' R e b e l l i o n '

Rebellion: The first PWA Pay-Per-View... and what a pay-per-view it looks to be. The Pro Wrestling Alliance World Title will be on the line as "The Cerebral Assassin" Triple H will take on "The Olympic Hero" Kurt Angle. These 2 men fought their way through an 18-man tournament to earn the 2 spots at Rebellion. They survived a 6-man Over-the-top rope Battle Royal. They survived a Triple Threat Match each and now, these 2 men will look to try and bring home the gold in Manchester, England. Last week, Kurt Angle tried to play mind games with The Game by hiring Stephanie McMahon as his manager but it was The Game who came out on top, albeit by Angle's own mistake. Kurt Angle decided that the glory should all belong to him and took out his Tag Team partner Chris Benoit but ended up costing himself the match, as The Rock pinned Chris Benoit for the victory. Will Angle be better off on his own or will The Game continue his unbeaten streak in the PWA? The Inter-continental Championship will also be decided tonight, as 8 men fight it out for it... Each man has a single opponent and the winner of each match will enter into a ladder match later on that night for the IC Title. This format has allowed John Cena and Chris Jericho to settle their feud... not only will they find out who the better man is... but the winner will be 1 step closer to The Inter-continental Title. "The Legend" Shawn Michaels has put his Inter-continental Title up for grabs by offering an open invitational to all comers... which wrestlers looks set to challenge for this is uncertain? The only wrestler who confirmed his challenge is Booker T but there are bound to me more... The Extreme Championship will not only decide if there is new a champion at rebellion but if there is a new Number One Contender too. The Hurricane will defend his title against Mike Sanders but Mike Awesome and Hardcore Holly will fight it out for a shot too! And that's not all that's planned for Rebellion, The New Age Outlawz will take on the unusual partnership of Al Snow and Booker T, a match ordered by William Regal at some point last week. New champions will be crowned... contraversy is confirmed... but what will go down at Rebellion?!

Hello my friend we meet again
It’s been a while where should
we begin…feels like forever
Within my heart are memories
Of perfect love that you gave to me
I remember

When you are with me
I’m free…I’m careless…I believe
Above all the others we’ll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

We’ve seen our share of ups and downs
Oh how quickly life can turn around in an instant
It feels so good to reunite
Within yourself and within your mind
Let’s find peace there

When you are with me
I’m free…I’m careless…I believe
Above all the others we’ll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

I just want to say hello again


BANG! BANG! BANG! The pyro explodes all around the titantron in a huge display that sends the 40000 people in the MEN Arena crazy! The British people have never had such an event as this and they're absolutely loving it! The cameras flash around to see the screaming crowd, as Creed - My Sacrifice continues to blast out of the speakers. All eyes turn to the titantron awaiting the action, everyone is expect a big night and lots of contraversy... and here it comes.

Commissioner Regal's music hits and the commissioner of the PWA makes his way out to the JEERS of the English fans. His own people hate him! Regal walks down waving to them, as if their boos are actually cheers. he climbs into the ring and gives a 'goodwill' wave to the crowd one more time. Regal leans through the ropes and takes a microphone from Howard Finkel.

' PWA Commissioner ' William Regal: Good evening ENGLAND!

The crowd cheer... it's the first ever Pay-Per-View to be held in the United Kingdom and the fans are really digging it.

' PWA Commissioner ' William Regal: Tonight, our great country makes history once again, as we hold the first ever English wrestling Pay-Per-View in PWA history! This landmark will take place because of 1 man... a man that I must say has made some brilliant decisions in his capacity as commissioner so far... that man is myself, William Regal.

The crowd don't like Regal taking credit for his decision, even thought it was his. They think his attitude stinks.

' PWA Commissioner ' William Regal: But I'm not here to congratulate myself for an ingenius idea... I'm here to make a huge announcement regarding tonight's MAIN EVENT... FOR THE PWA WORLD TITLE!

The crowd cheer, they're really excited about tonight's title match between Triple H and Kurt Angle.

' PWA Commissioner ' William Regal: Tonight, the World Title Match between Kurt Angle... and Triple... is quite frankly the most exciting thing to happen to the PWA so far! BUT... it's my duty as commissioner to make this match as MARVELLOUS AS POSSIBLE! So, in the interest of fairness, it is my decision to make a very small change to the main-event... BUT FIRST, I present to you the person that's going to make Triple H's life a LIVING BLOODY HELL TONIGHT... STEPHANIE MCMAHON!!!

Stephanie McMahon?! What the hell is Regal talking about? Stephanie's going to make Triple H's life a living hell TONIGHT? What the hell is the meaning of this?! Stephanie McMahon makes her way down the ramp, posing to the crowd... the crowd jeer wildly, they hate this woman with a passion and it's probably the first time they've even seen her in the flesh. She climbs into the ring and poses with her arms extended! Her music stops and Regal takes control of the situation...

' PWA Commissioner ' William Regal: Stephanie... it has come to my attention that we have something in common! We both HATE that bloody sod Triple H! So tonight... in the interest of fairness... it's going to be Triple H... versus Kurt Angle... with a very special and I might add, 'impartial', referee, STEPHANIE MCMAHON!!!


' PWA Commissioner ' William Regal: And 1 more thing... with my powers as commissioner and the full support of PWA Chairman Vince McMahon... there will be NO OTHER CHANGES to the match tonight... and that decision is final... now, I bid you all GOODDAY!

William Regal's music hits, the PWA commissioner has just made a decision that is going to rock the PWA to its very core! Kurt Angle has triple H right where he wants him... Triple H's chances have just been shredded into pieces and that bitch Stephanie McMahon has set Triple H up to be screwed tonight... WILL TRIPLE H BE ABLE TO WIN TONIGHT AND OVERCOME THE ODDS OR IS KURT ANGLE HEADING FOR A CERTAIN VICTORY?!

The crowd go crazy, it's The Rock! The Rock is backstage in Manchester, England... the English people love The Rock! The camera zooms in on The Rock's face, as 'The Great One' looks deeps into the camera. The Rock's eyebrow is raised and a huge cheer comes from the crowd.

' The Great One ' The Rock: Fiiiiiinally... The Rock has coooooome back to... WHERE IN THE BLUE HELL IS THE ROCK?! Come here hermie... that's it... you... over here... Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Rock wants you to drag your ass over here! Thank you!

' British Guard ' Wilfred: How may i help you sir?

' The Great One ' The Rock: What in the blue hell is this?! The Rock's in LimeyLand?! Now, shut your mouth! Shut it! The Rock's had enough of that accent for 1 day... How in the blue hell did The Rock end up here? Wait, The Rock doesn't give a hippopotamus' crap where the Rock is... it doesn't matter if The Rock's in Tea And Crumpets land or back home... it doesn't matter cos The Rock's gonna' whup Batista's ass tonight... whup it real good, like only The Rock can... that overgrown genetic piece of crap is gonna' have the taste slapped right off his mouth... KACK-KOW! The Rock... tonight... in Manchester, England... is gonna' win the Inter-continental Champion but just so Batista knows... just so Batista doesn't build up all his hopes and dreams for tonight... The Rock's gonna' make it clear for you Batista... CRYSTAL CLEAR... The Rock's gonna' hit it hard... and The Rock's gonna hit it fast... That's right hard and fast... Cos' The Rock's got a busy night ahead... hell, it's gonna' be a busy night cos' The Rock's got so much ass to whup... 5 men... 5 men will hit Rock Bottom tonight... That's right, 5 men...

The Rock snaps his head to the right distracted by something the security guard is doing...

' The Great One ' The Rock: What are you staring at limey? The strudel?! You're lookin' at The Rock's strudel? Don't you have strudel here?

' British Guard ' Wilfred: We have apple strudel...

' The Great One ' The Rock: Shut your damn mouth... did The Rock ask you to speak? NO! The Rock wants you keep that trap shut and stick that accent straight up your ass... And if you don't like it, you can get down on your knees and kiss The Rock's tight ass! RIGHT HERE!

The Rock points to his ass and then, he flicks his shades... The Rock turns back to the camera and grins at it.

' The Great One ' The Rock: 5 men... The Rock only has 1 thing to say to you bitches... JUST BRING IT! IF YA S-UH-MEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAALALALALALA LOOK AT THE TONGUE... LOOK AT THE TONGUE... LA-LA-LOW... What The Rock is... OH SHUT UP LIMEYS! This is The Rock's catchphrases so hush your god damn mouths... IS COOKING!

The Rock adjusts his black outfit and brushes what looks to be some dust off it, before walking away from the camera with a big grin on his face.

