The show hasn't even kicked off, we haven't even faded up the PWA logo and Goldberg is sitting in front of a camera live on PWA's very own network... Goldberg twitches and looks straight into the camera. he smirks a little, before rubbing his chin and talking.

'Da Man' Bill Goldberg: That's right... Tonight... I'M BACK! I know you've all been waiting for the arrival of Bill Goldberg... You've been waiting to see Da Man in action! Tonight, I'm gonna' come get some and yeah, my opponent... Test... I bet he's thinking about 1 thing... Is Goldberg as good as the hype? Did I go 177 to 0 for nothing?! BELIEVE THE HYPE TEST... BELIEVE IT! Cos' tonight you're gonna witness the power of Goldberg, FIRSTHAND! Yeah, that's right Test... You're Next! And when I win the Royal Rumble... and I do mean when... Triple H better think about giving up that world title of his... cos' it will be mine! I guarantee it!

Goldberg just sent a message to the PWA... he's back tonight, he's making his debut... he's been out of the business for so long and now, he'll make his big return. Goldberg is coming tonight and Test better watch out... and soon, The World Champion might have to too!

We're just 2 weeks from the Royal Rumble and tonight, the number 1 contender to the World Championship is decided. The Rock took out the 'World Champion' Triple H last week, then Christian took out The Rock and this week, The Rock takes on Christian for the chance to face The Game at the Royal Rumble. It's all or nothing for The Rock, if The Rock wins he faces Triple H at the Rumble... If he loses, The Rock will enter the Royal Rumble at number 1. The Rock has everything to do tonight and he must be ready... The Inter-continental Title is on the line, as Raven defends it against the man that took him out last week... Kurt Angle. Angle has been on a path of destruction after his World Title defeat at Rebellion. First, he snapped Jericho's ankle last week in their match, then he tried to break Raven's... earning himself an IC title shot just to try and calm his rage. Triple H has the biggest test of his undefeated streak so far, as The Game is put in a Handicap match with the Impact Playas. There's nothing more Storm and Credible want than to defeat the champion in their debut match and end his undefeated streak.

I will never bother you
I will never promise to
I will never follow you
I will never bother you
Never speak a word again
I will crawl away for good

I will move away from here
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
Always knew it would come to this
Things have never been so swell
I have never failed to fail

Pain... Pain... Pain!

You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right!

I'm so warm and calm inside
I no longer have to hide
Let's talk about someone else
Steaming soon begins to melt
Nothing really bothers her
She just wants to love herself

I will move away from here
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
Always knew it'd come to this
Things have never been so swell
I have never failed to fail

Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain... Pain!

You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right... You know you're right!


Bang! Bang! Bang! The official theme of Smackdown is Nirvana's hounding theme "You know you're right". It was debutted last week and it was met by great approval by PWA fans around the world. PWA assigned Nirvana's track as their official Smackdown theme and it will be played throughout Smackdown shows in the foreseeable future. The fans have really packed into the Air Canada Centre tonight, it's going to be a big night here in Toronto... no doubt about it!

Christian's music hits and here comes the Peeps Champ, he makes his way down to the ring cockily, winding up the fans with his attitude. He slides into the ring and popes to his supposed peeps, before taking a microphone!

Peeps Champ' Christian: It so doesn't get any better than this... Not only do I get to earn a World Title shot in front of all my PEEPS... I get to do it in front of all my peeps in Canada!

The crowd surprising jeer their own hometown boy... They dislike Christian as much as anyone else, he's far too up himself and the crowd know it.

Peeps Champ' Christian: I can't believe my own people have the nerve to jeer their own son! I came from this garbage heap you know? Don't I deserve a little respect?

The crowd begin to chant 'you suck' chants at Christian... They disliked the insults to Toronto by Christian and now, they're coming back with some revenge.

Peeps Champ' Christian: I know you're all just jealous... I know I've got the looks, th haircut, the desirable body but please... Just because I'm more successful than the Raptors will ever be, I don't deserve this kind of disrespect. Instead, when I come down here tonight and beat The People's Flop, you should all stand up and scream my name... CHRISTIAN... CHRISTIAN... CHRISTIAN... Just like The Rock's momma did!

OHH... THAT WAS BELOW THE BELT BY CHRISTIAN, WHAT A DAMN INSULT! He just insulted The Rock's own mum, that's got to have pissed The Rock off... WAIT! THE ARENA'S GONE BLACK... LOOK, THE HELICOPTER'S ON THE SCREEN... THE ROCK'S COMING OUT! HELL, THE CROWD ARE GOING NUTS! The Rock is standing at the top of the ramp, in his black leather jacket and trousers, microphone in hand... The Rock is here tonight.

'The Great One' The Rock: The Rock says it loud and clear for you Christian... LOUD AND CLEAR! KNOW YOUR ROLE... AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH! The Rock's sick and tired of you running your mouth about being so good-looking and having such good taste in clothes, it begs the question Christian... Do you like strudel? WOULD YOU LIKE A PIECE OF THE ROCK'S STRUDEL?

Peeps Champ' Christian: I...!

'The Great One' The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU WANT... YOU SICK HOMOSEXUAL FREEEEEAK! The Rock doesn't care which way you swing... that's up to you. You can wipe a chihuahua's ass with it! No... no... no... The Rock cares about 1 thing Christian and 1 thing only. The Rock cares about The World Championship. You see, The Rock is THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT TODAY... Ohh yes! So you can run your mouth, talk all the trash you want because tonight, when it's The Rock and Christian, one-on-one, face-to-face, man-to-whussie, The Rock's gonna whup your ass ALL ROUND TORONTO... LIKE ONLY THE ROCK CAN! JUST WHUP IT CHRISTIAN... Can you taste it Christian? Can you SMELL it? The Rock says take a good sniff... take a big deep breath... inhale all the air that you want... cos' tonight, you will smell what The Rock is cookin' so The Rock just has 1 thing left to say to you hermie... and that's JUST... BRING... IT!

Christian came out to antagonise The Rock but it was The Rock that made Christian look like the fool... Christian had to stoop so low to insult The Rock's mum but The Rock put Christian in his place and told him to bring it tonight!

