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'' Dave Batista... Will... BURN... IN HELL! ''

-|[ *Foreword*

A dark beginning is forecast… the beginning of the end! Kane has conquered all that stand before him and now, there is just 1 man left between The Big Red Monster and COMPLETE DOMINANCE! This Sunday, 2 of the biggest, strongest and most powerful wrestlers to ever grace a wrestling ring, will step into it together… and go at it for the biggest prize in the business. These 2 men will not just be going head-on into battle but they will be locked together by a steel chain. Can there be anything more devastating and destructive than having Kane and Dave Batista facing each other in a steel chain match? This Sunday at Zero Tolerance, the 2 men will fight it out for the chance to become the first CWI World… Heavyweight… Champion. But which man shall prevail? Will it be the genetic revolution, Dave Batista? Or will Kane begin his reign of terror at the top of the wrestling industry? Is Dave Batista destined to be Kane’s next sacrifice? Can the sadistic Big Red Monster be stopped from taking the World Heavyweight Championship? Tune into Zero Tolerance to witness the outcome! ]|-

Fire and destruction! Welcome to Kane’s world! A world full of pain, anguish and suffering. The Big Red Monster has already began his design for torment and has set his sights on total dominance! The hatred in his heart is increasing and he’s growing stronger day-by-day… and soon, this monster must be stopped, before he loses control. Kane wants retribution, Kane is out to get revenge… and there is only 1 man in his sights. Kane’s last bit of opposition. Kane’s last obstacle that stands in his way. The one person that can stop Kane from CONQUERING CWI! And that man is not just destined for pain, suffering and anguish like all of Kane’s previous victims but Kane is planning to make Dave Batista feel an unparalleled amount of torment… and not just make him his next victim… but make him his next sacrifice!

The scene opens inside an empty church and Paul Bearer is kneeling at the altar… standing behind him is the huge masked figure of Kane, looming over his father. Bearer is looking down at the floor, as the camera zooms in. The church is dark because it’s nighttime and it is deadly silent… there is a stench of dampness and there is a great feeling of eeriness. Paul Bearer, as always, is dressed for the occasion, in a smart suit and tie. Kane is dressed as usual, in his big, red outfit. Bearer sits up and begins to speak, waving his arms in the air and speaking with his usual, exaggerated voice.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh Lord, what a grave mistake you made?! You chose to turn your back… on MY KANE! And now that you have made your mistake, the world shall now be dimmed into complete darkness! Ohh, you didn’t realise you were making a mistake but you did… and nobody can change the past! You left my Kane to burn. TO BURN! You could have saved him, you could have saved Kane from burning alive but YOU CHOSE NOT TO! You should have finished off my Kane when you had the chance because now, OHH YES, MY KANE CANNOT BE STOPPED!

Bearer stands up and picks up the cross and waves it in the air… before speaking loudly again to God.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] What a fool you are Lord? You claim to be the almighty… the great being… the man that controls all fate and destiny… but you do not have control of my Kane! My Kane is no longer one of your subjects! Kane is no longer under your power. My Kane is free… to do as he wishes. Satan has granted my Kane’s wishes… his desires… his needs… and now, my dear child shall achieve his DESTINY! And you, God, shall no longer hold him back!

Bearer stops waving the crosses and places it back on the altar, he moves round to the other side and looks at Kane, before speaking again.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] No longer shall the vengeance in Kane’s heart be restricted… no longer can the monster be controlled… and they who doubted my Kane, laughed at my Kane, dared to cross my Kane’s path… they are now doomed. And there is nothing that YOU can do about it!

At that moment, a flash of lightning hits a tree next to the church and it is completely destroyed… Bearer, at first, watches in disbelief but then, he begins to laugh.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] You call that power? You call that… DESTRUCTION? Ohh, Lord, you fail top realise the full potential… the full strength… the full TRUTH about my little child of darkness. My Kane is not just strong, powerful or even, dominant! Ohh no, my Kane is UNSTOPPABLE!

Kane laughs sadistically and Bearer smiles at his son, as Kane flicks his hair back and laughs deeply, with his head held up into the air.