Batista's generic music blasts out of the PA system and the Genetic Monster makes his way down to the ring. He walks down the ramp and walks up the steps, he gets into the ring and he flexes his muscles, as if he's about to show off his incredible strength. Batista's music fades out and the sound of a helicopter whirring hits... THE ROCK'S COMING! IF YA SMELL... WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING! The Rock's slow music grinds out of the PA system and The Great One strolls down to the ring. He flicks his hands at the crowd, as if he couldn't care about them and he talks trash all the way down to the ring. The Rock walks up the steps, walks along the apron and mounts the turnbuckle with his arm raised to the crowd. The Rock climbs down into the ring... Batista and The Rock circle each other at speed, as The Rock removes his leather jacket and chucks it over-the-top rope. The Rock is so confident of winning that he hasn't even bothered changing into his proper wrestling attire. Batista and The Rock lock up and Batista's awesome power pushes Rock into the ropes. Batista pins Rock back with some elbows to the throat... Batista whips The Rock into the opposite turnbuckle. Tista charges in and The Rock gets a boot up. The Rock charges out looking for a shoulder block but Batista just takes it. the Rock runs to the ropes, goes for a shoulder block and Batista just takes it. he runs to the ropes again and THE MONSTER CLATTERS THE GREAT ONE WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE. Batista screams out to signal his dominance! Batista lays the right hands on The Rock, The Rock staggers round the ring, Batista then clotheslines The Rock over the top rope. Batista climbs out and whips The Rock straight into the steel steps. Batista tears off the announcer's table... maybe Batista wants to repeat what he did to Chavo Guerrero last week. He picks The Rock up and puts him between his legs. BATISTA WANTS THE POWERBOMB!Batista looks for it BUT THE ROCK COUNTERS... BACKDROP! BACKDROP! THE ROCK JUST BACKDROPPED THE MONSTER THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE! The Rock is straight onto his chance, he grabs Batista by the head and rolls him into the ring. The Rock stomps all over him, before pulling batista up by his head. The Rock lays the right hands... The Rock whips Batista into the ropes and Samoan Drop. The Rock mocks Batista by talking and signalling he's got the match under control. Batista tries to get to his feet but The Rock pulls him up... The Rock whips Batista into the ropes and sleeper. The Rock tries to choke Batista out, batista falls onto 1 knee but the monster pulls up some strength from somewhere, The Rock's eyes begin to bulge. The Rock hangs on on Batista's back but Batista throws him forward onto the mat. Batista kicks The Rock into the gut, he then picks The Rock up AND MILITARY PRESS! THE ROCK JUST GOT DROPPED FROM 10 FEET UP IN THE AIR! The Rock rolls around but Batista is unrelenting, he pulls The Rock up and BEARHUG! Batista is choking the life out of The Rock... The Rock's mouth is wide open as he tries desperately to get air! The Rock fights out with elbows to Batista's head... he runs to the ropes and POWERSLAM! Batista flattens the Rock to the mat, 1... 2... The Rock kicks out! Batista pulls The Rock to his feet, he lays the right hands, before whipping The Great One into the ropes... The Rock hangs on and kicks batista in the face. DDT! THE ROCK JUST PLANTED BATISTA FACE-FIRST INTO THE MAT! 1... 2... NO! Batista is still fighting on... The Rock pulls Batista up, he tries to whip Batista but it's countered and Batista whips The Rock into the ropes... The Rock ducks the clothesline but as he comes off the other ropes... SPINEBUSTER! BATISTA JUST PLANTED THE ROCK! Batista signals that the end is near, The Rock tries hanging onto the referee's foot as Batista tries to pull The Rock to his feet. The refere is pushed into the ropes and LOWBLOW! MY GOD, THE ROCK JUST LOW-BLOWED BATISTA! ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM! 1... 2... NO! BATISTA JUST KICKED OUT... THE ROCK DOESN'T BELIEVE IT! The Rock pulls Batista up and lays the right hands, he whips batista into the rope and Batista comes out of nowhere with a clothesline that NEARLY TEARS OFF THE ROCK'S HEAD! The Rock staggers up and SETDOWN POWERBOMB, SETDOWN POWERBOMB... 1... 2... 3! Batista has done it, he;s beaten the Rock and The Rock was all too casual about it! BATISTA ISN'T FINISHED... HE PULLS THE ROCK TO HIS FEET AND MY GOD, ANOTHER POWERBOMB... THIS MONSTER ISN'T GOING TO LET ANYONE ESCAPE HIS PATH OF DESTRUCTION!

Winner : Batista

The scene fades back to a dark room and Raven is sitting with his head in his hands. Raven raises his head out of his hands and looks at the camera, he shakes his head in disgust at something.

' The Martyr ' Raven: Why am I persecuted for wanting to be something? Why am I held back for having the same hopes and dreams as everyone else? I sit back and watch every day as people like The Rock... Kurt Angle... HHH... they are given their opportunities. But what about me? What about Raven?

Raven shakes his head again... tonight, he will get his chance against New Jack for an Inter-continental title shot.

' The Martyr ' Raven: Tonight, I will receive my first chance... my first opportunity and I wonder if I am just bait? Am I being set up to feed all the other golden boys in this business? The vicious circle of power that holds me back, will it crucify me for my past again?

Raven stands up and runs his hand through his hair...

' The Martyr ' Raven: I will take my chances, I will cut my losses and I will defeat Batista tonight. Tonight, my dreams of gold will come true... it is my prophecy, my fate, my destiny and it shall come to pass tonight. QUOTH THE RAVEN NEVERMORE!

Raven is desperate to be Inter-continental Champion by the end of the night... he dreams of becoming IC Champion but is it really his destiny to win gold tonight?

A mix of cheers and jeers are heard... TRIPLE H IS HERE! THE GAME HAS ARRIVED, HE'S HERE IN MANCHESTER, ENGLAND TONIGHT! Triple H walks out of his limousine with a bag ov er his shoulder... Triple H looks very focussed and yet also, very ticked off... He's clearly heard that Stephanie Mcmahon has been made Special Referee of tonight's match but will The Game be able to overcome what in essence is a Handicap Match?

The scene switches to the office of Mick Foley, where he is sitting with his feet up on the table and his hands down his trousers.

' General Manager ' Mick Foley: Ohh, we're on Socko!

Foley pulls Socko out of his trousers and he puts him down on the table, Foley has a cheeky grin on his face.

' General Manager ' Mick Foley: Tonight, it has come to my attention that after last week, The Undertaker and Raven had issues that needed resolving... The Undertaker was screwed out of his match by Raven, so tonight... I am making an adjustment to the card! Instead of New Jack versus Raven and instead of The Undertaker versus Matt Hardy... Raven will now have a rematch with The Undertaker and Matt Hardy will face New Jack. It is in the interest of fairness that The Undertaker has his opportunity to seek revenge... and it should be more than enjoyable! HAVE A NICE DAY! Ohh and Raven, YOU'RE UP NEXT!

Mick Foley has just changed the match, Raven now has to face The Undertaker for a shot at The IC Title and New Jack will take on Matt Hardy later on.

Raven's music hits and Raven makes his way down to the ring, he walks down the ramp, slides into the ring, mounts the turnbuckle and extends his arms out into a crucifix position. Footsteps begin... # DEADMAN WALKING... YOU'VE GOT IT NOW, YOU'VE GONE AND MADE A BIG MISTAKE # Here comes The Undertaker, he slowly walks down to the ring, as if he's just delaying the beating he's about to give Raven. The Undertaker climbs over the top rope and Raven is straight on him, clubbing him with blows but The Undertaker lays the straight right hands, Raven bounces off the ropes on the other side and thud, Raven hits the mat after another straight right to the temple. Undertaker gets on top of Raven and lays right hand after right hand to Raven's forehead. The Undertaker then tosses Raven into the turnbuckle and lays more rights onto him. Undertaker walks away and then, he charges in and hits a huge clothesline into the turnbuckle on Raven. Raven staggers forward, Undertaker lays some more shots... Raven manages to keep his balance, Taker whips him into the ropes and my god, BACKDROP... WHAT HUGE ELEVATION FROM THE UNDERTAKER! It's all one way traffic... Taker picks Raven up, BIG BOOT! The Undertaker bounces off the ropes, LEGDROP... 1... 2... The Undertaker pulls Raven's head up. THE UNDERTAKER HAS NOTHING BUT BAD ATTENTIONS FOR RAVEN TONIGHT! The Undertaker tosses Raven over the top rope to the outside. The Undertaker lays a couple of shots, he tries to whip Raven into the steel steps but Raven reverses the damn move and Undertaker takes the impact! Raven lays the stomps, Taker gets to his feet and Raven bounces The Undertaker's head off the top of the announcer's table. Raven takes a few steps back for a breath, The Undertaker charges, DROP TOEHOLD INTO THE GUARD RAIL! Raven rolls The Undertaker in, 1... 2... Taker kicks out. Raven pulls Taker to his feet and looks for the Evenflow DDT but The Undertaker fights out, he pushes Raven into the ropes and SIDEWALK SLAM! Raven struggles to his feet, the Undertaker picks him up and drops him on the turnbuckle, SNAKE-EYES! Raven staggers back and CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! 1... 2... RAVEN GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! The Undertaker is mad, he puts Raven between his legs for the Last Ride... WAIT... CRADLE... Raven rolls The Undertaker into a cradle... 1... 2... 3! RAVEN JUST ROLLED UP THE UNDERTAKER, CAUGHT HIM UNAWARES AND GOT THE VICTORY! RAVEN'S HEADING FOR A SHOT AT THE INTER-CONTINENTAL TITLE AND BY GOD, HE'S HAD THE UNDERTAKER TWICE... TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!