Val Venis vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

# Hello Ladies # The big Valbowski's music blasts through the arena, as he walks out from behind the curtain with his white towel on. He walks down to the ring, and climbs in. He stands in the middle of the ring and does his grind, taking his towel off all at the same time. # Glass Shatters # Stone Cold's music hits, and he comes storming out from the backstage area. He rushes down to the ring, walks up the stairs...and gets in. He immediately goes after Val and the bell rings. Austin starts off hammering on Val Venis, knocking him down. Venis quickly gets to his feet, but is met with more right hands. Eventually Venis gets his left arm up and blocks a punch. He starts laying rights of his own. This turns into a total slugfest, with Austin getting the upper hand at the end. He knocks Venis down, picks him up and delivers a russian leg-sweep. He covers but only gets the 2. Austin straddles Venis and starts delivering rights. Austin gets up and runs off the ropes, giving the finger up in the air and then dropping his elbow/forearm hard into Venis' face. Austin picks up Venis and whipping him hard into the corner, and starts the mudhole stomping. Austin then charges into the turnbuckle driving his knee into Venis' head. He picks up Val and whips him off the ropes, and meets him with a Lou Thesz Press. After he hammers on him a few more times, he gets on the second rope and jumps off delivering a Bret Hart type elbow drop. He goes for the cover 1...2.. kickout by Val. Austin whips Val off the ropes again, and ducks too early. Val telegraphs it and gets a sunset flip, 1...2.. kickout by Austin. Venis gets his second wind and begins chopping Austin hard. Austin goes down, and Venis picks him up, and delivers another chop. Venis picks Austin up again, and hits a suplex. He locks in a headlock. After a few short minutes, Austin fights out of the headlock, with elbows to the gut. He throws him off the rope, and goes for a clothesline, but Venis ducks and comes back with a clothesline of his own. Venis gives his trademark, arm gesture. He climbs on the top rope, taking alot of time. He does his dance, and dives off for The Money Shot, but Austin rolls out of the way. Venis hits hard, and both men try to get to their feet. Austin gets up first, and starts throwing rights again. Venis ducks a right, and kicks Austin in the stomach, he hooks him for a Fishermen Suplex, but Austin reverses into a suplex of his own. Austin gets up first, and waits on Venis to stand up. When he does, he kicks him and goes for a Stunner, but Venis somehow gets him up for a backdrop, and spins him into the powerbomb. The Blue Thunder Pin!! The ref counts...1....2...3!! Val Venis picks up the victory on Stone Cold!!!

Winner: Val Venis

We go backstage to the commissioner's office... William Regal has some important announcements for the whole of the PWA. He is sitting in office, a cup of tea in his hand, he takes a sip and then, he puts the cup down and begins to speak.

PWA Commissioner' William Regal: Is it not marvellous to be in Canada once again?! Don't you just love this FILTHY, ROTTEN STINKHOLE!? It is bloody horrible to be here... But at least, I have some good news for all Smackdown fans next week, when we leave this god forsaken country. The first announcement I have is that next week... The Tag Team Championship will be on the line as Al Snow and Booker T will defend against The Impact Playas AND a very special new signing I made this morning... none other than Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, THE WORLD'S GREATEST TAG TEAM!!!


PWA Commissioner' William Regal: I can also add that everyone apart from the people involved in the title match... that being Triple H and either The Rock or Christian, will be entered into PWA's Royal Rumble! The winner of this match will be heading to Wrestlemania for a World Championship match.

Yes! That's right... everyone who isn't in the title match will face each other in the Royal Rumble, how incredible is that?!

PWA Commissioner' William Regal: And next week, there will be an over-the-top rope battle royal for the #30 spot in the Royal Rumble and also, a match to decide who will enter the Royal Rumble in the #2 position. This being the loser of their prospective match on Smackdown next week. AND IT'S ALL NEXT WEEK... NOT TONIGHT... Though, I've given you flipping Canadians enough tonight already, a number 1 contendership, an IC Championship match, I've even put the champion in a Handicap Match, albeit by Triple H's request... And still, you horrible mounties are ungrateful of my generosity. Well, I pity you all... and I bid you all good-day!

A match for the #30 spot... and a match to decide who enters the Rumble at #2, this is going to be 1 hell of a week next week! Regal is full of brilliant ideas and HE'S BRITISH!

Al Snow vs. Kane

# What Does Everybody Want!? # Al Snow's music plays, and he comes running from behind the curtain, with Head in hand, and his Tag Belt around his waist. Head is still bandaged up from his "plastic surgery" Al runs the rest of the way down the ramp and slides into the ring. He does an airplane spin in the middle of the ring and then... # BAM! The Wonder Of The World, Is Gone # Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven plays, as the pyro flies up on the top of the ramp. Al jumps because it startles him. The Big Red Monster comes from behind the curtain, and walks down the ramp, without taking his eyes off Al Snow. Kane slides in, and Al slides out. Kane whips the towel off his head, and throws it to the mat. He lifts his arms into the air, and then down causing the pyro to go off. Al picks up Kane's towel from the side of the ring, throwing it at him. This causes Kane to slide out of the ring, and chase Al. They do about two laps around the ring, and Al slides in, making Kane follow him. When Kane slides in, Al begins stomping him. Kane tries to get to his feet, but Al keeps stomping. Kane eventually gets up, and Al starts chopping away at Kane against the ropes. Al whips Kane into the ropes, but Kane reverses, and hits a huge big boot on Al's way back. Al goes down, but Kane picks him up by the throat. He stares into Al's eyes, saying something but it can't be heard. He throws Al into the corner by his neck, and starts giving him throat thrusts. Al falls to the ground, crying for Head to help him. Kane walks over to the corner, and picks up Head. He stares at it, and begins laughing. He walks over to Al, and puts Head in front of his face. Kane the drops Head and stomps on it. Al, enraged, gets to his feet, and runs at Kane. Al jumps toward him, but Kane catches him, and flips him over into a Tombstone position. He doesn't do the tombstone, he gives him a running powerslam instead. Kane pins 1...2.... Al just barely gets his shoulder up. Al is just a few moves away from losing his first match. Kane picks up Al, and puts his hand around Al's throat. He lifts him up and delivers a huge Chokeslam on Al Snow. Kane is about to pin him...but Booker T comes running down the ramp. Kane turns to Booker, while Book trash talks him from the outside of the ring. About a minute passes by, and Al regains consiousness. Al sneaks up behind Kane, and gets a school boy roll up on Kane. The ref counts 1....2....3!!! Al Snow gets the HUGE upset victory on Kane!!!!

Winner: Al Snow

Backstage, Al Snow is talking to Jonathon Coachman after his victory over 'The Monster' Kane a few minutes ago...

'The Coach' Jonathon Coachman: Al, congratulations on your victory over Kane... your career has gone very well in PWA so far. What do you see you yourself achieving?

'Headless' Al Snow: I can't find Head Coach! He's gone! Disappeared! Vanished! Kaputt! What have you done to my Head you horrible man?

'The Coach' Jonathon Coachman: Nothing... I haven't seen Head.

'Headless' Al Snow: YOU... LIE!

Al flips and smacks the Tag Team Title belt into Coach's head... Coach is knocked out on the ground. Al searches through Coach's clothes looking for Head... IT'S THE HURRICANE... THE HURRICANE HAS COME TO SAVE COACH FROM AL SNOW. The Hurricane pulls Al Snow off...

'Superhero' The Hurricane: Al Snow, you are evildoings must come to an end... I saw you attack this helpless young man citizen but once again, The Hurricane came to save the day... Your fiendish activites have gone on long enough Al... you shall be brought to justice. Your victory over The Hurricane last week was a fluke... even superhero's make mistakes!

'Headless' Al Snow: HE STOLE HEAD... HE'S THE THIEF, NOT ME!

'Superhero' The Hurricane: My hurri-powers sense that you are once again lying... The Hurricane will be seeing you at The Royal Rumble... and your acts of evil will come to an end!

