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'' Brian Adams is the future aWa Champion! ''

-|[ *Foreword*

A new era is set to begin in the Allstar Wrestling Association from this Monday Night onwards! It has been announced that KroniK will be coming to the aWa and just who will be there to stop them? Under the masterful guidance of Steven Richards, Brian Adams will enter the aWa with his partner Bryan Clarke at his side and havoc will begin this Sunday! Steven Richards has turned into a psychotic nut, who’s intent on taking KroniK to the top. He thinks that his own career was killed by a conspiracy of leading superstars, who deliberately stopped him achieving the greatness he deserved. And now, he has waged war on this world again but has brought a 500-pound team of pure muscles, strength and sheer brute force to take over the All-Star Wrestling Association. Will anyone be able to stop the power of KroniK? Will anyone be able to stop Steven Richards achieving his quest? Will Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke’s brainless actions continue to be the butt of all wrestling jokes? KroniK’s first test will come at Downfall this week and what a huge test it will be… Brian Adams will take on 4 other men, with the winner earning a shot at the aWa World Heavyweight Championship! In Brian Adams’ way are Christian, Bret Hart, Billy Gunn and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin! Can Steven Richards’ driving force motivate Brian Adams to destroy his opponents? Will Brian Adams be just too damn powerful for the opposition? Can Brian Adams take a step closer to the aWa World Title? Tune into Downfall to find out! ]|-

KroniK: The Future Of Wrestling!

The scene opens up inside a dark cellar… there’s a faint dripping sound of leaking water in the background with the occasional splash into an ever-growing puddle. There’s a dark, dank musty smell, which smells like something has been rotting. The room is bare and desolate, nothing but a few empty crates in the centre of the room. Upon those crates, sit 3 men, all clothes in dark cloaks with hoods over their heads and covering their faces. It’s too dark to see anything but their robes but they’re sitting in the room in deadly silence…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Boss?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Shut up and focus!

The room goes silent for a few seconds until one of the 2 men sitting opposite the other yawns…

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] This is so boring boss!

A small flame of light flashes on and the room is suddenly lit in the centre. The cloaked man alone removes his hood and we can see that it is Steven Richards. He has a sickening angry expression on his face…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Clarke, this isn’t a joke… I’m not doing this to waste time… We’re here for a reason and that’s the aWa World Championship!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] But boss, Adams can’t win it in a dark cellar… he has to win it in the ring…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] And I have to beat the living hell outta my 4 opponents boss.

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] You pair of knuckleheads! We’re not down here to win the World Title… we’re down here to get you ready for your match! You know Adams, there’s something missing from making you a champion… and it’s not your brain… you don’t need a brain to kick some ass, do you? No, it’s not that!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Are you sayin’ we’re stoopid boss?

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] Boss, you callin’ KroniK stoopid?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Yes, you’re stupid you imbeciles! But that doesn’t mean you’re not the greatest tag team on earth, does it?!?

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] So what we missin’ ehh boss?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] You’re missing focus… you’re missing the desire to be a champion… you’re missing RAGE! There’s only 1 man in this business that has complete focus… that is the epitomy of determination. There’s 1 man that wants the title more than his soul! There’s 1 man that had his blood drained out of his body and had it filled with anger instead.

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Who is it, boss?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] It’s me!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] You, boss?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Yes, me! But the fact is! I don’t have what it takes to be a World Champion… not in a world that has spent its whole life holding me down! No… I have a gift and I’m going to give it to you, Brian Adams!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Ooh, is it pizza? I love pizza!

Clarke punches Adams on the arm for his stupidity… Adams pushes Clarke back and Clarke pushes Adams again!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Don’t touch me stoopidhead…

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] I only punched you cos you said somethin’ real stoopid…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Enough! That is enough! I’ve had it up to here with your constant squabbling! Adams, listen to me…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] I am boss!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Good! You Adams, you are the perfect athlete! You are the strongest athlete in the aWa… You are the most powerful man in the aWa…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] I got a bootiful pair’a muscles too!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] My muscles are more perfect!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] No, they’re not…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Cut that crap out, right now! Brian Adams! You are the perfect wrestling specimen… but you are not yet ready to be champion… but I’m going to show you everything you need to be a champion tonight! I mean, it’s all about determination and focus and the will to win… I mean, how do you give up?

