February 3rd 2003
It's time for the Royal Rumble, the occasion that comes round just once every 12 months and is one of the most anticipated events in the whole of the PWA calendar. 30 men will enter 1 match and attempt to throw their opponents over the top rope. The 1 survivor will be heading to Wrestlemania for a shot at the PWA World Title. The World Championship will be on the line, as The Rock faces Christian. The last time these 2 men faced, there was no winner in on of the most contraversial matches the PWA has seen so far. Will this match live up to its billing once again? These 2 men hate each other with a passion, they've been taking chunks out of each other in an attempt to get the upper hand over their opponent but who will be champion when it's all said and done?

What else is on at the Rumble?

Commissioner Regal and Mick Foley battle it out for sole control of the PWA commissionership. If Foley loses, he's gone and the PWA is bound to spiral out of control! If Foley wins, William Regal's tyrannical commissionership will finally come to an end. They will go 1 on 1 in an 'I quit' match and the quitter will lose their job. Shane McMahon will defend his Television Title against Booker T and Shawn Michaels in a sort of rematch from last month's Rebellion. Also, The Hurricane will defend his Extreme Title against Al Snow. Snow is 1 up over The Hurricane but I doubt that this rivalry will end that easily.

Randy Orton may be a cocky sonuvagun and he may have been out of PWA action for quite a while but he is back for the Rumble and he has had the audacity to enter the Rumble #1. Is this a mistake or does Orton have something up his sleeve?