Al Snow versus The Hurricane at the Royal Rumble, the Extreme Championship will be on the line and hell, it could be a tremendous match. Al sneaked the upper hand against The Hurricane one week ago but at the Royal Rumble, can The Hurricane end Al's supposed evil-doings?

Goldberg vs. Test

TEST… TEST.. TEST… Test makes his way down to the ring tonight to a reasonable pop from the crowd but most of the reaction is for the leggy blonde he has next to him, Stacy Keibler. Test raises the ropes so she can climb seductively in between it… the crowd go wild at the ass-shot, as Stacy tries to motivate Test for his ULTIOMATE challenge! DUN… DUN… DUN DUN DUN! HERE HE COMES… IT’S THE MAN… THE POWERHOUSE… BILL GOLDBERG! We see Bill Goldberg walking through the back, screaming and swinging his arms, showing off his strength and his anger. He climbs up the steps towards the titantron… the gold pyro flies out under the titantron and Goldberg comes out to a massive ovation from the crowd. He walks down the ramp, kicking his legs in the air, swinging his arms and screaming… the crowd are really getting behind him. Goldberg slides in, he walks round and round Test, as if he’s gonna take him at any second… Goldberg poses to the crowd and screams, massive ovation. Goldberg tests the ropes, as the bell rings. Test goes to try and get the early advantage, he pounces on Goldberg’s back, slapping the men and laying as many punches as he can on him Test tries to stamp Goldberg down, trying to keep him grounded. Goldberg pushes test away but Test comes with more right hands… Test whips Goldberg into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. GOLDBERG JUST STANDS AND TAKES THE CLOTHESLINE. Test kicks Goldberg in the gut, he goes for a whip again and Goldberg comes back with a vicious, clattering clothesline that nearly tore Test’s skull off. Goldberg lays the right hands to Test, before throwing him into the turnbuckle where he throws the kicks and the punches. Goldberg whips test into the ropes and powerslam! YEAH! Goldberg screams in delight! Goldberg tells Test to get up, Goldberg lays a right hand, he whips Test into the ropes, Test ducks Goldberg’s clothesline and neckbreaker! Test gets on top of Goldberg and lays the right hands until Goldberg launches Test off of him. Goldberg gets up, Test lays the shots… he whips him into the ropes and sidewalk slam. Test pulls Goldberg up, he kicks him in the gut and he’s looking for the Test Drive… test could end Bill Goldberg before he even gets started, right here tonight! Test goes for it but Goldberg counters out with an arm twist and WHAT A HUGE BODYSLAM FROM GOLDBERG! Goldberg stands up, Test struggles up and Goldberg encourages him up… Test turns and Goldberg picks him up… MY GOD, IT’S GONNA BE A MILITARY PRESS! Goldberg holds him over his head for like 5 seconds… then, GORILLA SLAM… MILITARY PRESS INTO GORILLA SLAM! Test ahs been taken out by Bill Goldberg! Goldberg sits down in the turnbuckle, GET UP… GET UP, Goldberg screams! Stacy has got onto the apron, she’s trying to get Test’s attention… Test struggles to his feet… Stacy gets into the ring… Test turns….AND HERE COMES GOLDBERG… SPEAR… SPEAR… SPEAR… BUT GOLDBERG JUST SPEARED THE HELL OUT OF STACY KEIBLER… MY GOD, THERE WERE LEGS EVERYWHERE! Goldberg can’t believe it, he stands up and looks at the crumpled heap of Stacy Keibler… he turns to Test and BIG BOOT! Test just kicked the face off Goldberg, 1… 2… NO NO NO! THE POWERHOUSE JUST KICKED OUT… HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?! Test pulls Goldberg up, he measures the right hands onto Goldberg’s forehead… he whips Goldberg into the ropes… AND SPEAR… SPEAR… SPEAR… GOLDBERG GOT TEST THIS TIME! Goldberg signals for the jackhammer and thr crowd cheer wilding. He kicks in the gut, places Test’s arm over his head… lifts him up. Goldberg must have held him there for 10 seconds… JACKHAMMER! JACKHAMMER! WHAT A VICIOUS MANOUEVRE… IT’S GOTTA BE OVER! 1… 2… 3! And it is! GOLDBERG… GOLDBERG… GOLDBERG… The crowd chant their hero’s name in victory. Goldberg was the better man tonight but can anyone stop this unstoppable force?!

Winner: Goldberg

H… B… K! And here comes The Heartbreak Kid… possibly the most hated man in this arena right now. He cockily walks down to the ring, taking it as slowly as possible… There’s no real celebration, just a very cocky attitude as he talks smack to the crowd. He climbs into the ring and begins to talk

'The Showstoppa' Shawn Michaels: I promised that I would answer some questions tonight. And NOW.. is the time. The biggest questions among the wrestling fans is..

You screwed Bret! You screwed Bret!

'The Showstoppa' Shawn Michaels: Oh, don't begin with that stupid crap again. As I have said numerous of times, BRET SCREWED BRET! All you Canadians do not know what the hell your talking about damnit! You are ALL alike! You live by the past. You don't let things go and that's why I hate this place! But, as I was saying before I was interupted by Canada's ferries...

Fans boo loudly

'The Showstoppa' Shawn Michaels: Hahaha....I did it because of... The fans. And what I mean by this is the fans don't show any consideration to me at all. I give it all day in and day out and I don't get jack in return! I am the greatest wrestler walking the planet right now and you fans don't seem to care. So, I decided to show my feelings by action and knocking your lil' favorite, Booker T's head right off last week. And more is to come as I go one on one with RVD tonight. Im using this change in me as an advantage. And that advantage is climbing up the ladder of success. Soon, and I mean soon, I will be representing the PWA as the champion and that is a promise. I did it before in the WWE and I will once again do it here in the PWA. My era has just.. Begun! Now, HIT... MY...

# CAN YOU DIG IT... SUCKA? # Here comes Booker T, he walks down the ramp staring deep into the eyes of Shawn Michaels... these guys have been fighting each other npon-stop for the last few weeks... Booker T has scored 2 pinfalls over Michaels but Michaels keeps taking Booker T out, the rivalry is not over!

'Harlem Heat' Booker T: Shawn, 'chu think it was a dmart idea to turn yo' back on yo' fans... there's alot of love for you in dis' crowd... there's alot of respect fo' you in tha' back... but Shawn, I ain't got no time for yo' punk ass! So I tell ya' what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna' kick it... right here, right now... In Toronto!

'The Showstoppa' Shawn Michaels: Wait a minute pal... you don't actually think we're gonna' have a match here tonight, do ya'? GET REAL! I've got a big match later on ta'night and as far as I'm concerned, I can beat the livin' hell outta' you any other time... So i tell ya' what, you want a match against me real bad... you want to gave THE HEARTBREAK KID... Then, you can face me 1 on 1 at the ROYAL RUMBLE!

'Harlem Heat' Booker T: That's fine by me man... Royal Rumble, chu' got it!

