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<"dir/poems: Pop"
In a time where it is popular to be unpopular,
we still shun those who donít live up to our standards of ďunpopularityĒ.
It is funny to see that what was created to be anti-popular culture
has, in fact, become the pop-culture of today.
This is not why I listen to the type of music I listen to;
I neither have a taste for pop, nor anti-pop.
I am myself, an individual in the sea of people like just like me.
Not because of the way I dress, or the way I wear my hair,
but because I am, by self decree, an individual.

<"dir/poems: Death"
Once in a while I get to thinking about life.
Life is a fickle thing; we live to die, we die to live.
Life is the waiting room for death; death is the freedom from life.
Now, do not mistake me for homicidal, or suicidal.
I am just secure about where I will go when I die,
for it is then that I will be truly free.
Free from the world, corrupt by its own deeds.
Free from man, who would kill another man,
just for a piece of land neither of them own.
What is this freedom that I speak of? Quite simply put, it is heaven.

<"dir/poems: I Met Someone Once"
I met someone once
Immediately I wanted to get to know her
Not because she was cute
Not because she had a great personality
But because she was different
Different than all the other people in the world
Her smile made me smile
Damn near contagious
I loved her for her smile.

When the time for us to part came, I could not bear it
I spent every waking moment in earnest waiting for our reunion
Time spent in agony of the though of never seeing her again
Some say Iím cursed with a hopeless romantic mind
I had to see her again, when will I see you again?

<"dir/poems: Infected by Her"
Love is a sickness.
I know I will see her again.
Not only in hope, but in heart.
Does this make me in love?
She is the one responsible.
Ever in my dreams and thoughts.
You are infecting me.

<"dir/poems: Take On Love"
Love is something that many people wish they had.
It is, in fact, human nature to love others.
But what is this love, and how come it can heal and hurt people all at the same time?
Love is like money, so easily gotten, but so hard to keep.
We want to spend our love like money;
buying the newest and best product while we still have an older version.
Itís pretty sad once you think about it.
So what do I know about love?
Absolutely nothing.
I am too young and too stupid to know what love is.
So for now I will live on, in the hope that once day I will love and be loved in return.

<"dir/poems: Take Love On"
You have to head straight into it.
Grab the bull by the horns, so-to-speak.
Never look back, always look ahead.
Donít stop, not for anything.
Donít let others hinder you.
Keep youíre eye on the prize.
Once you feel it, take love on head first.

<"dir/poems: Untitled"
you say you're afraid,
well i'm afraid too
you say you don't know,
well i know about you.
you say it takes time,
well time's all we got.
i say i'm in love,
you say that you're not.
i say that i'm young,
a love so naive.
you say we should talk,
i wholeheartedly agree.
you may say i'm crazy,
and i just might be.
but i say that i need you
and i hope you need me

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Mikee here, Just what do you thing you are doing? These are my poems, not for you to copy and use as yours. What? You were just reading them. You have no desire to copy them and tell everyone that you wrote them. Well that's a different story. I hope you enjoyed them. Now, I know some of them have to do with love, but love itself is handled in the heart. These poems are just what I wrote. For more info on love, go to my heart.