Winner : Raven

Backstage, Chris jericho is standing at the side of Michael Cole. Later on tonight, Chris Jericho will take on John Cena. The 2 men have been caugt in a bitter feud which will be resolved tonight. But not only that, the winner will not only prove their superiority over their opponent, they will earn a shot at the Inter-Continental Title

' The Dork ' Michael Cole: Chris Jericho, tonight you will take on John Cena in what is being named as a 'grudge match'. The two of you have been at each other's throats in the past few weeks... but tonight, how will it feel to be able to resolve your differences?

' Living Legend ' Chris Jericho: Listen up Michael Cole, tonight is NOT about settling scores... Tonight is NOT about me beating the living hell outta' that assclown John Cena because we all know I'm going to destroy his sorry excuse of an ass anyway! No, tonight is ALL about Chris Jericho... Tonight is about The King of Bling Bling winning the Inter-Continental Championship... TONIGHT IS ABOUT WRAPPING THAT GOLD AROUND MY GEE-ORGEOUS WAIT BABY!

' The Dork ' Michael Cole: So beating John Cena is not important to you?

' Living Legend ' Chris Jericho: It depends on which angle you look at it from Coley... On the one hand, I couldn't give a rat's ass if I kicked John Cena's ass or not. But then, in another sense, kicking John Cena's ass i very very important... Because in the grand scheme of things, I have to beat him, so that I can bring the gold back home to the MACK DADDAY!

' The Dork ' Michael Cole: If you beat John Cena...

' Living Legend ' Chris Jericho: IF... WHAT THE HELL IS AN IF?!

' The Dork ' Michael Cole: Well, there's no certainty you will win your match tonight...

' Living Legend ' Chris Jericho: NO CERTAINTY?! WILL YOU P-UH-LEASE... SHUT... THE HELL... UP! There are 2 certain things tonight JUNIOR... Number one is that YOU... ARE A 100% BONAFIDE JACKASS... And number 2, after this HUGE Mamma Jamma is over... CHRIS JERICHO WILL BE... THE FIRST EVER... INTER-CONTINENTAL CHAMPION. And John Cena, I guaran-damn-tee... YOU'LL NEVER... EH-VER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

Chris Jericho is not just confident of beating John Cena but he's certain he's destined to be the Inter-Continental Champion but will his words come true tonight?

Backstage, Mike Awesome and The Judge are in their locker room. Later on tonight, Mike Awesome will take on Hardcore Holly for Number One Contendership to the Extreme Title. The Judge walks up to Mike Awesome, who is leaning on the side... The Judge suddenly pushes Mike Awesome in the chest. Awesome stumbles back, his eyes begin to bulge with anger and he looks ready to explode.

' Mr ECW ' Mike Awesome: What the fuck did ya just do that for?

' Awesome's Partner ' The Judge: I just wanted to see if you were motivated?


' Awesome's Partner ' The Judge: Ok... ok... you're motivated.

' Mr ECW ' Mike Awesome: You're damn right I'm motivated... there's nothing more I wanna do right now than rip Bob Holly's limbs from his body! He thinks he's fuckin' Hardcore... He thinks he's fuckin' Extreme... HE DOESN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD! I'll show him what fuckin' Extreme is. There's only 1 thing Bob Holly is...

' Awesome's Partner ' The Judge: What's that Mike?

' Mr ECW ' Mike Awesome: MY... PERSONAL... BITCH!

Mike Awesome is more than ready for his match with Hardcore Holly later on tonight... Mike Awesome is out to prove that there is no-one more extreme in this business than himself! Will he prove it tonight?

New Jack's music hits and the brawler makes his way down to the ring, he has a pair of knuckledusters on his fists, as he walks down the ramp. He slides in and poses but the referee instantly notices them. The referee orders that new Jack removes them... # OHH YEAH # Matt Hardy Version 1's music hits and Hardy comes out with his arm raised in the V1 pose. Shannon Moore is following close behind, as Matt Hardy climbs into the ring. He mounts the turnbuckle and poses. New Jack comes straight from behind and lays shot to Matt hardy. New Jack has come for a fight and Matt Hardy is the easy picking. He tosses hardy headfirst into middle pad on the turnbuckle. Shannon Moore slides in, charges at New Jack and BACKDROP! Moore stumbles to his feet and New Jack tosses him headfirst over-the-top rope. Hardy comes back with a dropkick flooring New Jack, the distraction helped him come back into the match. Hardy stomps on New Jack, trying to keep him on the ground. New Jack pulls himself up using the ropes but Matt Hardy chokes New jack out by pressing his head onto the middle rope using his own leg. The referee counts to 5 and the chokehold is released. Mattg Hardy runs to the ropes and looks to slam his leg onto New jack's which is lying on the middle rope but new jack rolls out of the way and Matt Hardy ends up hitting the middle rope. New Jack comes back with more vicious right hands to Matt Hardy's temple, he whips Hardy into the ropes, Jack gets an armdrag and then, he drops it into an armbar. He tugs away at Hardy's arm who yelps in pain... Hardy pulls himself up enough to roll New Jack onto his shoulders, 1... 2... New Jack takes his shoulders up and ends up releasing the submission hold. Matt Hardy and New jack get to their feet, Hardy goes for a right hand, blocked, right hand from Jack that floors Matt Hardy. Hardy is pulled to his feet, he whip him into the ropes, Matt Hardy ducks the clothesline and comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. New Jack struggles up and Russian Legsweep, 1... 2... New Jack kicks out. Hardy stomps all over New Jack, he whips him into the ropes, Hardy sends New Jack flying over his knee to the abdomen. New Jack gets up, Hardy lays some more shots, he goes for a whip but New Jack pulls him in with everything he has left and hits a T-Bone Suplex in desperation! Both men struggle to their feet, Hardy goes for a right hand, blocked and new jack lays on more right hands. He whips Matt Hardy into the ropes and CLOTHESLINE! New Jack pulls Hardy to his feet, scoop slam... he runs to the ropes, bounces back, looks for an elbow drop but Matt Hardy gets out of the way. Matt Hardy gets to his feet, he goes to whip New Jack into the ropes but throws him into the referee. The ref is down, New Jack bounces back and SIDE EFFECT. Matt Hardy has hit the Side Effect. He goes for the pin but the referee is out... He goes over and shakes the referee awake. As he does it, New Jack slides across the floor and picks up the knuckledusters he brought down to the ring with him. He slips them onto his hands without anyone noticing. Hardy comes back across and pulls New Jack up. He puts him under his arm and looks for a Twist-Of-Fate... New Jack uses his strength to power out. He twists Matt Hardy's arm and then, WHACK... New Jack nails Hardy between the eyes with the knuckleduster. New Jack throws the dusters out of the ring and goes for the cover. The referee eventually sees it and gets in a slow count, 1... 2... 3! NEW JACK HAS BEATEN MATT HARDY... HE'S HEADING FOR AN INTER-CONTINENTAL TITLE SHOT! HE DID IT BY UNFAIR MEANS BUT NEW JACK EARNED THE MATCH BY OUTSMARTING THE REFEREE AND HIS OWN OPPONENT!

Winner : New Jack

Booker T and Al Snow are backstage, they are just a while away from their Tag Team Title match with The New Age Outlawz. This will be the first of 2 matches for Booker T, in a night which could see him walk away with 2 titles. Al Snow is talking to Head... it's clearly annoying The Bookerman as he's trying to get ready.

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: Don't look at me like that Head... stop staring at me! How can I get changed if I know you're always watching?

' Mannequin Doll ' Head: ...

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: I don't care if you enjoy it Head... you should respect my right to privacy.

' Mannequin Doll ' Head: ...

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: What are you laughing at?

' Mannequin Doll ' Head: ...

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: No, it's not small... it's just... just... cold in here!

' 5-time WCW Champion ' Booker T: Will ya' please shut da' hell up dawg? I'm tryin' to focus 'ere man!

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: Shut up and listen to him Head!

' 5-time WCW Champion ' Booker T: Can't ya' just lose the doll for 1 night, huh? We tryin' to be Tag Team champions dawg... we gotta' get ready to kick some New Age Outlaw punk ass sucka!

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: We're ready Booker, aren't we Head?

' 5-time WCW Champion ' Booker T: How can'chu be ready when ya talkin' to that thing man? You ain't even changed!

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: That's cos' Head's always watching...

' 5-time WCW Champion ' Booker T: Gim'me tha' doll!

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: What doll?

' 5-time WCW Champion ' Booker T: Gimme Head!

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: I don't go in for that kind of stuff *smirks*

Booker T takes Head away from Al Snow... Al tries desperately to get her back but Booker just pushes him away.

' 5-time WCW Champion ' Booker T: 'Chu can have her back when you got ready dawg...

' Insane In The Head ' Al Snow: Don't hurt her... she's my everything... I can't live without her!

' 5-time WCW Champion ' Booker T: 'Chu need to sort out yer priorities man... My priority is ta' win both ma' matches ta'nite cos' Booker T's gonna' be a Television... and a Tag Team Champeen by the end'a tha' night. NOW... CAN YOU DIG THAT... SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!

Booker T could hold 2 titles by the end of the night... he could be a Tag Team Champion with Al Snow, if Snow gets his act together! And Booker T could earn himself a Television Title, can The Bookerman do the impossible tonight?