HERE COMES THE MONEY... It's the Television Champion Shane McMahon, why the hell's he coming out here? Shane begins dancing on top of the ramp, before pulling out a microphone.

'Boy Wonder' Shane McMahon: You see this boys... It's the Television Champion. You might remember it Shawn cos' I took this title away from you! And Booker T, you might remember it cos' I pinned YOU to win this baby! Now, it's clear to me that both of you want to face each other at the Royal Rumble... it's also a fact that Shane O'Mac hasn't had to defend his TV Title against anybody! So here's what I suggest... let's make this match a Triple Threat... Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Shane O'Mac... for MY Television Title! Now, what do you think about that?

'The Showstoppa' Shawn Michaels: You got it pal... It's on!

'Harlem Heat' Booker T: You can count me in too dawg!

'Boy Wonder' Shane McMahon: Then, that's settled... I just can't wait to beat you both... at the same time... all over again!

Shane Mcmahon's music hits and he laughs but the match is made for the Royal Rumble. It's going to be Shane McMahon versus Booker T versus Shawn Michaels for the Television Title, will a new champion be crowned at the Rumble?!

The Hurricane vs. Booker T

# Can You Dig It...Sucka!? # The Bookerman is live in Canada!! He comes out from the back, walking to the center of the ramp with his Tag Belt around his waist! He does his taunt, and the pyro goes off, as he jumps up to raise the roof. He gets down to the ring, and slides in. # Stand Back! There's A Hurricane Comin' Through! # Everyone's favourite superhero makes his way down to the ring. Last week he lost his first match against Booker T's Tag Team Partner and is looking for vengeance! Hurricane takes off his mask and gives it to a small fan at ringside. Hurricane slides back in and the bell rings. The match starts off slow with headlock take overs, until Booker T gets impatient and starts getting more rough. Booker hits a few chops, and then a Houston Side Kick. Booker scoops up Hurricane and hits a body slam. He measures the Hurricane out, and bounces off the ropes hitting a knee drop across the bridge of the nose. Booker stands back up, and pulls Hurricane to his feet. He stands the Hurricane up and hits him with a clothesline. It's not looking good for the Extreme Champ. Booker whips Hurricane off the ropes, but Hurricane ducks a clothesline, and another and nails a huge Cross Body. 1...2.... .9999 and Booker just hardly gets his shoulders off the mat. The Hurricane charges Booker but is met with a big spine buster. Booker covers 1...2.. no, Hurricane kicks out. Booker stands up The Hurricane, and sets him up for a Book End, but the Hurricane delivers three quick elbow's to the side of his head. Hurricane gets a few quick kicks to the gut, and gets a nice DDT on Book. Hurricane climbs to the second rope, and dives off nailing the Over Castle on Booker. The cover: 1...2... no! Booker kicks out. The Hurricane throws his hand up in the air, calling for the Hurri-Choke Slam. He wraps his hand around Booker's neck, but can't budge him. Booker easily reverses into a Book-End. The cover 1....2..... NO!!! How did the Hurricane kick out of a Book-End!? Booker, looking frusterated, climbs to the top rope, taking alot of time. Hurricane gets to his feet, and when Booker T lauches off the top rope, Hurricane counters with a drop kick in mid-air! Booker is down, and Hurricane is down. Booker moves first, and gets his arm across Hurricane's chest. 1...2... kickout! What a match! Both men slowly get to their feet, and The Hurricane starts throwing rights. He runs off the ropes and nails a diving clothesline, like no one but The Hurricane can do. He covers 1...2... no! Booker T gets up to his knees, and The Hurricane calls for the Shining Wizard. Just out of no where, Al Snow is at ringside, he must have came from the crowd. The Hurricane runs and does a baseball slide knocking Al Snow down. He turns around to get nothing but a kick to the gut, and then a Scissors Kick! The Hurricane is down, and Booker T is upside down, because he's doing the Spin-A-Rooni in the middle of the ring!! Al Snow gets up on the apron, Al Snow gets up on the apron, cheering Booker on, but is distracting the ref at the same time, when Booker is trying to get to cover on the Hurricane. Booker walks over to Al. He begins yelling at him to get down from the apron. Finally Al jumps down, but it's too late, Booker turns around to get an amazing Shining Wizard by The Hurricane. He covers him 1...2...3! Al Snow just cost Booker T the match, and a controversial match it was!! Snow holds his own head in shame, he slides into the ring and tries to help Booker to his feet… Booker pushes Al away, the Tag Team Champions are divided tonight by a mistake by Al Snow that cost Booker T. Al rolls out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp, as Booker stares at him form the ring… WAIT, SOMEONE’S BEHIND BOOKER T… IT’S MICHAELS… SHAWN MICHAELS MUST HAVE COME THROUGH THE CROWD… BOOKER TURNS AND SMACK, SWEET CHIN MUSIC… Shawn begins to do a celebration but Snow comes into the ring, he hits HBK from behind and knocks him straight out of the ring. Shawn makes a quick exit, as Al helps his Tag Team partner to his feet… This has not been Booker T’s night by any stretch of the imagination.

Winner: The Hurricane

We go backstage and Triple H is looking straight into the eyes of Kurt Angle... Triple H defeated Kurt Angle at Rebellion against all the odds to become PWA World Champion. The 2 men have not met since that point and there's nothing but tension and hatred between them

'The Game' Triple H: I saw what you did last week Kurt, real impressive... shame it took a beating from me to kick your ass into gear.

'Olympic Hero' Kurt Angle: You're right Hunter, I wasn't motivated enough to beat you... I was too busy trying to set you up, to worry about kicking your butt. So I realised that I had to show the world that what happened was a mistake... and even Olympic Heroes make mistakes! You see Hunter, I'm out to get anybody that crosses in my way to gold... I took out Chris Jericho and snapped his freakin' ankle in two. I took out Raven and tonight, I'm gonna' snap his ankle in two to win Inter-continental gold... Then, I'm gonna' win the Royal Rumble and make you tap out at Wrestlemania to become the PWA World Champion! Oh, it's true, it's damn true.

'The Game' Triple H: You seem to have it all mapped out, don't you Kurt? But you forgot one thing... ME! You have to beat me to take away MY PWA World Championship. You have to play the game and win... you have to step into my world and endure everything I have to throw you and survive... Right now, no-one has survived Kurt... You din't survive! And that's because I am The Game and I am that damn good... and if you want to have another shot at my title, you want to try and take this away from me again, IT WILL BE GAME OVER!

Angle has his mind on gold... first, the IC Title, then the Royal Rumble and after that, The World Championship but Triple H isn't planning on losing at any point soon... In fact, it seems The Game is as motivated as ever.

Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam

H… B… K! And here comes The Heartbreak Kid… possibly the most hated man in this arena right now. He cockily walks down to the ring, taking it as slowly as possible… There’s no real celebration, just a very cocky attitude as he talks smack to the crowd. He climbs into the ring, he lazily spins round slowly before setting in his pose, making very little effort as the fireworks explode from behind him. ONE OF A KIND… Rob Van Dam’s music plays and he makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of cheers. Van Dam stops at the bottom of the ramp, before doing the RVD thumbpoints… He slides in and there’s a huge exchange of right hands. Van Dam pushes HBK back onto the ropes; he whips Michaels into the ropes and nails him with a flying heelkick. HBK staggers up, he runs at RVD, who drops onto his back and flips Michaels across the ring by using his feet. HBK is going crazy, he charges at RVD, RVD hits a drop toehold. Shawn rolls out of the ring in disgust, he tries to re-gather some composure… the crowd jeer him and he becomes embroiled in argument with a fan… ROB VAN DAM FLIES… ONE HELL OF A CROSSBODY FROM THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW! HBK pulls himself up, as RVD lays the right on HBK who is stuck on the security wall. RVD goes to whip Shawn into the steel steps BUT HELL, SHAWN COUNTERED… STEEL STEPS ARE EVERYWHERE! Shawn smashes RVD’s head straight into the ringpole… he rolls RVD into the ring, he climbs the top rope… RVD staggers up, dropkick from Michaels, 1… 2… RVD kicks out! Michaels lays the stomps, he pulls RVD up, BACKBREAKER! RVD just got a piece of HBK’s knee… Shawn sees an opportunity, he walks slowly across the ring to the turnbuckle… he says some sort an insult to another person in the crowd. He climbs onto the top rope… H… B… K THUMBPOINTS, HE’S TAKING THE PISS OU OF ROB VAN DAM… Shawn goes the diving elbow BUT ROB VAN DAM GETS OUT OF THE WAY! Shawn wasted too much time there and missed his chance… Michaels swings at Van Dam, it’s blocked… Van Dam hits a low kick, middle kick, followed by a heelkick that knocks Shawn to the floor. Van Dam tries to whip Michaels into the turnbuckle but it’s countered… Van Dam hits the turnbuckle! The Showstoppa charges at RVD, Van Dam uses the turnbuckle to leapfrog over Michaels… RVD pushes HBK into the turnbuckle, rollup, 1… 2… HBK kicks the hell out. Shawn gets up in rage, turns, charges and Van Dam scores with a two-footed dropkick. Van Dam runs to the ropes, rolling thunder, 1… 2… KICK-OUT! RVD nearly had Michaels… RVD up, he lays the right hands, he puts him in position for a suplex… BUT MICHAELS GRABS THE REFEREE’S FOOT. The ref wriggles out but is distracted… LOWBLOW… WHAT A LOWBLOW… ROB VAN DAM’S TESTICLES MUST BE NESTLED INSIDE HIS STOMACH AFTER THAT! Van Dam turns and SWEET CHIN MUSIC… 1… 2… 3! MICHAELS CHEATED HIS WAY TO VICTORY BUT HELL, HE KICKED VAN DAM’S FACE OFF TO GET THE WIN… Shawn screams in delight but he’s still clearly angry. He stands in the turnbuckle and begins tuning up the band… thump… THUMP… THUMP… THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC AGAIN! The match is over but Shawn hasn’t finished… The Heartbreak kid gets over Van Dam, he begins shouting in his face… He begins laying vicious right hands to Van Dam’s forehead… IS THERE ANY NEED FOR THIS?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MICHAELS? Wait, it’s Booker T… here comes The Bookerman! Michaels sees him coming and HELL, HE’S OUT OF THE RING FASTER THAN A CHEETAH… BOOKER CAME FOR A PIECE OF SHAWN BUT SHAWN IS YELLOW-BELLIED AND HIGHTAILS IT AWAY FROM HIM! Booker and Shawn want another piece of each other… Booker may have scored 2 pinfalls over Shawn but this is NOT over… NOT BY A LONG WAY!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

We go backstage and Stone Cold is mocking Stacy Keibler...

'Hot Legs' Stacy Keibler: Leave me alone...

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: What?! You think it's funny, do ya? You think it's funny I lost to Pal Penis? Do ya? It ain't funny ya slapped up lil' whore, it ain't funny... If I wanted to laugh at something, I'd kick your sorry ass right now... If I wanted to laugh I'd come by your brothle and laugh at'cha. you ain't funny... You ain't nothin', you sorry, pathetic woman.

'Testicles' Test: WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON?!

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: Who's this?!

'Hot Legs' Stacy Keibler: Test... he's picking on me.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: Test?! What kind of a name is that?! A loser's name?! A whussie's name?! What'chu starin' at you sorry lil' sumbitch?

'Testicles' Test: WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: I called you a stupid sonuvabitch... now get the hell out of my way!

'Testicles' Test: You're lucky I don't kick your ass right now!

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: You're gonna' kick my ass? Right now? Right here? Do me a favour and shut your mealy little mouth!

'Testicles' Test: Or what?!

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: WHAT?! You want Stone Cold Steve Austin to open a can of whoop-ass on you right now? You want that? Then, shut your damn mouth...

'Testicles' Test: It's gonna be me and you next week!

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: Next week?! Me and you?! You're on... but don't expect Stone Cold steve Austin to go home and celebrate... this ain't no joyous occasion. I don't give a rat's ass if I have t kick your ass next week... cos you're a sorry lil' bastard who's next in the queue for a whupping courtesy of Stone Cold Steve Austin. AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE... COS STONE COLD SAID SO!

Austin and Test to go 1 on 1 next week, both men suffered defeats tonight but for 1 of them they will get back on the road to victory in PWA.

John Cena vs. Shane McMahon

# SO… YOU THINK YOU’RE UNTOUCHABLE # The rapper John Cena akes his way down to the ring posing, the crowd give him a reasonably warm welcome. He has a microphone in hand so you know he’s about to cut a rap.

Yo… Yo… Kill The Beat

Shane O’Mac, What’chu taalkin’ ‘bout man?
You’re less explosive than a shaken up Pepsi can.
If one person’s gonna get shaken up, it’s you dude,
I’m gonna dice you up and use you as dog food!
You’re the TV Champ but I know you ain’t for real,
That victory at Rebellion was just a one time deal.
You ain’t gonna beat me ta’night, you won’t even see me,
I’ll beat’chu inta’ submission for tha’ 1… 2… 3.
You can’t rap for sh*t and I’ve heard you try,
You wrestle neither so kiss yo’ ass bye-bye!
I won’t need to cheat Shane, why waste a good trick,
You’re just a born loser like your daddy so… SUCK MY ****

