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'' KroniK are the future of wrestling! ''

-|[ *Foreword*

A new era is set to begin in the Allstar Wrestling Association from this Monday Night onwards! It has been announced that KroniK will be coming to the aWa and just who will be there to stop them? Under the masterful guidance of Steven Richards, Brian Adams will enter the aWa with his partner Bryan Clarke at his side and havoc will begin this Sunday! Steven Richards has turned into a psychotic nut, who’s intent on taking KroniK to the top. He thinks that his own career was killed by a conspiracy of leading superstars, who deliberately stopped him achieving the greatness he deserved. And now, he has waged war on this world again but has brought a 500-pound team of pure muscles, strength and sheer brute force to take over the All-Star Wrestling Association. Will anyone be able to stop the power of KroniK? Will anyone be able to stop Steven Richards achieving his quest? Will Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke’s brainless actions continue to be the butt of all wrestling jokes? KroniK’s first test will come at Downfall this week and what a huge test it will be… Brian Adams will take on 4 other men, with the winner earning a shot at the aWa World Heavyweight Championship! In Brian Adams’ way are Christian, Bret Hart, Billy Gunn and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin! Can Steven Richards’ driving force motivate Brian Adams to destroy his opponents? Will Brian Adams be just too damn powerful for the opposition? Can Brian Adams take a step closer to the aWa World Title? Tune into Downfall to find out! ]|-

KroniK: The Future Of Wrestling!

The scene opens up and we’re inside a large spacious fitness centre. There are lots of people in this room, trying to get themselves into shape. There are running machines, rowing machines, weights and all the rest of the fitness paraphernalia. It’s a bright, white painted room and in the air is the strong stench of body odour and sweat from all the exercise taking place. At the front of the feed are Steven Richards and his braindead cronies, Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke. Steven Richards is tying his shoelace… A fat man gets off a certain weight machine and KroniK dive to get to the machine like a pair of 3-year olds… They push each other and grapple with each other trying to get onto the machine. Clarke stretches out a leg to get…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Get outta it Clarke, I was here first…

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] I was here first Adams! Boss, tell him!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Shut up you pair of complete knuckleheads… Adams, get on that damn machine and pump some weights like you’ve never pumped weights in you life!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Sure, boss!

Brian Adams jumps onto the machine and immediately, he starts pulling a huge amount of weights... Clarke tries to turn away disappointedly but Steven Richards calls him back.

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Clarke, get your sorry excuse of an ass over here!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] Boss, this is not fair… You give Adams everything. You let him train on the machine, you pick him to wrestle in aWa and you even gave him the last lemon candy boss… It’s not fair!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] I’ll tell you what’s not fair Clarke! Life! It’s a bitch! It’s been a bitch for me and it’ll be a bitch for you because that’s the way it is!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] The way what is boss?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] You know something Clarke… my career was ruined, my whole life was torn apart because of people that were jealous of me, Steven Richards! You see, I had something people wanted, talent! So when hopeless wrestling wannabes like Christian, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H saw me, they were jealous…. They set out to screw me! They ruined my career! I was good enough to go all the way to the top, I was the best! But everyone was out to get me! That’s where you come in Clarke… and that’s where Brian Adams comes in! I will get to the top, I will dammit!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] I thought you said you retired…?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] This is like talking to a complete idiot!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] Who?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Shut up and listen! I’m making sure that I get to the top, I’m making sure we get to the top. Alone, I could not compete against the people who wanted to hold me back. But no-one, just no-one will hold KroniK back. No-one will stop us getting to the top of this industry! No-one!

Adams walks over with a towel over his head and he’s sweating bucket loads. Clarke makes his way over to the machine that Adams had been using…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Ok, let’s go get changed…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Boss, shall I have a shower?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Yes but make it fast…

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] It’s not fair boss, it’s not fair… I wanted to play with the machine. It’s my turn… it’s my turn… why does Adams always get to play? I want to play!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Shut up now… you know the score.

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] What score? Oh, you mean the Lakers game…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Just get in the shower now.

KroniK disappear into the shower, as Steven Richards goes into their lockers and pulls out their clothes and shoes and organises the clothes neatly for them. He then sits down next to the clothes, as we can hear arguing in the shower… Richards stands up looking incredibly angry and marches over to the showers.

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] I should get it first, it’s my turn…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] I found it…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON NOW?

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] He’s got the damn shower hat… I want it!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] I found it…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Clarke, if he found it, he keeps it… now, stop this petty arguing…

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] He gets everything…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Stop it NOW!