5... 4... 3... 2... 1! BOOM! Chris Jericho's music blasts out of the PA system and 'The Highlight Of The Night' makes his way out. He eventually makes it in front of the screen, he turns his back, slowly raises both of arms before being bothered to turn around. He strolls casually down to the ring, mocking the crowd. He walks up the steps and across the ring apron, before posing to the crowd. He gets into the ring and cockily spins round. # SO... YOU THINK YOU'RE UNTOUCHABLE! WORDLIFE... THIS IS BASIC THUGANOMICS # Cena makes his way out with a microphone in his hands, he has a throwback jersey on and hiphop denim jeanshorts to wrestle in. He begins rapping, as he walks down the ramp.

' Lyrical Miracle ' John Cena: Yo, yo, yo kill the beat.

Chris Jericho, you say beatin' me don't matter,
I say beatin' me, it ain't gonna' happen.
You talk a real good game, you make quite an impression,
But what chance you got? You got no RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!

Your band suck balls Jericho and you say I can't rap,
At least I sell records dawg, Fozzy are just plain old crap!
You think you're the next champ, huh? You got it in the bag.
YOU CAN'T BEAT ME MAN, there's no-one there to tag!
It's me and chu', one and one, are your legs startin' to shake?
Don't start crying or piss ya'self for christ #beep#in' sake!
I'm gonna' beat you 1, 2, 3... I'm ready for any trick,
We all know you're just a god damn pussy so suck my ...!

Jericho is annoyed by the rap, his impression is serious and his face has gone red. Cena brushes his shoulder and has a grin on his face, as he slides in. Jericho is right on top of him, as the bell rings. Jericho stomps and throws everything he has at Cena... Cena fights through it, grabs Jericho by the waist, charges halfway across the ring pushing Jericho straight into the turnbuckle. Cena gives Jericho so hard shoulders to the gut. Jericho reels, as cena begins laying the right hands too, before stomping all over him. Cena drags Y2J away from the turnbuckle by his feet and then pounces on top of him, laying the right hands onto Jericho's skull. Cena pulls Jericho to his feet and tosses The King Of The World through the middle rope. Cena really wants a piece of Jericho! Cena lays more right hands to Cena, before throwing him shoulder-first into the security wall... Jericho stumbles up the ramp, Cena follows and keeps Jericho at close proximity with a series of right hands. He pulls Jericho up and looks for a suplex but Jericho blocks, he swings round to the side and BREAKDOWN! BREAKDOWN ONTO THE GOD DAMN RAMP! Cena's head just bounced facefirst off the solid steel, even Jericho got a bit hurt. Jericho slowly pulls himself up, he stomps on Cena, pulls him to his feet and it's his turn to throw Cena into the security fence. He then picks Cena up and drops him headfirst onto the security wall. The referee's count nearly reaches 10, Y2J rolls in and rolls out again... Cena struggles up to his feet but Jericho runs at him and JERICHO DROPKICKS CENA STRAIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Cena holds his back in agony and Jericho is on fire. The Living Legend mocks the crowd by acting all cocky... he rolls Cena into the ring, before going onto the top turnbuckle. He goes up top looking for an elbow driop but after he leaps off, Cena gets a boot to the face, sending Jericho to the mat holding his jaw. Cena pulls himseld up the ropes, as Jericho staggers to his feet, Jericho turns and swinging neckbreaker from Cena. cena can't capitalise and makes his way to his feet again... Cena pulls Jericho up and suplex, he runs to the ropes and drops an elbow, 1... 2... Jericho kicks out! Jericho tries to get up but Cena helps him, Cena whips Jericho into the ropes and CLOTHESLINE, 1... 2... Jericho kicks out again! Cena pulls Jericho up, whips him into the ropes, knee to the gut. 1... 2... Jericho gets the shoulder up for the third time. Cena is getting frustrated, he scoop slams Jericho to the mat, he runs to the ropes, bounces off, rubs his shoulder and then, drops an elbow but JERICHO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY... Cena is up first but Jericho blocks the shot and kicks Cena in the gut, DDT! Jericho just evened out the match! 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... Both men get to their feet before the count of 9, Jericho and cena exchange right hands, Cena whips Jericho into the ropes but Jericho flies back with a flying clothesline. Cena struggles to his feet, turns and Jericho takes out the legs... HERE COME THE WALLS OF JERICHO but Cena won't let him roll over and uses his leg strength to throw Jericho off the case. cena struggles up, jericho charges and DROP TOEHOLD ONTO THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE... THAT MUST HAVE KNOCKED OUT JERICHO'S TEETH... JERICHO IS BLEEDING FROM THE MOUTH! jericho staggers up and powerslam, 1... 2... NO! Jericho won't lie down like that! Cena pulls Jericho up, he goes for an F-U... Maybe it's F-U Time... but Jericho slides down the back and rolls Cena into a schoolboy, 1... 2... Cena rolls off his shoulders just in the nick of time. Cena holds his neck, as Jericho slides out... Jericho grabs a steel chair and slides in... Cena turns, Jericho goes to hit him but the referee grabs the chair. Jericho turns shocked and cena kicks him in the gut, Cena goes for the F-U... but Jericho counters down the back again and LOWBLOW... A BLATANT LOWBLOW BY CHRIS JERICHO. Jericho bounces off the ropes and BULLDOG, BULLDOG... Jericho runs to the ropes and LIONSAULT, LIONSAULT, 1... 2... NO NO NO... CENA JUST KICKED THE HELL OUT OF IT! WHERE DID CENA GET THAT FROM?! Jericho can't believe it, he tears at his hair in absolute despair! He grabs Cena's legs and looks for the Walls Of Jericho but Cena scrambles away to the bottom rope before it gets locker in. Jericho stomps on Cena but the referee forces Jericho to back off. jericho is distracted and when he turns back to Cena, Cena comes from nowhere with a huge clothesline. Jericho staggers up... F-U, F-U... CENA JUST NAILED THE F-U! 1... 2... MY GOD, JERICHO SOMEHOW GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Cena slaps the floor in despair, each man has given it their all... not just to get a shot at the Inter-Continental Title but to beat their opponent! Cena pulls Jericho to his feet, he puts him between his legs like he's going for a powerbomb but ROLL-UP... JERICHO'S GOT A ROLL-UP...AND HE'S GOT A HOLD OF JOHN CENA'S TIGHTS... 1... 2... 3! JERICHO HAS STOLEN THE INTER-CONTINENTAL TITLE SHOT FROM JOHN CENA'S GRASP... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! CENA HAD IT WON... HE LOOKED LIKE HE WAS HEADING TO THE LADDER MATCH AND WINNING THIS GRUDGE MATCH BUT JERICHO PULLED A FAST ONE BY GETTING A HANDFUL OF CENA'S TIGHTS. WHAT A MATCH... WHAT AN EFFORT BY BOTH MEN! Jericho gets out of the ring as fast as he can, he hightails it... Cena is NOT happy! He was winning and his defeat came from nowhere... he must be thinking that Jericho got lucky but maybe this is Jericho's night!

Winner : Chris Jericho

Backstage, Triple H is furious... he storms into the office of Mick Foley. Foley jumps up, as Triple H just storms in. Triple H picks up a glass and chucks it at the wall.

' The Game ' Triple H: What the hell is going on Mick? My bitch on an ex-wife is MY referee tonight! MY DAMN REFEREE!

' General Manager ' Mick Foley: Hunter, Hunter... I hate this as much as you do. You know, I'm a fair man and I'd do anything I can to help you... but your match tonight, there's nothing I can do. William Regal made the match... William Regal made sure that there could be no changes to the match... and more importantly, he has Vince McMahon's blessing to do it! I'm sorry Hunter... but you're on your own on this one!

' The Game ' Triple H: ON MY OWN?! IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?! At least when I'm on my own... I've got the one person I can rely on... ME! Now, tell me where I can find Regal!

' General Manager ' Mick Foley: I can help you there... his office is on the other side of the building in Sector C!

' The Game ' Triple H: You're lucky this wasn't your decision Mick... cos' right now, I'd gladly break a few of your bones, just to make me feel better! Instead, I'm just going to have to break ALL OF WILLIAM REGAL'S!

Triple H stares deep into Mick Foley's eyes, as if he's going to tear him apart right there, right then. Instead, HHH slowly backs away and walks out of the door.

' General Manager ' Mick Foley: You CAN shut the door on your way out!

Foley shakes his head but it's clear to all that The Game has alot more on his mind right now. Triple H will face Kurt Angle for the World Championship later on tonight... but with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H's ex-wife, Kurt Angle's manager, as the special referee... Triple H's chances of becoming champions are gradually getting smaller and smaller and smaller!

Hardcore Holly is standing staring into the camera, his match with Mike awesome is up next. The winner of the match becomes Number One Contender to the Extreme Championship. Hardcore Holly is sweating heavily but you can see by the look in his eye, he's focussed!

' Hardcore ' Bob Holly: awesome, you got a big filthy mouth on ya, aint'cha? I'm glad I heard what'cha had to say about me Mike cos now, I gotta' show ya what it means to SHUT UP... You ain't that Extreme, you might'a been in Ee-Cee-Dubbya but you weren't good there and ya ain't gonna' be good here neitha'! I'ma make sure of it! Tonight, you're gonna' see what the true meaning of Hardcore is... and that is HARDCORE HOLLY! NOW, HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW?!