#Here comes The Money! # Shane McMahon makes his way out under the titantron, he bounces back and forwards swinging his hands… he shuffles a bit down the ramp, the TV draping over his shoulder. He slides into the ring and almost swings the belt around; he gets on the top rope and points at the crowd, making a statement to the crowd. Shane hands the belt to the ref, Cena and Shane looks each other in the eye… Shane holds the title up, Cena mocks Shane likes Shane is a nobody… Shane walks straight in Cena’s face talking smack. Cena laughs and here come the right hands from Shane; kick to the gut, Cena stops Shane in his tracks. He whips Shane into the turnbuckle. Cena offloads the right hands an elbow to Shane’s throat, he then hip tosses Shane across the right. Shane stands up and Cena clotheslines him flat to the mat. Cena pounds the right hands to Shane’s forehead, Cena runs to the ropes, brushes his shoulder and then, he drops an elbow to Shane’s head, 1… 2… Shane kicks out. Cena pulls Shane up, he measures him with 1 straight hand and flattens him to the floor. He repeats it 1 more time… Shane is in big trouble. Cena pulls Shane up, Shane staggers about… Cena mocks him, he goes for the third right hands, BLOCK… KICK TO THE GUT… DDT! Shane has bought himself some well-needed time. Shane and Cena are up at the same time, Cena goes for a right hand, Shane blocks, here comes the left jabs… Shane dances back and forth before nailing The Lyrical Miracle. Cena gets up, clothesline, Cena up again, another clothesline, Cena gets up again and dropkick. Shane is gathering momentum. Shane bounces off the ropes, cena turns and swinging neckbreaker. Shane gets his first chance to go to the top rope, diving elbow… NO-ONE AT HOME. Shane rolls around in pain, as Cena stomps on him. Cena whips Shane into the ropes, he goes to clothesline him over but Shane drops down and lowers the top rope sending Cena over the top. Cena gets to his feet on the outside, as Shane throws himself over, crossbody! Shane climbs onto the security wall, Cena turns, Shane dives off and clothesline onto the cold, stone floor. Shane rolls Cena back into the ring, he pulls Cena up and scoop slam… Shane signals for the top rope, he gets on top… what the hell is Shane doing? 450! 450! Shane just did a 450 off the top rope, what a move! 1… 2… NO NO NO… HOW THE HELL DID CENA JUST KICK OUT?! Shane just crashed and burned, he staggers up and Cena hits him with a throwback… Cena stalks Shane, Shane turns, kick to the gut… F-U… F-U… It’s over, 1… 2… 3! Shane took the fight to John Cena but The Television Champion is overpowered by John Cena. Cena is looking good in PWA but hell, it could have been a whole lot different if Shane hadn’t crashed and burned off the 450. What an effort by both men!

Winner: John Cena

The screen flashes on and it's an RNN production... Oh no, Randy Orton has prepared another one of those exclusive things like he did back in the WWE. Dear lord... what does he want this time in PWA?!

'The Future' Randy Orton: Good evening ladies... Randy Orton speaking. Yes, I can tell by all my PWA fanmail that you ladies have been missingme. I know, there's only so much of Val Venis' body you can take... but I bring good news. Randy Orton will soon be back in the PWA, to bring you ladies all the pleasure your partners have failed to give you over the christmas period. I expect you've been wondering where I've been... Well, I've been taking well-earned break in the South of France, topping up on my old tan to look better than ever. And right now, I feel better than ever... i will be back at the Royal Rumble to satisfy all my female following as well as I always do. That beautiful masseuse Sherry can vouch for that. And I will be back to win the Royal Rumble and book my place in the main-event of Wrestlemania. This has been an RNN production, I'll see you all next week!

Randy Orton's coming back at the Royal Rumble and he promises to go all the way to Wrestlemania... Orton is one of the hottest wrestlers on the planet right now, is there anyone that can stop him on his imminent return to action?

Handicap Match: Impact Playas vs. Triple H

The music of the Impact Playas hits, this is the debut of Lance Storm and Justin Credible in the PWA… and what a first match to have, a Handicap match against the World Champion! They slide into the ring and they both mount a turnbuckle each to pose to the crowd… # DERM… IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME # AND HERE COMES THE WORLD CHAMPION! Triple H walks down the ramp, bottle of water in hand… he drinks the water down to the ring, pouring it over his face… he climbs onto the side of the ring, tosses the bottle into the crowd… sprays water in the air, followed by a small puff of water… He mounts the turnbuckle and poses to the ground, holding the World Title in 1 hand. HELL, THE GAME IS HERE TONIGHT AND HE WANTS TO PLAY! Storm decides to start the match, he locks up with The Game and Triple H drives him straight into the corner… Triple H offloads the right hands, he whips Storm with everything he has into the other turnbuckle… Storm goes flying off the turnbuckle… such impact! Triple H pulls Storm up, BACKBREAKER… Triple H points to Credible, telling him to come in. Credible tries to come in, the referee stiops him… Triple H tries to choke Storm out with an illegal chokehold. The referee turns back and The Game lets go, he whips Storm into the ropes… HIGH KNEE! Storm looks for a tag but Triple H pulls him up, he nails him with 1 right hand and Storm is knocked back down to the mat. Triple H whips Storm into the ropes and SIDE-TO-SIDE SPINEBUSTER… STORM’S HEAD JUST BOUNCED OFF THE MAT WITH THE FORCE! Credible comes into help, he jumps all over HHH’s back trying to choke out the World Champion. The Game pulls him over the front, Triple H tries to get a hold of him but the referee holds them apart… Whilst the referee sends Credible out of the ring to his corner, Triple H turns to Storm… KICK TO THE GONADS… OUCH… TRIPLE H HAS JUST BEEN LOWBLOWED BY LANCE STORM… NOW, THAT’S IMPACT! Triple H stumbles up, Storm lays the rights, he whips Triple H into the ropes… dropkick! Storm tags in Credible, Credible lays the right hands, whip to the ropes, drop toehold… Credible scramble round and puts Triple H into a headlock… Credible’s trying to wear the champion down. Triple H fights out, he whips Credible into the turnbuckle, charges in but Credible gets the boot up… Credible mounts the turnbuckle and Tornado DDT off the top rope, 1… 2… The champion somehow kicks out. Triple H stumbles onto 1 knee… Credible lays the right hands, knocking The Game into the corner of The Impact Playas. Credible tags Storm back in and the 2 of them stomp a hole into the World Champion… CHRISTIAN… CHRISTIAN’S COMING DOWN TO THE RING… I DON’T GET THIS… Christian walks down the ramp round to ringside… Storm and Credible give Triple H a double-teamed suplex. Christian grabs the World Championship from the ring announcer and holds it aloft… he walks round the ring and begins making his way up the ramp. Storm and Credible whip Triple H into the ropes… HHH grabs the rope, he kicks Storm in the face and facebuster to Credible. Storm comes back and Triple H nails him with a brutal straight right… HHH then flies off the ropes and nails Credible with a clothesline… Storm turns, kick to the gut… TRIPLE H IS GOING FOR THE PEDIGREE… HE’S GOING TO WIN… Triple H’s attention turns to the ramp, he sees Christian with his championship belt… Triple H’s eyes bugle, he drops Storm and points at Christian. The Game climbs out of the ring and goes after Christian who hightails it out of the ring… TRIPLE H IS LEAVING HIS MATCH COS’ OF CHRISTIAN… CHRISTIAN’S ENDING TRIPLE H’S UNDEFEATED STREAK, 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10! TRIPLE H HAS BEEN COUNTED OUT… HIS UNDEFEATED STREAK IS OVER BY A SMART ACT BY CHRISTIAN… Credible and Storm have defeated the champion but it took an act of intelligence by Christian to help them.

