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E- commerce questionnaire

I am a postgraduate currently studying Computer Science at University of Salford and as part of my course, I have to do some research on the Internet (e-commerce security and trust). To enable me to get this information I have designed this questionnaire and would be much appreciated if you could spare a few minutes to fill it. All the information that is given will be strictly confidential and be only used for research purpose only.
Please tick the box that applies to you for each question, unless specified otherwise.

Section 1 - E - commerce

Q1 - How long have you been using the Internet?

Over 5 years 3-5 years 1-3 years Up to 1 year

Q2 - Have you previously purchased on the Internet?

Yes (Go to question 5) No (Go to question 3)


Q3 -What is the reason behind, not purchasing online? (Please tick one box only)

Not had the opportunity Too complicated
Prefer to purchase off-line Don't know
Difficult to resolve potential problems Security of data
Not have credit card Difficult to judge quality of product
Don't trust to give my credit card/personal detail Not enough information to make decision


Q4 -Would you consider shopping online, if the following guarantees could be offered:
(After answering question, go to question 6)

Don't know
Guarantee security of data
Guarantee privacy of data
Guarantee money back


Q5- How many times have you purchased online and what are the main reasons behind this?
(Please tick one box only)
Reasons behind purchase:

Money back guarantee Third party recommendation (E.g. friends/ media)
Free delivery Convenient / Easy
Fraud protection offered by Credit Card Company Other


Section 2 - Site Analysis

Q6 -Please can you state your concerns for the following statements:

Not Concerned
Slightly Concern
Very Concern
Don't know
Security of data when transmitting on the Internet
(E.g. personal detail/ credit card information)
Web merchant might pass on personal
information to a third party, without your
permission or knowledge


Q7 -Please state if you agree with the following statements:

Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Don't know
Layout format is consistent
Grouping of options is logical
All the buttons/links are meaningful
Navigation(Easy to use)


Q8- Which of these visible factors would increase the trustworthiness of the site, and hence influence you to purchase from this site?


No Importance
Slightly Important
Very Important
Don't know
Security seal
Privacy seal
Search facilities
Logos of well known brands
Pictures of products
Pictures of real people
Company logo
Navigation (Layout and ease of use)


Q9 -What information displayed on the site is important, when trying to gain your trust?

  No Importance Slightly Important Important Very Important Don't know
Privacy policy
Security policy
Feedback section/ Testimonial
Frequent Ask Question
Customer service section
Guarantee/ Insurance
Product information

Q10- How likely are you to trust an e-commerce site that:

  No Importance Slightly Important Important Very Important Don't know
Provides fast/ effective feedback on inquires
Low prices
Well known branded products
Use advance technology(E.g. live customer service)
Well known traditional merchant(E.g. Sainsbury's)

Q11 - How likely would you trust to make an online purchase from:

Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Don't know
Vendors well known in traditional world
Vendors well known in the Internet world


Section 3- Security and Privacy

Q12- Do you check security polices/ certificates of Internet site before entering credit card details/personal information?

Never Sometimes Always


Q13 - Have you heard of these technologies?

Heard off
Know how they work
Site certification


Q14 - Cookies are files that are sent from certain sites to your computer, which monitor your movement on the Internet and send data to certain sites. Were you aware of this?

Yes No Don't know


When you have completed filling out the above form please click on the Submit button below. If you are not satisfied with your answers above please click on Reset to clear the form.

Thank you for your time and co-operation.