There’s a deadly silence apart from the splattering and splashing of the falling water from the shower, as Richards’ stare stops the other 2 men in their tracks… Richards turns and walks off, there’s just quiet mumbling in the shower. Richards begins tying his shoelaces because both have come undone. As he finishes tying the 2nd, Brian Adams comes out with a towel round his waist. He pulls a T-shirt on and Richards begins to talk.

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Adams, you understand what’s at stake this Monday night?

Adams turns around and has a puzzled look his face… he sees Richards’ stare and realises he has to blurt out some baloney.

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Erm… sure boss!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Everything is on the line. My pride… I mean, our pride… our position… victory is the only thing that matters Adams, just do whatever it takes to win… I don’t care if you cheat, use illegal weapons, get your opponents disqualified, just make sure you win! We’ve been dominated for too long and now, it’s time to dominate aWa…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Boss, if we win, can we go have pizza?

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] If you win, you can have anything you want! I promise!

Clarke comes out of the shower laughing his head off… Richards stares at him, it’s not a good idea to laugh at Steven Richards.


['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] Adams is a complete stoopidhead…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] You’re stoopider…

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] No, you’re more stupider…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] SHUT UP YOU NINKENPOOPS! We’ve gotta stop squabbling…. We need to focus on our goals and we gotta start achieving them, okay? I will not tolerate failure… it’s not going to be allowed… Adams, you do your damn best to win this Sunday and Clarke, you make sure Adams wins this Sunday. That’s all you numbskulls have to do… that’s use your strength… use your power… and beat the living hell outta your opponents! I don’t want you to just beat them… You go out there and you destroy them. It’s about time we got some damn retribution…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] What does retribution mean, boss?

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] Haha, you stoopidhead… it means when you give out stuff… ya’ know, like beatin’s and that…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] No, it doesn’t! That’s DISTRIBUTION! Retribution means… revenge! Revenge against the people! Revenge against the conspiracy! Revenge against the world! The world will regret the day they tried to hold Steven Richards back… Because no-one will hold KroniK back… No-one can hold KroniK back. And this time, I will succeed… AT ALL COSTS!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] Boss, when I beat my opponents into the ground… I’m doing it for you boss! For you!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] No, you’re not! You’re doing it for you Adams and you’re doing it for the team! KRONIK! You see this rage on my face right now… I have this rage because I was screwed again and again by people, who thought they were better than me. I was forced to spend my career in the shadows but KRONIK WILL NOT! We will be the leaders of the aWa, the absolute best! And no-one will stop us! We will destroy all opposition, we will crush all challenges and we will dominate this federation! And when I say that we’re going to lead the aWa into the future, I mean it… It’s time for your spotlight, it’s time for KroniK’s spotlight, this is MY time! When Brian Adams is the world champion, we will all be champions too! I will finally be… the World Champion and no-one will hold me back!

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] Boss, Adams is gonna be the champion, not you!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] I know…

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] But you just said…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] I know what I just said… this man here, Brian Adams, he will be the first aWa World Champion! There’s no-one stronger, no-one fitter, there’s no superstar more perfect than Brian Adams. You are the perfect wrestler! And you are going to be the next World Champion!

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] I know boss, I know!

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] The whole aWa will come to realise that KroniK are not just a force to be recognised, we’re a force to be avoided! We will be the best, we will defeat all comers, we will be the dominant force in the aWa. There will be no conspiracy big enough to stop KroniK and the world will learn that they cannot stop fate. Brian Adams, you’re going to be the next World Champion because KroniK are

‘The Future Of Wrestling!'

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] We’re the future…

['Brainless' Brian Adams:] I’m the future?

['Numbskull' Bryan Clarke:] We’re all the future Adams…

['The Leader' Steven Richards:] Yes and now, the leash is off… The wrath of KroniK has been released!

The scene fades to static with all 3 men in a circle laughing hideously, as if something evil has just been unleashed on the aWa. Or maybe it just has…

-|[ *Epilogue*

Brian Adams will take on 4 men this Sunday night, in a 5-man Battle Royal for a shot at the aWa World Title. In the way of Adams are Christian, Billy Gunn, Bret Hart and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. It is the time of reckoning… and it’s time for KroniK to deliver what Steven Richards has promised… Can Brian Adams advance in the world title tournament? Can he defeat his 4 opponents? Is it time for KroniK to dominate the aWa? Tune into Downfall to find out! ]|-