Backstage, we see Triple H chasing after Christian, who is nowhere to be seen… Triple H turns round the corridor and sees his World Title on the floor… Christian has just dropped it on the floor. CHRISTIAN JUST SET TRIPLE H UP TO LOSE HIS UNDEFEATED STREAK… CHRISTIAN MAY WANT THE TITLE BUT THIS WAS JUST TO TRICK THE GAME… CHRISTIAN MAY HAVE OUTSMARTED THE CHAMPION BUT HE’S GONNA’ PAY THE PRICE!

Winner: The Impact Playas

The Rock is standing next to Lillian Garcia outside of The Rock's locker room... We're not far away from tonight's main-event, where The Rock will take on christian for a shot at the World Title at the Royal Rumble.

'Sexy Lady' Lillian Garcia: The Rock, you have a very important match with Christian tonight... everything is at stake for you... are you feeling the pressure at all?!

'The Great One' The Rock: First things first Lillian, it's Rocky to you sweetcheeks... and The Rock has a question for you... do you like The Rock's strudel... nah, nah, nah, no... don't answer... The Rock knows you like it and that's ok with The Rock... The Rock says that's all well and good... but The Rock says this, there is no pressure Lillian... The Rock is facing Christian. Christian will be too busy checking his hair, to notice that The Rock's shoved his boot so far up his candy ass that there will be no match... no contest... no struggle... Cos tonight, The Rock's just got to beat Christian... man... 1 match... The Rock's won plenty of matches before... The Rock has just got to focus on that goal... on that World Championship. You see, Triple H's undefeated streak may have just come to an end but it will be The Rock that pins that jabroni to the mat... Tick tock Hunter, TICK TOCK... TICK TOCK... TICK TOCK! Your reign as champion is beginning to come to an end... the dark days are coming over... a new beginning is just round the corner... The Rock's beginning Lillian! And tonight, The Rock will ask Christian 1 question... just 1 question... How's your lips?

'Sexy Lady' Lillian Garcia: Hmm...

'The Great One' The Rock: COS THE ROCK JUST SLAPPED THEM RIGHT OFF YOUR FACE... and when they're flappin' around all over the floor... flap, flap, flap... The Rock will take your lips and make them kiss The Rock's ass... Yeah, The Rock knows Christian... The rock knows you'd like to attach your lips to The Rock's ass... The Rock knows you play for the wrong team but tonight, it doesn't matter what side you swing for... Cos The Rock's gonna whup your ass. IF YA S-UH-MEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLALALALALAALA - LOOK AT THE TONGUE, LOOK AT THE TONGUE - LALALA-LOW... WHAT THE ROCK... IS COOKING?!

The Rock sends his message to Triple H and Christian... Christian will get his whupping tonight, according to The Rock and it's just a matter of time until The Rock defeats Triple H. But who will walk out the PWA World Champion come Royal Rumble?

Inter-Continental Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. Raven

Raven’s music hits and the Inter-continental Champion makes his way down to the ring, he slides in and parades the World Title as if it is his son. “Medal” blasts out of the PA system and the arrival of the Olympic Hero is imminent… Raven stares at the ramp but there’s no sign of Angle! WAIT… ANGLE IS BEHIND RAVEN… STEEL CHAIR… STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD… MY GOD, ANGLE HAS JUST NAILED RAVEN BEFORE THE BELL WAS RUNG! THE MATCH HASN’T STARTED AND ANGLE HAS TAKEN RAVEN OUT! The bell rings and Angle begins laying the right hands on an almost unconscious Raven in the turnbuckle… following it up by kicks to the gut. He whips Raven into the ropes and clothesline. Raven gets up onto 1 knee… GERMAN SUPLEX… AND ANOTHER… AND 1 MORE… ANGLE IS TAKING RAVEN APART PIECE BY PIECE! Angle releases after the third German suplex. He pulls Raven up, pulls him in, Belly-To-Belly suplex. WOOOOOO screams Angle… The straps come down and Angle stomps his 2 feet into the ground… Angle is going berserk. Raven stands up and ANGLE SLAM… ANGLE SLAM! Angle doesn’t go for the cover, instead he gets that death grip around Raven’s ankle… he’s got the damn ankle lock! Angle is wrenching Raven’s ankle, trying to snap it in two like he did to Jericho. RAVEN IS TAPPING… RAVEN HAS TAPPED OUT TO ANGLE… ANGLE’S WON THE INTER-CONTINENTAL TITLE… KURT ANGLE IS THE NEW IC CHAMPION… But Angle won’t let go of the damn ankle, a flood of referees come down to help Nick Patrick pull Angle off… Hell, Angle’s gone ankle-snapping insane… Angle is pulled off… He raises his title as a trophy… Angle has won gold, it may not be the World Title that he wanted but hell, it might put an end to his rampage!

Winner and new IC Champion: Kurt Angle

The Impact Playas are back in their locker room celebrating their victory against the World Champion... they ended his undefeated streak, albeit with the help of a distraction from Christian.

'Canadian' Lance Storm: We did it Justin... We beat the World Champion. Nobody expected us to do it but we proved them all wrong.

'Impact Playa' Justin Credible: They will take us seriously from now on... especially when we win the Tag Team Titles on next week's Smackdown.

'Canadian' Lance Storm: And one of us could win the Royal Rumble... imagine that, an Impact Playa in the main-event of Wrestlemania.

'Impact Playa' Justin Credible: It sounds like something we have to do Lance...

'Canadian' Lance Storm: Our fate all rests in our hands... but if we perform like tonight, we're heading to gold!

'Impact Playa' Justin Credible: Now, that's Just-In-Credible!

The Impact Playas deserve to celebrate their unlikely handicap victory over The Game tonight but how will they fair in Tag Team action against Booker T and Al Snow, as well as The World's Greatest Tag Team when Tag Team gold is at stake!

