if you like detective books. I found is

wasn’t too suspenseful but enough to make you keep reading. This book really shows how in one minute

your life can change sooo much, and people aren’t always who you think they are. I would give this

book a **** / ***** stars because the only fault it had was that it kind of skipped a few important

parts of the book at the end of each chapter and the starting of the next. All in all I would say that

if you want a good book to read, this one is defiantly in my top 5.