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] HAHAHAHAHA!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] You can’t stop my Kane… they cannot stop my Kane… Dave Batista WILL NOT stop Kane… Nobody will stop my Kane, OOOOHHHH YES!

['The Almighty' God:] I… WILL… STOP… YOU!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] The Lord has spoken! Ohh, dear Lord… but your words, your actions, you power… cannot stop inevitability. And it is… ohh, it is INEVITABLE… that my Kane shall conquer Championship Wrestling Inc. It is inevitable that my Kane will become the first World… Heavyweight… Champion… and ohh yes, it’s inevitable that Kane’s reign of dominance shall begin this Sunday!

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] And Dave Batista, YOU WILL BE MY SACRIFICE!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh yes, he shall… he shall… his fate is destined… he will be your next victim. He shall suffer, he shall feel your pain, he will…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] BURRRRRRRNNNNN!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh and how he shall… a burnt offering for our leader… Dave Batista has already been reconciled to suffering, pain, misery, torment…and at Zero Tolerance, our victim will be NO MORE! How dare he stand in our way? In the way of my Kane… in the way of ME! How dare he?! His pathetic attempts have not gone unnoticed but they shall soon be avenged… and then, FORGOTTEN!

Kane moves closer to Paul Bearer and then, he looks at the roof, which is painted as a picture of what heaven might look like… Kane’s black glove moves towards the air and he points at heaven, obviously, sending a message to God.

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] YOU WILL FEAR ME!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh but he already does, Kane… he does fear you… because he knows that there’s nothing he can do, nothing he can say, no power he has… to stop you! God may be immortal… but he is like all the others, he lives in fear of my Kane. Soon, they will no longer worship God Kane, they shall worship you… respect you… live in fear of your awesome power. They shall be in the plam of you hand. Ohh yes! And Dave Batista fears you… and may that be his greatest weakness… My Kane shall take advantage of his fear… and my Kane shall tear him apart and destroy him.

Bearer walks round the altar and kneels back down again… he gets into a prayer position. He then, begins laughing…

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] WHAT?! OHH! YOU EXPECT ME TO BEG FOR FORGIVENESS! There shall be no forgiveness! Not from me… and certainly not from my kane. This monster, this sick, sadistic monster… has NO remorse. He is relentless… he is evil… HE IS MY SON! And this Sunday, I will be one… proud… father. Not only will I be taking my son to the top of the industry. Not only will my Kane be the CWI… World… Heavyweight… Champion… but ohhhhhhhhh yes, my Kane shall have risen… as I told you he would but you all doubted me… they doubted you Kane…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] HAHAHAHA! They will doubt me no more.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh, they will never doubt you again! Because you will have risen… to complete dominance and all that stood in your way… on your path to glory… on your road to destiny… will have been CONQUERED!

['The Almighty' God:] You… Will… Burn… In… Hell… For… This!!!

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] Hahahahaha!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Hahahahaha! Ohh Lord, you are ohh so foolish! My Kane IS going to hell… we’ve known that for such a long time. My Kane is destined to take his place at the devil’s side… but for now, his time on earth continues… but for Dave Batista and anyone else that dares to question the might of Kane… they will be sacrificed… and my Kane will take them to hell with him. Ohh yes, there will be no escaping fate… there will be no escaping the wrath of The Big… Red… Monster!

['Big Red Monster' Kane:]Dave Batista... Will


The scene fades to static, as both father and son laugh sadistically together, Paul Bearer puts his arm around his son, around waist height… but will these 2 men be laughing at the end of Zero Tolerance? Will they fulfil all their promises? Will Dave Batista be sacrificed?

-|[ *Epilogue*

Kane versus Dave Batista. Steel chain match. Both men will be tied together and who can imagine the destruction that will be caused! And at stake, there’s the Championship Wrestling Inc. ‘World Heavyweight Championship’. But which of these monsters will come out on top? Will it be Dave Batista? Or will it be Kane? The Big Red Monster is intent on making Dave Batista suffer… and making him his next sacrifice but will Kane be able to defeat Batista? Can Kane do the big one? Tune into ‘Zero Tolerance’ to see the results of this epic encounter. ]|-