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New Thought for Tuesday, September 23, 2003:
Life sucks... yeah it does... don't believe me? Go out, fall in love with someone, get to know them really well, and have them tell you that they should have never gone out with you because they're not "ready" for a relationship. To know more, visit the heart... I'll have the whole rant there.

So what is the meaning of life? Is life something we work for, or does it work for us? Many people believe than man controls his own destiny. If people believe they can be or do something, then they can. Is this true? If right now I believed that I am a multi-million dollar business owner, than am I? Nope, the money ain't rolling in yet. Then there are those who think that everything is pre-destined and it all happens for a reason. So, me waking up at 4:00pm today, going to McDonnalds and getting a large Root Beer, walking home, going to my friends house, going to "big rocks," coming home, loosing my keys, and typing all of this crap all fits into some grand cosmic scheme that was pre-destined and was going to happen no matter how hard I tried to not do all of the boring and random things I did today because it's all in my karma type crap. Umm... no, that don't seem to make sense either. So what the hell does guide our day to day actions? To tell you all the truth, I do. That's right, me, Mikee W. Sharp controlls everything that everyone in the world does. I am a supreme being that can do anything and make anyone do anything I want. So, that Solved that little question. Don't get me wrong, I claim to be no god. I am just a man (as man's standards are concerned) that controlls what you all do. Oh yeah... sorry for making you hit the dog today... I just wanted to make you feel bad. Don't worry, there are a billion more in the world.

Just in case you were wondering I use a spray deoderant. Thank you... god I'm an idiot... why are you even here? Don't you have anything better to do with your time than to spend it finding out things about me? Well than... you have a very boring life.