Holly walks straight off, he's come for a match tonight and he's gonna' get it! Awesome and Holly is next!

Mike Awesome's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring, the crowd give him a hell of alot of jeers but he doesn't give 2 shits. he gets to the ring and he dives straight under the ring, he grabs a couple of trashcans and tosses them into the ring. He then finds a traffic sign, some kind of baseball bat, a trashcan lid and a piece of steel chain. Awesome slides in and AWESOME WRAPS THE STEEL CHAIN ROUND HIS FIST... AWESOME'S WAITING FOR HOLLY TO COME DOWN AND GET A FACE FULL OF METAL! Hardcore Holly's music hits and Holly doesn't want a waste any time... he charges down to the ring. He slides in, awesome swings the fist with the steel chain on it, Holly ducks, bounces off the rope and DROPKICK... HOLLY DROPKICKS AWESOME THROUGH THE ROPES! The chain goes flying... Holly raises his arms to the crowd to signal that he's arrived, the crowd give him a decent pop! Awesome gets to his feet and HOLLY CHUCKS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE AND NAILS AWESOME TO THE FLOOR WITH A DAMN CROSSBODY! Holly is boiling, he grabs Awesome by the head and tosses him over the security wall. Holly climbs over and lays the shot onto Mike Awesome, the two men fight through the crowd, Awesome staggers away from Holly who is on an absolute rampage! Awesome makes it to the top of the rampway, Holly lays a right hands but Awesome comes back with a knee to the gut. He grabs Holly by the head and throws him facefirst into the titantron wall! Holly falls back on his back, HOLLY MUST BE KNOCKED OUT... BUT HE'S MOVING! Awesome pulls him to his feet, he assaults him with right hands... he then scoop slams RIGHT ONTO THE COLD STONE FLOOR! Holly writhes in agony, as Awesome pulls Holly to his feet... Awesome picks Holly up, Atomic drop, Holly stays on his feet but WHAM! CLOTHESLINE! AWESOME CLOTHESLINED HOLLY BACK ONTO THE FLOOR! Holly must have nearly had a concussion... but Awesome is unrelenting, he lays a couple of rights, he goes to whip Holly into the titantron wall but Holly reverses the whip! AWESOME IS OUT OF IT... HE MUST BE! Awesome summons up enough energy to sit half up but Holly is on the case, he pulls Awesome up, he lays some huge right hands but deliberately keeps Awesome on his feet. HOLLY KICKS AWESOME STRAIGHT IN THE BALLS! AWESOME MUST BE CRIPPLED BUT IT'S ALL LEGAL! Holly sees his chance and ALABAMA SLAM ONTO THE RAMP! Holly's got it! 1... Holly sees The Judge rush out. The 2 men exchange blows, Holly takes control, he lays the rights all the way back down the ramp to the ring! Holly rolls The Judge in, he lays more shots before trying to whip The Judge into the ropes, the whip is countered and Holly walks straight into a POWERSLAM OF EPIC PROPORTIONS! Holly struggles to his feet but with traffic sign in hand, The Judge smacks it across the head of Hardcore Holly! Holly makes it onto his knees but the Judge has a trashcan in hand, he smacks it straight on top of Hardcore Holly's head. The Judge is changing the match for Mike Awesome... BUT AWESOME IS STRUGGLING TO MOVE ON THE RAMP! Holly is bleeding but he won't stay down... The Judge picks up the other trashcan and goes to repeat the same thing but Holly has it scouted and with every last bit of energy he has left, he gets to his feet and flies at The Judge nailing a desperation clothesline! Holly and judge pull themselves to their feet. Holly grabs the trashcan lid, the Judge turns and Holly hits The Judge 3 times with the lid, the Judge falls onto the ropes and HOLLY TAKES A STEP BACK, CHARGES AND CLOTHESLINES THE JUDGE OVER THE TOP ROPE. Mike Awesome has not just got back to his feet, he's back in the ring... Holly doesn't notice as Awesome comes from behind. Awesome stomps all over Holly, who has basically been put through a Handicap Match. Awesome picks up the baseball bat... Holly turns round and Awesome whacks him in the gut, once... twice... 3 times... Awesome puts Holly between his legs and AWESOME BOMB... AWESOME BOMB! 1... 2... 3! Mike Awesome has earnt a shot at the Extreme Title with the help of The Judge, who saved him from the clutches of defeat. Hardcore Holly gave it everything he had but the numbers game caught up with him! Awesome picks up the baseball bat and holds it alot like some kind of trophy, whilst putting his foot on the throat of a decimated Hardcore Holly! Awesome is sick in the head but he's earnt his title shot tonight!

Winner and Extreme Title #1 Contender: Mike Awesome

Billy Gunn and Road Dogg are in their locker room, The Outlawz are just moments away from their Tag Team Title Match! Road Dogg ties his boot lace, as Gunn does a few warm-ups next to him.

' Mr Ass ' Billy Gunn: Are you ready Roadie?

' Dee-Ohh-Double-Gee ' Road Dogg: One second...

Road Dogg finishes tying his lace and then, he stands up and looks Billy straight in the eye.

' Dee-Ohh-Double-Gee ' Road Dogg: I'm ready to rock n' roll!

' Mr Ass ' Billy Gunn: That's good cos we're about to rock and roll all over Al Snow and Booker T!

' Dee-Ohh-Double-Gee ' Road Dogg: Yer know something Bill-ay, Al Snow and Booker T ain't got a damn of a chance against us... they're just'a couple'a nobodies stuck in a team togetha'... but we're a team... and a damn good team at that!

' Mr Ass ' Billy Gunn: We're a great team Roadie!

' Dee-Ohh-Double-Gee ' Road Dogg: There ain't no way that a lunatic can beat us! There's no way that Tag Team Gold ain't gonna' be around the waist of Billy Gunn and The Dee-Ohh-Double-Gee by tha' end'a the night! You know I'm right Billy?

' Mr Ass ' Billy Gunn: You are 100% right... we've got them right where we want them!

' Dee-Ohh-Double-Gee ' Road Dogg: Their asses better CALL SOMEBOD-AY!

' Mr Ass ' Billy Gunn: Either that or they can just... SUCK IT!

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn versus Al Snow and Booker T... which team can take home the gold tonight? We're just moments away from finding out!

The Hurricane and Rosie are also backstage... Hurricane is giving Rosie some more instructions about how to be a successful superhero.

' Superhero ' The Hurricane: Tonight Rosabelt, you shall witness the mark of a TRUE superhero! It is not just the job of a superhero to bring evil villains to justice... but it is a superhero's job to continue to do it every day on a day-to-say basic. You got that young one?

' S.H.I.T ' Rosie: Yes, I understand Hurricane... Do you need any help?

' Superhero ' The Hurricane: There are some things that even a superhero might need help with... but tonight, I will win my match... alone. And you young Superhero In Training... you will watch... and learn!

The Hurricane will defend his Extreme Title against the calculating Mike Sanders... will The Hurricane come out on top or will he be S.O.L?!

# WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?! # Al Snow's music hits and he comes out with his arms raised and Head in 1 hand being held by her hair... he slides into the ring and celebrates his entry. He puts Head onto the turnbuckle, # CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKA # Booker T comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, he stops on the ramp, raises his arms into the familiar pose and orange fireworks explode from the titantron. Booker gets into the ring. The Outlawz music interrupts and out come Billy Gunn and Rpad Dogg. they get down to the ring, Billy and Al Snow agree to start things off. The 2 wrestlers lock up, Gunn gets Snow into a headlock, Snow pushes him into the ropes but Gunn comes back with a shoulder block. Gunn jumps over Snow, bounces back, another shoulder block. He whips Snow into the ropes, he bounces back and Gunn hits a fireman's carry, before locking his knee behind Snow's neck. Snow pulls himself to his feet, Gunn whips Snow into the ropes, Snow ducks the clothesline, he bounces off the ropes... he leaps aty Gunn but Gunn catches him and nails him with a backbreaker. Gunn tags in Road Dogg, Dogg lays the left hands to the chin of Al Snow... he whips him into the ropes and Dogg gets a high knee on Al Snow. Snow looks for a tag but Dogg pulls him back into the centre of the ring. He picks Snow up and looks for a clothesline, Snow blocks and begins headbutting Road Dogg repeatedly! Snow runs to the ropes, bounces off and Road Dogg hits a drop toehold, before locking Snow into a headlock. The Outlawz are trying to wear Al Snow down. Snow gets to his feet, the headlock still applied, he fights out with elbows, he runs to the ropes but walks straight into Road Dogg's flying elbow. Dogg grabs Snow by the hair and drags him over to his corner, he tags in gunn. Gunn lays the right hands to the chest of Snow, followed up by some knife-edge chops. Gunn whips Snow into a separate turnbuckle. Snow slouches, as Gunn goes for a suplex... Al Snow pushes Gunn off the top rope. Snow gets up on the turnbuckle and he looks for an elbow but Road Dogg runs into the ropes... Booker T tries to get into the ring, the referee stops him. While distracted, Dogg lays shots on Snow, Gunn climbs on the turnbuckle and superplex, 1... 2... Snow kicks out. Booker starts slapping the turnbuckle to motivate Snow... Snow is pulled to his feet and scoop slam by Gunn to Snow. Gunn pulls Snow to his feet, he kicks him in the gut... he runs to the ropes looking for a Fame-Asser but Snow moves, Gunn misses and clothesline from Al Snow to Billy gunn. Both men are down, they both struggle to their corners and tag in their partners. Booker takes down Dogg with a right hand, a right hand floors Gunn and the same again to the Dogg. Booker throws Gunn over the top rope. Booker T lays more rights on Road Dogg, he whips him into the ropes and a spinning kick from Booker T. Road Dogg gets up, Booker whips him into the ropes and backdrop. Booker continues the onslaght of right hands, he goes to whip Road Dogg away, hangs on, pulls him into another kick. Road Dogg staggers up, he kicks him in the gut and goes for a scissor kick, Road Dogg moves and DDT... Booker's head just bounced off the mat. Road Dogg pulls Booker T up to his feet, PUMPHANDLE SLAM! Al Snow distracts the referee, so Road Dogg can't get the count... Road Dogg argues with Al Snow, Booker T gets back to his feet... Road Dogg turns back... BOOK-END! 1... 2... Gunn breaks it up, Gunn knocks Al Snow off his corner... Booker staggers up, Gunn kicks him in the gut, runs to the ropes and FAME ASSER! 1... 2... Al Snow pulls Billy Gunn out of the ring. Al Snow picks up Head... Billy struggles up, turns and SNOW THUMPS BILLY GUNN OVER THE HEAD WITH HEAD! Al Snow rolls Billy Gunn into the ring, Booker T crawls across, 1... 2... 3! BILLY GUNN JUST GOT HEAD... AL SNOW THUMPED HIM ACROSS THE HEAD WITH THE MANNEQUIN DOLL AND BOOKER T PICKED UP THE VICTORY! AL SNOW AND BOOKER T ARE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Booker T takes the Tag Team Title, he holds it in the air... Snow disappears up the ramp with his... BOOKER T DOES A VICTORY SPINNEROONIE, AS THE CROWD GO CRAZY FOR THE BOOKERMAN! But his night is not yet over!

Winner and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Al Snow and Booker T

Kurt Angle is seen staring at a mirror, he looks pumped up and he blows out a huge amount of air. He dances from side-to-side and swings his head around in a circle. He stops doing anything, just to adjust his Olympic Gold Medals... before walking off.

Shawn Michaels is standing waiting behind the titantron, Booker T comes back through the curtains with a Tag Team title over his shoulder. Shawn Michaels applauds Booker T, Booker stands and looks as Shawn applauds him.

' The Showstoppa ' Shawn Michaels: Congratulations BOOK! Ya did a great job out there... a great job pal! And ya' know what, you're the neeeeeeew Tag Team Champion... CONGRATULATIONS!

' Tag Team Champion ' Booker T: What'chu want man?!

' The Showstoppa ' Shawn Michaels: I don't want anythin' Booker... I just wanted to say congratulations... and GOOD LUCK... cos after what you did out there already, you're gonna' need all the luck you can get out there tonight... when you step into the ring with THE HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS!

' Tag Team Champion ' Booker T: If I needed ya' to speak dawg, I would'a asked you too... got it?

' The Showstoppa ' Shawn Michaels: Calm down there... don't blow your locks off! You're lucky I don't dance all over ya' face right now.

' Tag Team Champion ' Booker T: You save all the energy you got for later man, chu' gonna' need it, trust me!

' The Showstoppa ' Shawn Michaels: Ooh, I am scared... do ya' see my legs quivering? Do ya? Haha... ya don't know what you're in for kid, ya don't know what you're in for!

Shawn Michaels walks off laughing, Booker T is none too impressed and he's just become a Tag Team Champion. Booker T is just one of the men that is coming for a shot at Shawn Michaels' Television Title.

The Hurricane's music hits and The Superhero makes his way out to the ring with the Extreme Title around his waist! The Hurricane slides into the ring and removes his belt, he holds it aloft before the referee takes it off him. Mike Sanders' music hits and he makes his way down to the ring, he slides in and the bell rings. Hurricane and Sanders lock up in the centre of the ring, Sanders immediately takes Hurricane down with a snapmare and locks the cruiserweight in a chokehold. Hurricane gets to his feet, runs to the ropes and Sanders hits a monkey toss. Hurricane charges again and sanders clubs the superhero down with a clothesline. Sanders rolls to the outside, he throws a trashcan into the ring... a steel chair and then, he picks up the ringbell. Sanders slides in, Hurricane turns and Sanders goes to nail him with the ringbell but Hurricane ducks, runs to the ropes and the ringbell into Mike Sanders. Sander holds his head, as The Hurricane covers, 1... 2... Sanders kicks out. Hurricane picks Sanders up, he lays the right hands, he whips Sanders into the turnbuckle... Hurricane charges in but Sanders gets out of the way. Hurricane hits the turnbuckle and Sanders lays the right hands, he whips Hurricane to the opposite turnbuckle. sanders charges in, boot to the face from the Hurricane. Hurricane jumps off the top rope with a bulldog, 1... 2... Kick out! Sanders sits up and The Hurricane goes for a Shining Wizard but Sanders ducks, Sanders grabs Hurricane's leg... Hurricane has trouble standing but with all he has, hits Sanders with an Enziguiri! Hurricane goes up top and he leaps off and nails Sanders with a crossbody, 1... 2... OH, SANDERS KICKS OUT RIGHT ON 3! Hurricane pulls Sanders up but Sanders rakes the eyes, DDT... Hurricane is down. Sanders picks up the steel chair, Hurricane struggles to his feet... turns and Sanders swings at Hurricane but Hurricane dropkicks the chair right into Sanders' face. Hurricane grabs the trashcan and sets it up in the centre of the ring, sanders turns and HURRI-CHOKESLAM ONTO THE TRASHCAN, 1... 2... 3! The Hurricane has defeated the challenge of Mike Sanders and has retained his Extreme Title... what a performance by the superhero. He may not be Extreme but The Hurricane is a more than worthy champion tonight!

Winner and STILL EXTREME CHAMPION: The Hurricane

Shane McMahon is standing next to Jonathon Coachman, he skips from side-to-side... Shane McMahon isn't officially scheduled to wrestle tonight but he's here and he looks ready for action.

' Interviewer ' The Coach: Shane O'Mac... you don't have a match at Rebellion here tonight, why have you bothered to come all the way to England?

' The Money ' Shane McMahon: First things first, why wouldn't I want to come all the way to England? As much as I love being back home in the States, it's nice to go some place else once in a while! And second thing, I DO have a match tonight.

' Interviewer ' The Coach: You do?

' The Money ' Shane McMahon: Shawn Michaels' offer for an open invitational is too good to resist. Not only do I get a piece of the action tonight... but I could win my first ever title... I came into this business to prove I could make somethin' of myself and tonight, that's exactly what I'm gonna' try and do.

' The Texas Rattlesnake ' Stone Cold: WHAT?! You wanna' make somethin' of ya'self... Shane, you've had everythin' ya ever wanted handed to ya on a plate... I'm ya' daddy, here's a new bike... I'm ya' daddy, here's your new car... Ya' get my point. You ain't never earned nothin' in your life you sorry lil' sumbitch!

' The Money ' Shane McMahon: You may be right Steve... I have had alot of things handed to me.

' The Texas Rattlesnake ' Stone Cold: SHADDUP YOU STUPID SONUVABITCH... DID I ASK YOU TO TALK? DID I? NO! THEN, SHADDUP! I known you've had everythin' in your pathetic little life handed to ya' and tonight, Stone Cold Steve Austin's gonna' hand ya somethin' else tonight... and that's a beatin' courtesy of yours truly! That's right Shane, Stone Cold Steve Austin's gonna' open a can of whup ass on your sorry excuse of a carcass... AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE, COS' STONE COLD SAID SO!

Shane McMahon and Steve Austin are both entering Shawn Michaels' invitational but Steve Austin has promised Shane a beatin. Shane wants to prove a point tonight but Steve Austin is out to make sure he gets nothing but his ass whipped.

The Game has found William Regal's office and it is protected by about 4 security guards... Regal has obviously expected trouble in the shape of The Game and he's ready for it.

' The Game ' Triple H: Get the hell out of my damn way!

' Security Guard ' James: I'm afraid it's restricted access only tonight!

' The Game ' Triple H: I wasn't asking, I was telling you!

Triple H makes an attempt to get to the door and the guards pounce on him, The Game can't get through as 4 men hold him back. They throw him back, Triple H tries again and the security guards fend him away again.


Triple H is promising vengeance upon William Regal... Regal has made his ex-wife the special referee for his match tonight and now, The Game's title chances are in deep trouble. And it's all down to William Regal!

