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Mark's Home Page

Mark-Smith's Home Page


Hello im Mark i am 20 years old.I have been playing drum's for about 13 years i love playing live in front of people it gives me a rush i can play for hours.It all started when i was like 8 living in my old home town of Phila,PA i grew up listehing to Green Days drummer''Tre Cool''pretty much him and alot of practice made me as good as i am today. I love going and watching Green Day play i have told tre the story about me becoming a drummer beacuse of him and i also go to play drums with Green Day on stage with a crowd of 35,000 fans Thank u Green Day . Ok so now im in San Antonio Texas. I Graduated from Clemens high school and now i am in a band called Celebrate-Tuesday.we have been playin for about a year now we play as many shows as we can.


2 ''18'' Zildjian z coustom rock crash's , Zildjian ''14'' Quick Beat Hi hats,Zildjian ''20'' Ping Ride,Slingerland Drums racktom 11/14,bass drum 18/22, floor tom 16/16,snare 5/14,all DW hardware,Remo & aquarian drumhead's.


Aim-GCdrumr , Phone(210)945-4779