Number One Contendership Match: The Rock vs. Christian

Christian’s music hits and the Peep’s Champ comes out to a chorus of jeers… the fans hate to see this cocky sonuvabitch, as he walks down lapping up the boos as if they were cheering him. He climbs into the ring and poses to all his supposed fans. The arena goes dark, a helicopter is seen flying on the screen, The Rock’s music hits and the crowd give him a mixed reaction, he walks down the ramp fairly quickly… he wants a piece of Christian and he wants the shot at Triple H’s World Title… The Rock slides in and lays the smack all over Christian, he whips Christian into the ropes, shoulder block, The Rock pumps up the crowd with some overacting hype. Christian turns, the Rock lays the right hands, he whips Christian into the ropes, SAMOAN DROP… Christian writhes in pain, as The Rock celebrates making the crowd go berserk. The Rock stomps all over Christian, Christian rises to his feet, The Rock lays a couple of chops… he tries to whip Christian but Christian swings inside, kicks The Rock in the gut and DDT. Christian has found a way to stop The Rock’s charge. Christian pulls Rock up, suplex… He pulls The Rock up again and gives him a shinbreaker, The Rock stays on his feet and walks into a dropkick. The Rock climbs to his feet, Christian lays the shots knocking Rocky back into the turnbuckle. Christian gets up on the turnbuckle… he’s looking for an I’m prettier off the top rope but Rock counters… The Rock has countered. OUCH! Christian falls testicle-first onto the turnbuckle… Christian’s eyes nearly pop out in pain. The Rock lays the right hands, followed by superplex! 1… 2… NO, Christian got the shoulder up! The Rock pulls Christian up, the right hands flow again, Christian is knocked to the ground with a quick spit punch. Christian stumbled to his feet, The Rock kicks him in the gut, Russian Legsweep, 1… 2… Christian kicks out once again! The Rocks looks a bit miffed but he pulls Christian up, he whips him into the ropes, Christian ducks The Rock’s clothesline, he bounces off the ropes and SPINEBUSTER! SPINEBUSTER! The Rock just planted Christian to the mat…AND HERE COMES THE SHARPSHOOTER… THE ROCK’S GOT IT LOCKED IN AND LOCKED IN GOOD, CHRISTIAN IS WAILING IN PAIN AND HE’S STRANDED… RIGHT IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING! Suddenly, William’s Regal music hits for no apparent reason… THE COMMISSIONER IS COMING OUT! Regal walks down the ramp, The Rock turns to watch Regal come down… Regal stops outside of the ring and watches. The Rock is distracted, CHRISTIAN ROLLS THE ROCK UP, HE’S GOT THE TIGHTS, 1… 2… NO NO NO! THE ROCK KICKS OUT BUT HE WAS NEARLY CAUGHT OUT! Regal is annoyed, he clearly wanted to distract The Rock… Christian lays the forearm smashes on The Rock, he whips The Rock into the ropes and catches him with a reverse elbow. The Rock falls on his face and Christian drops an elbow onto the back of his head, before putting him in a sleeper whilst The Rock is on the ground. The Rock is being choked out but Rock pulls himself up with all the strength he has left, he delivers elbow to the gut, he whips Christian into the ropes and levels him with a huge clothesline. He whips Christian into the turnbuckle, he gets his foot up into Rock’s face, Christian climbs onto the top rope and TORNADO DDT! Christian just slammed The Rock’s head direct into the mat… he must be out cold, 1… 2… MY GOD, THE ROCK JUST GOT THE SHOULDER OFF THE MAT ON THE COUNT OF 3, WE ALL THOUGHT IT WAS OVER! The Rock staggers up, Christian lays the right hands, he goes to whip The Rock into the ropes but The Rock counters, pulls Christian in, kick to the gut, DDT! The Rock nailed Christian! MY GOD, THE ROCK JUST FLIPPED HIMSELF BACK ONTO HIS FEET… THE ROCK IS SET READY FOR THE ROCK BOTTOM. Regal gets onto the side of the ring, HE DRAGS CHRISTIAN TO THE ROPES but The Rock knocks him off the side of the ring. The Rock hooks Christian’s leg, 1… 2… 3! THE ROCK HAS DONE IT… THE ROCK HAS WON… THE ROCK IS GOING TO BE FACING TRIPLE H AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE… WAIT! REGAL’S GOT A MICROPHONE… What the hell does he want?!

PWA Commissioner' William Regal: Referee, I order you to restart this match at once… Christian’s bloody foot was underneath the bottom rope… therefore, the pinfall in NULL AND VOID! The match will continue IMMEDIATELY!

The Rock can’t believe it… Regal just restarted the match and took away The Rock’s World Title shot… Christian didn’t get his foot under the rope, REGAL DRAGGED HIM THERE! The Rock is furious, The Rock lays the smack all over Christian in the turnbuckle, he stomps a hole into his chest, Christian is not able to fight back… The Rock whips Christian into the ropes… AND HELL, A SECOND SPINEBUSTER… AND HERE GOES THE ELBOW PAD… ARE WE ABOUT TO SEE THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT?! The Rock tosses his elbow pad into the crowd, The Rock swings his arms… The People’s Elbow is coming. REGAL IS IN THE RING… WILLIAM BLOODY REGAL! The Rock bounces off the ropes… SMACK! BRASS KNUCKLES… BRASS KNUCKLES… REGAL JUST CLOCKED THE ROCK IN THE TEMPLE WITH THE DAMN POWER OF THE PUNCH! The Rock pulls himself to his feet, Christian is up too… The Rock turns… Christian rolls The Rock into the cradle… BOTH SHOULDERS ARE DOWN, THE ROCK HAS HALF-COUNTERED THE PIN, 1… 2… 3! MY GOD, THE MATCH IS OVER… BUT WHO IS THE WINNER?! WHO HAS WON THE MATCH?! The referee doesn’t know who won… The Rock thinks he’s won, Christian has his arms raised too… Regal slides in.

PWA Commissioner' William Regal: And the winner of the match and NUMBER ONE CONTENDER… CHR…

EEEEEEE…. #SMASH# “Wreck” hits and IT’S FOLEY… MICK FOLEY… THE SMACKDOWN GENERAL MANAGER IS BACK AND JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME… FOLEY SLIDES INTO THE RING… He walks straight into the face of Regal and takes away Regal’s microphone.

Smackdown General Manager' Mick Foley: Regal, you know you can’t bypass justice… tonight, you may have taken away The Rock’s victory but you will not take away The Rock’s title shot… BOTH MEN’S SHOULDERS WERE ON THE MAT AT THE 3 COUNT AND THAT MEANS, THERE IS NO WINNER! And therefore, in the interest of fairness BOTH THE ROCK AND CHRISTIAN WILL FACE TRIPLE H AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE!

My god, Triple H has to defend his title in a Triple Threat match… these 2 men couldn’t be divided, albeit with Regal’s help but it’s going to be The Rock, Triple H and Christian to face for the World Championship.

Smackdown General Manager' Mick Foley: Oh and Regal… HAVE A NICE DAY!

THUMP! FOLEY JUST NAILED REGAL WITH A RIGHT HAND STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES… Foley stomps all over Regal in the turnbuckle… The Rock lays the smackdown on Christian. Foley takes a run at Regal and drives his knee into Regal. The Rock throws Christian over the top rope… Foley throws Regal towards The Rock, SPINEBUSTER! MY GOD, THE ROCK’S GOING FOR THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW… The Rock swings his arms, runs to the ropes… PEOPLE’S ELBOW! The Rock celebrates, as Foley kicks Regal’s shoulder… HE’S GOING FOR THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW TOO! Foley runs to the ropes, PEOPLE’S ELBOW BY MICK FOLEY… THE ROCK AND SOCK CONNECTION HAS MADE A MONKEY OUT OF WILLIAM REGAL. HELL, HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME OUT HERE… But will The Rock pay the price for insulting The Commissioner? The Rock, Christian and Triple H will face off for the title in 14 days… 14 days until the Royal Rumble but which of these 3 men will come out on top?! Tonight, there was no winner… but what will happen at the pay-per-view. GOOD NIGHT FROM TORONTO!

No winner