Shawn Michaels' music hits and The Heartbreak Kid makes his way down to the ring with the Television Champion strung over his shoulder... Shawn dances his way down to the ring, he climbs in, spins round, before setting in his pose. All the fireworks around the ring erupt. Booker T's music hits and the first challenger runs down to the ring... Booker and Shawn lay the right hands on each other... Booker whips Shawn into the ropes and Shawn comes back with a flying clothesline. Orton rushes down to the ring, followed by Jeff Hardy... Hardy goes straight at Booker T, whilst Orton is all over Shawn, keeping him down with stomps and right hands. Booker T tosses Jeff Hardy into the ropes and nails him with a heelkick. Shane McMahon slides into the ring and he nails a clothesline on Booker T, Jeff Hardy turns and shane lays the right hands on him, he dances, does a little step and then, floors with a straight right. Shawn Michaels has Orton in a headlock, Orton pushes Michaels away and nails him with a Tomahawk Slam. # SMASH# AUSTIN'S HERE... HERE COMES THE RATTLESNAKE... THE CROWD ARE GOING NUTS, AS AUSTIN SLIDES IN. Austin lays the right hands on Michaels, he whips him into the ropes and clothesline. Orton comes from behind on Austin, Austin turns and flattens the Legend Killa with one straight right. Jeff Hardy comes for Austin, austin blocks, lays the rights, he whips Hardy into the ropes and SPINEBUSTER! Shane Mcmahon is choking Booker T in the turnbuckle with his foot... Austin spins Shane round and RIGHT HAND! Shane falls on Booker T and austin stomps a mudhole through both of the sorry sumbitches! Austin is cleaning house! Austin stops stomping, turns round, SWEET CHIN MUSIC... SHAWN MICHAELS JUST SUPERKICKED THE FACE OFF THE BIONIC REDNECK! Shawn begins to dance but it's short-lived... Orton begins laying the rights on Michaels... HBK is whipped into the ropes, Orton goes for a hip throw but Michaels blocks and hip throws Orton. Orton isn't best pleased but he has no time to think as Michaels clothesline him over the top rope. HBK turns and Jeff Hardy leaps off the top rope and nails him with the Whisper In The Wind! Jeff Hardy flicks his hair back as he gets up but he walks into a kick to the gut. Booker T runs to the ropes and scissor kick. 1... 2... Shane breaks up the fall. Booker gets up and Shane tosses him headfirst over the top. Booker gets to his feet, Shane launches himself over the top and he hits a crossbody. Shane mounts the turnbuckle, he sees his chance to get Jeff Hardy. He goes for an elbow drop but hardy gets out the way. Austin pulls himself up the turnbuckle... Shane is on all fours, Hardy sees his chance to relive the past and POETRY IN MOTION... THE SITUATION WAS RIGHT TO GIVE HIM THE CHANCE... TOTAL ACCIDENT! Hardy pulls Austin out into the centre of the ring, he looks for a Twist-Of-Fate... Austin pushes him into the ropes and STUNNER! STUNNER! AUSTIN JUST STUNNERED JEFF HARDY, 1... 2... 3! Jeff Hardy's gone! Orton comes into the action, he lays the shots on Austin... he whips Austin into the ropes and knocks him down with a back elbow, he runs to the ropes looking for an RKO... he bounces back, KICK TO THE GUT... STUNNER! AUSTIN JUST STUNNERED ORTON! 1... 2... 3! Orton's gone! Austin's going elimination crazy! We're down to 4... Booker T and Shawn Michaels are down on the outside... Shane gets to his feet, Austin stalks him looking for another Stunner... Shane turns, Austin goes for the kick but Shane catches it, Shane rolls Austin up, 1... 2... 3! Austin just got pinned by Shane Mcmahon... he's out! Austin is going crazy, he begins to lay tons of right hands on Shane McMahon... he stomps a mudhole on O'mac in the turnbuckle... He pulls Shane up, whips him into the ropes... STUNNER! AUSTIN JUST TOOK REVENGE OUT ON SHANE MCMAHON! Austin rolls out of the ring, he kicks the steel steps in anger at being eliminated! Booker T and Shawn roll back into the ring... Booker T and Shawn exchange blows, Booker whips Shawn into the ropes... Shawn hangs on, he kicks Booker in the face... RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Shawn flips himself up and begins tuning up the band... Booker T turns, Shawn goes for the Sweet Chin Music... BLOCKED! Booker grabs the foot, he spins Shawn round... BOOK-END! BOOK-END! 1... 2... 3! BOOKER T HAS JUST ELIMINATED THE CHAMPION... HBK IS OUT!We're gonna have a new champion tonight! And it's gonna' be either Booker T... or Shane McMahon. Shane can barely do anything after Austin's vicious assault... Shane is pulled up and Booker lays right hands to Shane's almost unresponsive body! Booker whips Shane into the ropes and he nails him with a spinning heelkick. Booker T can see the end is near, he pulls Shane to his feet... Shane can barely stay up... Booker kicks him in the gut, he runs to the ropes, BOOKER WANTS THE SCISSOR KICK... SMACK! SWEET... CHIN... MUSIC... BOOKER T JUST GOT CLOCKED BY SHAWN MICHAELS... Shawn lost his title because of Booker T and HBK has sought revenge. Shane can't stay up any longer... he just falls on BOOKER T! 1... 2... 3! SHANE MCMAHON HAS WON THE TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP AND HE MIGHT NOT EVEN KNOW HE'S DONE IT... SHANE ISN'T MOVING... HE'S HAD THE LIVING HELL BEATEN OUT OF HIM BUT HE'S OVERCOME THE ODDS... HE'S WON SHAWN MICHAELS' INVITATIONAL... AND HE'S THE TELEVISION CHAMPION! BUT WHAT WILL BOOKER T WANT TO DO TO HBK FOR COSTING HIM THE MATCH?!


Batista is standing next to Michael Cole, coming up next is the Ladder Match for the Inter-Continental Championship! Raven, Chris Jericho, New Jack and Dave Batista will all fight it out for a shot at the hold but what is on Batista's mind just before the start of the match?

' The Dork ' Michael Cole: Dave Batista... how confident are you that you win your first ever title in the PWA?!


' The Dork ' Michael Cole: Well, yes I did...


Batista stares at Michael Cole, Cole looks scared and does what's best to protect himself.

' The Dork ' Michael Cole: Err... it... err, sounds great!

' Genetic Monster ' Dave Batista: Haha, how did I know you'd say THAT?! Hahahaha...

Batista walks away with a sick, sadistic grin on his face but what will he do to his opponents in the match that's coming up NEXT!

New Jack has already made it down to the ring as Raven's music hits... Raven makes his way down to the ring, Raven slides in and waits for the other 2 competitors. Batista's generic music hits and the monster makes his way in. The match begins as soon as Batista gets in New Jack and Raven are on him with right hands, they toss him into the ropes but Batista comes back with a double clothesline. He grabs New Jack by the throat and tosses him over the top rope. Batista pulls Raven up and throws him into the turnbuckle. After a series of shots, Batista lays kicks to the stomach, before applying his knee to Raven's throat. # 5... 4... 3... 2... 1 # Chris Jericho makes his way on to the ramp... WAIT! WAIT! IT'S JOHN CENA... CENA ATTACKS JERICHO FROM BEHIND, CENA TOSSES JERICHO OFF THE RAMP! BY GOD, CENA HAS JUST TAKEN JERICHO OUT OF THE DAMN EQUATION! HE'S OFF THE RAMP... HE MUST HAVE FALLEN 15 FEET! Batista whips Raven into the ropes and SIDEWALK SLAM! Raven is being manhandled by Batista! Batista pulls Raven up, he sets him up for a powerbomb but New Jack saves the day... New Jack lays his heavy right hands, he whips Batista into the ropes and jack clobbers him down with a clothesline. The big monster gets up, he swings at New Jack, Jack ducks... and suplex, a suplex from New Jack to Batista! Batista struggles up, New jack whips him into the turnbuckle... New Jack charges in but Batista gets the foot, he whips New jack into the ropes and BY GOD, WHAT A SPINEBUSTER! Batista is in complete control, he slides out and picks up a ladder... he slides in and then, rolls in himself. He picks it up and charges at New Jack... NEW JACK IS KNOCKED TO THE FLOOR, ALMOST EXECUTED! Raven struggles up to his feet, he turns... batista charges but RAVEN DROP TOEHOLDS BATISTA ONTO THE LADDER! Raven sees his chance, he pulls Batista up and RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP ONTO THE LADDER! Raven must be hurt too but he knows this is his opportunity... he sucks up the pain and gets to his feet. Raven pulls Batista and SUPLEX ONTO THE LADDER! Raven is taking out Batista singlehandedly! Batista struggles up, Raven picks up the ladder, Batista turns and raven knocks him down with a ladder shot. Raven turns and New Jack dropkicks the ladder into Raven. New Jack whips Raven into the ropes but Raven kicks him in the face, Raven runs to the ropes and FACECRUSHER! Raven has his chance, both men are down... he sets up the ladder, raven makes his way almost to the top but new jack sees him trying and pushes the ladder over! RAVEN FALLS ONTO THE TOP ROPE... MY GOD, THAT MUST HURT! New Jack stomps Raven out of the ring... he grabs the ladders and sets it up for himself. He begins climbing and Batista is still down... raven is out of the ring, THIS MUST BE IT FOR NEW JACK! New Jack is almost at the top... WAIT... IT'S JERICHO... JERICHO'S BACK AND WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM?! Jericho climbs up the ladder and grabs New Jack's legs... NO WAY! NO WAY! WALLS OF JERICHO ON THE LADDER! JERICHO'S LOCKED IT IN... NEW JACK IS TAPPING ON THE SIDE AND SCREAMING BUT JERICHO WON'T BREAK THE HOLD! Jericho is one step away from hold, he rops New Jack who falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring... he's almost at the top... BATISTA! BATISTA HAS AWOKEN... JERICHO TRIES TO KICK HIM AWAY BUT BATISTA GRABS JERICHO'S LEGS... What's batista doing? POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER! JERICHO MUST HAVE BEEN 10 FEET IN THE AIR... THAT'S GOTTA HURT! Batista begins climbing but Raven has picked up a steel chair... he slides into the ring and THWACK! HE HITS BATISTA OVER THE BACK... Batista holds onto the ladder with 1 hand, as Raven climbs up... EVENFLOW... EVENFLOW DDT OFF THE LADDER... MY GOD, WHAT CARNAGE! ALL 4 MEN ARE DOWN... But Raven! Raven's getting back to his feet. Raven begins climbing the ladder, there's no-one there... no-one there to stop Raven... Raven climbs to the top... RAVEN GRABS THE GOLD! RAVEN HAS WON! RAVEN IS THE INTER-CONTINENTAL CHAMPION... WHAT AN EFFORT BY RAVEN... HE DEFEATED BATISTA, NEW JACK AND CHRIS JERICHO, AS WELL AS A MATCH WITH THE UNDERTAKER TO WIN THE TITLE TITLE TONIGHT!