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] You just tap out, boss…


['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] Calm down boss!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Giving up is not an option Adams! You never give up! I’d rather see you walk out with a crippling injury than see you tap out like a baby! You just don’t give up! You fight good and you fight on! Everyone has to endure pain but to be the best, you must endure more than anyone else… And giving up is never an option! Adams, if you tap out this Sunday night, I’ll not only lock you in your room all week… I’ll make sure that Clarke takes your place!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Boss, I won’t give up… I will never give up. Not for you, boss!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] It won’t have to come to that my boy, because you’re going to destroy your opponents… you’re going to crush them to brink of their very lives! You’re going to beat them into a pulp and I order you not to stop punishing them, until they stop moving! You are the most powerful being in the aWa and with us at your side… nothing and no-one will stop our domination. We will dominate the aWa and we will dominate the whole of the wrestling world!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Yes, we will boss!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] When the people hear the word KroniK, it will send shivers down their spine! They will learn to respect us… they will learn to respect me… they will learn to respect Steven Richards! They will not hold us back any more!

Steven Richards stands up and walks around KroniK, staring at them… Adams and Clarke then pull their hoods down so that we can finally see their faces. Clarke is swinging his legs back and forth like a child that can’t sit still. Richards then stands in front of them.

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] I want to see that anger flow through your bodies… I WANT TO SEE YOUR RAGE! Stand up, both of you! Stand up!

Adams and Clarke stand up in unison. Richards paces in front of them like a major general of the Army inspecting his soldiers. Richards stands in front of them and looks up at his 2 muscled-up superstars!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Christian’s laughing at you Adams… he’s calling you names… he’s calling you stupid… he’s calling you a buffoon… he’s saying your not good enough to be a world champion, Adams. Does that make you angry? Does it fill you with rage?

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Yes, yes, YES!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] He’s calling you a loser Adams… what are you going to do Adams? What are you going to do?

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] I’m going to destroy him!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] That crate behind you is Christian… destroy that crate Adams, destroy Christian.

Adams tosses the crate into the cellar wall and the wood splinters into pieces. Adams then grabs what’s left and smashes it against the wall three or four times until it is completely decimated.

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Bret Hart is calling you a nothing Adams, this crate here is Bret Hart! CRUSH HIM!

Adams then tears apart the wood with just his bare hands and then, he smashes both parts of the wood into the ground, splitting them in half again.

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] These last 2 crates are Billy Gunn and Steve Austin, tear them apart boys.

KroniK then set about the crates and smash them up, as Steven Richards moves away to the cellar door and stands in front a camera and looks straight into it…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] KroniK are ready to begin our reign of terror… to begin the destruction… to remove anyone that stands in our path to domination! The world is too pathetic to compete with us and WE WILL TAKE OVER! Bret Hart, Billy Gunn, Christian and Stone Cold Steve Austin… You can consider yourselves destroyed! This Sunday, Brian Adams will advance in the World Title tournament! KroniK will make their statement in the aWa! A vicious, relentless and destructive statement, which will shake the federation to its very core! What people have to realise is… that KroniK is not just the future… it’s reality! And Brian Adams is the reality for 4 superstars, this Sunday night! A reality so strong, so powerful, so muscular… that they will not, they CANNOT COMPETE!

Steven Richards takes a step back from the camera and turns round to watch Adams and Clarke continue to destroy crates for no reason… They’re like a bunch of bored teenagers that have lost control and need to find something to smash up… Steven Richards laughs and a sick, sadistic grin appears on his face. He turns back and stares deep into the camera…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] You pathetic people laughed at me… you spat on me… you spat on my career! You people won’t dare laugh at KroniK because we will destroy all opponents! You will take KroniK seriously, you will take ME seriously! And the whole world will take Brian Adams seriously… You will learn to respect us… Even if we have to beat the respect out of you! You people have to realise that KroniK are the future of the aWa… We are ‘the future of wrestling’! And that man there, Brian Adams… the man that is going to tear apart 4 men at Downfall… he is the

FUTURE aWa Champion!

The scene fades to static, as Richards disappears off camera and walks out of the dark cellar… whilst, the final picture is of Adams and Clarke standing over a wooden wreckage. Can KroniK cause this kind of destruction this Sunday night?

-|[ *Epilogue*

Brian Adams will take on 4 men this Sunday night, in a 5-man Battle Royal for a shot at the aWa World Title. In the way of Adams are Christian, Billy Gunn, Bret Hart and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. It is the time of reckoning… and it’s time for KroniK to deliver what Steven Richards has promised… Can Brian Adams advance in the world title tournament? Can he defeat his 4 opponents? Is it time for KroniK to dominate the aWa? Tune into Downfall to find out! ]|-