Kurt Angle is standing next to Mark Lloyd, The Olympic Champion is just moments away from his match for the PWA World Title with Triple H. Kurt looks pretty psyched up for what could be a hellacious battle!

' Bottom Line ' Mark Lloyd: Kurt Angle... you could be just moments away from making history when you become the PWA World Champion, how does it feel?

' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle: I've been working towards this match ever since I arrived in this federation... I've survived a Battle Royal Over-The-Top Rope match... I won a Triple Threat match and I earned my shot at this championship tonight! So far, I have to say that I'm satisfied by what I've achieved... but as for how I feel, I feel like I've got a heck of alot more things to prove before this night is out.

' Bottom Line ' Mark Lloyd: Considering that your manager Stephanie McMahon is the referee for tonight's match... and she hates Triple H, you have to think your chances of winning gold are improved, right?

' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle: I don't think it freakin' matters who the referee is... Everyone knows that I'm going to walk out the PWA World Champion tonight and that's not because Stephanie is referee, it's because I'm the best wrestler in this industry. Yeah, the best! And Triple H, he's going to find that out for himself tonight... Ohh, it's true, it's damn true!

Kurt Angle believes he can win the PWA World Title tonight... he believes he can pull it off! The odds are heavily stacked in his favour but can he pull it off?

Stephanie McMahon's music hits and the special referee for this match-up makes her way down to the ring. She's in a referee's top, which shows off her oversized breasts... and a pair of leather shorts that are WAY TOO TIGHT! She climbs in and poses to the crowd... THE ENGLISH PEOPLE GIVE HER A LESS THAN WARM RECEPTION! 'Medal' blasts out of the PA system and Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring, he stops on the ramp, raises his arms and fireworks explode behind him. He makes his way down to the ring, he climbs in, spins and then, he removes his medals. Stephanie applauds Kurt Angle for his entrance, she's clearly giving Kurt support and SHE'S THE GOD DAMN REFEREE! # DERM... IT'S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME... # UHOH! Here comes Triple H and he's pretty ticked off... no water in hand, he practically runs down the ramp... he slides into the ring and Angle rolls out the other side. Hunter can't get to Angle but he sees Stephanie. Stephanie threatens to disqualify him if he lays a hand on her but HHH shouts at her, pointing his finger right in her face! Angle slides in from behind and he takes Triple H down... ANGLE WANTS THE ANKLE LOCK... but HHH kicks him off. Angle lays the right hands on HHH but HHH comes back with his own. the Game is really up for this, he tosses angle into the turnbuckle. Angle bounces back, CLOTHESLINE! And another! HHH throws Angle into the ropes and he hits an armdrag... The Game tries to hyper-extend Kurt's arm... he wrenches it a couple of times, stopping Angle from getting to his feet. He twists it to tighten the move but Angle fights out with elbows... Angle whips HHH into the ropes and Angle locks him into a sleeper. Angle must be desperate, he tries to grind HHH down... HHH falls to 1 knee... Angle sees it's done its job and stomps HHH into the floor. HHH uses the ropes to haul himself up... angle continues to stamp away, he whips HHH into the ropes, HHH comes back and BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX... TRIPLE H JUST GOT THROWN HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING! WOOOOOO screams Angle, Stephanie claps again! Angle stomps a bit more before pulling The Game up, he tries to whip HHH into the ropes but the whip is reversed, he bounces back... HIGH KNEE! The Game gets a high knee... Stephanie looks concerned for Angle who holds his gut! HHH pulls Angle up, he lays the right hands, he whips Angle into the rope and back bodydrop... Angle holds his back in pain, he struggles to his feet and Russian Legsweep, Stephanie gets down and counts very slowly... 1......................... 2.. Angle kicks out easily! HHH is annoyed, he shouts at his ex-wife for the slow count! HHH pulls Angle up, Angle rakes the eyes and a roll-up, 1,2, TRIPLE H KICKED OUT BUT BY GOD, DID HE HAVE TO REACT FAST?! Angle pulls Triple H up, Northern Lights Suplex. Angle pulls Triple H up again, he looks for another suplex but HHH switches, he whips Angle int the ropes, Angle hangs on, kicks HHH in the face. Angle whips HHH into the ropes, Angle wants to hit a backdrop BUT FACEBUSTER! FACEBUSTER BY TRIPLE H! Angle struggles to his feet, HHH kicks him in the gut, he's looking for a Pedigree... wait, it's countered into the ANKLE LOCK! ANKLE LOCK! HHH SCRAMBLES TO THE ROPES... BUT STEPHANIE DOESN'T ASK KURT TO RELEASE THE HOLD. TRIPLE H IS STUCK IN THE ANKLE LOCK, ANGLE DRAGS HHH INTO THE CENTRE OF THE RING... HHH uses all his strength to kick away Kurt... but HOW UNFAIR BY STEPHANIE MCMAHON! HHH pulls himself up on his 1 unharmed leg and Angle sweeps out the other, focussing on HHH's weak point. Angle puts on a leglock, twisting at The Game's ankle! Angle pulls Triple up, he then hits a legdrag... Angle locks in the Ankle Lock again but HHH kicks him off 1 more time! Angle comes in behind and looks for a German suplex but HHH pushes Angle into the ropes, Angle goes for a clothesline, HHH ducks... NECKBREAKER! 1......................... 2......................... Angle had forever to kick out! The Game gets up and screams at Stephanie, they have a huge row but Angle gets back up and attacks Hunter from behind... GERMAN SUPLEX... FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER STRAIGHT AFTER! Angle lets go, he senses the end is near and PULLS DOWN HIS STRAPS! The Game gets up and Angle goes for the Angle Slam, Triple H counters, pushes Angle into the ropes... SPINEBUSTER! Triple H pulls Angle to his feet, he kicks him in the gut... PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! ANGLE HAS BEEN FINISHED OFF BY TRIPLE H, TRIPLE HS IS GONNA BE THE WORLD CHAMPION! He hooks the leg but STEPHANIE MCMAHON REFUSES TO COUNT... HHH IS GOING CRAZY, HE KICKS HER IN THE GUT... TRIPLE H IS GOING TO PEDIGREE HIS EX-WIFE! Wait, LOW-BLOW... Angle just low-blowed The Game! Triple H staggers to the ropes, he turns... ANGLE SLAM... NOT LIKE THIS... NOT LIKE THIS! Angle crawls across for the cover... WAIT, IT'S THE ROCK! THE ROCK IS COMING OUT HERE! The Rock slides in, angle gets to his feet... The Rock lays the right hands all over Kurt Angle... he whips Angle into the ropes, SAMOAN DROP! Stephanie turns... ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM! Angle struggles to his feet and he walks straight into Triple H... kick to the gut... PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! Triple H hooks the leg, The Rock takes Stephanie's hand... 1... 2... 3! TRIPLE H HAS DONE IT! TRIPLE H IS THE WORLD CHAMPION! TRIPLE H DEFEATED KURT ANGLE FOR THE WORLD TITLE... AND EVEN THOUGH, HE NEEDED HELP FROM THE ROCK TO GET THE PINFALL... Triple H overcame all the odds and fought his way to the gold! Triple H is the World Champion and by god, how did he do it?! Triple H takes the World Title and holds it aloft... The Rock raises his other arm... WAIT! TRIPLE H JUST SNAPPED! HE KICKS THE ROCK IN THE GUT... PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! Triple H picks up his belt... HE'S DEFEATED KURT ANGLE... HE'S TAKEN OUT THE ROCK, THE MAN THAT HELPED HIM WIN... TRIPLE H IS THE NEW AND FIRST EVER PWA WORLD CHAMPION!



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