CWI Achievements: Roleplayer Of The Week [1x], World Title No.1 Contender [1x]

Roleplay Number : 1
Win / Loss Record : 1 - 0
Next Opponent (s) : Taz, Raven, Rhyno
Destroyed : Sid Vicious
Disclaimer: Layout and roleplay produced by MaloneRocks Entertainment

'' Team ECW will be DESTROYED! ''

-|[ *Foreword*

Kane arrived on last week’s Driven and tore apart his opposition with some clinical finishing… chokeslamming Sid Vicious to hell… with Sid Vicious only just escaping a darker fate, his sacrifice. Kane’s wrath was felt all over Championship Wrestling Inc., as his performance earnt him a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at the Pay-Per-View. A cloud had already began to form over CWI and soon, it will get darker… and darker… and darker, as The Big Red Monster takes over! This week, The Big Red Monster will be the captain of his team in a 6-man Tag match. On one side, there’s The Rock, John Cena and Kane… in the other, there’s TEAM ECW, which includes Raven, Taz and the captain of their team, Rhyno! This match will be hellacious but just who can pin The Big Red Monster? He destroyed Sid Vicious last week, who’s a giant… and his opposition are smaller, weaker and we wonder if an even worse fate is awaiting them. Kane is a sick, sadistic freak, being urged on by his father Paul Bearer and no-one knows what he will do next… Tune into see what he will do on this week’s Driven! ]|-

Hearken! What happens when the voices in your head catch up with you? What happens when you lose control? What will happen when a seven-foot, 330 pound monster loses control? Kane has been let lose on the CWI and his wrath will be felt… Kane may have been impressive on Driven and he may have walked away with a World Title shot… but Kane was still disappointed. He walked away without a sacrifice… and Kane will not leave without 1 on this week’s Driven. 1 of 3 men will fall victim to the Big Red Monster… it’s not a question of if… or when… but who! Will it be Raven, Taz or Rhyno who will be Kane’s next victim?

It’s dreary night once again, dark clouds and heavy rain is falling to the ground. The scene opens at the bottom of 3 paths and Kane is standing there waiting… At his side is the fat, stumpy figure of his father Paul Bearer, standing in another one of his plain, blue suits… But both men are absolutely soaked through. The camera spins to the front and we can see the rain pouring down, blurring the faces of the 2 men in front of the camera. The water runs down Kane’s mask and Paul Bearer’s face, just like they were standing under a high-powered shower. A crackle of lightning flashes in the background and is clearly visible against the dark background and the torrent of rain flooding to the floor. Paul Bearer walks forward to the camera…

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Through rain, wind and high water… My Kane shall succeed. Ohh yes, there’s nothing big enough to stand in his way… Nothing great enough to stop my Kane’s rise to the top. Last week, my Kane not only succeeded in punishing Sid Vicious and vanquishing him to the depths of hell! But my Kane made his first step to the world championship… one big, red, monstrous step to the title! Haha! Ohh yes.

Bearer takes a bit of time to wipe the water from his eyes and then, he refocuses on the camera…

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Our domination has begun… My Kane will be the World Champion… I will have good once again, ohh yes! My child of darkness shall reap the rewards of his path of destruction but everyone else shall feel the wrath of my Kane! Nothing shall stop us… NOTHING!

Paul Bearer turns to Kane and walks towards him, the masked wrestler flick his hair back and we can see the water fly off… he wipes his mask with his black glove, before tilting his head so that he can listen attentively to the words of his father.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] My Kane, what stands before you are 3 paths… and you know what you have to do, don’t you son?

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] ...

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh yes, you understand me…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] ...

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] This is not a question of you seizing the moment, you have already seized your opportunity. You already have a World Title shot. But you must wait for your opponents to come to you… They must pin you, Kane! They cannot win, unless they take you down… and all you must do is wait because they shall come… They shall come!

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] And when they do father, I WILL DESTROY THEM!

Paul Bearer pats his son on the back but The Big Red Monster is unmoved… Bearer turns back to his son and begins to issues his instructions once again!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh my Kane, you shall destroy them… you will inflict more upon them, than they have ever felt before. You shall make them…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] SUFFER!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh yes, they will suffer… And they will fear you! They shall live in fear of my Kane! Because once my Kane’s shadow is cast upon, their fate will be inevitable… there is no escape… destiny has been written… and they are destined to be SACRIFICED! Ohh yes, one man shall be sacrificed… but will it be Taz? Raven? Or Rhyno? One of these will be the unfortunate victim of MY KANE! Ohh yes! And they will not RETURN!

Kane laughs sadistically at the words of his father…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] HAHAHAHAHAHA!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] They don’t understand you, do they Kane? They don’t understand the ‘Big Red Monster’! They don’t understand the hatred you feel… the anger that fills your blood… the rage that runs through your body! Ohh Kane, if they don’t learn to understand you… they shall learn to fear you! They will live in fear of the name of…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] KANE!

aul Bearer leads Kane towards the 3 paths and they stand at the end of the 3 paths… the camera follows them from behind and when they spot, it moves in front of them again. A sadistic grin has appeared on Paul Bearer’s face, as he begins to speak to his son once again…

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] At the end of the paths lie 3 superstars…. And 1 shall be sacrificed. But my Kane, you do not need to choose a path… your opportunity shall present itself… your sacrifice will appear on its own… One of your opponents has to attempt to defeat you. You alone have to be pinned! One of them has to try and defeat The Big Red Monster! They will attempt to take you down Kane but they shall fail… they cannot defeat you… they cannot compete with you… they cannot even look you in the eye… They fear you too much to defeat you and fear is their biggest weakness. And the one that fears you most will be YOUR SACRIFICE! WILL BE YOUR VICTIM! And only time shall tell which 1… will be sacrificed! I know you want to make them all suffer, I know you want to make them feel the same pain you felt as a child… I know you want to show them what it feels like to…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] BUUUUURRRRRRRNNNNNN!

Kane signals the end is nigh, once again and then, he pulls out a lighter and lights it… the rain continues to fall and the weather is so bad that you would not expect the flame to appear, instead it should have been extinguished but the flame continues to burn… Kane laughs.

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] Hahahaha! Nothing will stop them BURNING!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh yes! You are RIGHT my Kane! They shall burn… you shall seal their fate… you shall defeat them… you shall make them suffer. Nothing can stop them burning, nothing can stop you! You shall defeat Team ECW and you shall soon become the CWI World Champion… and our domination will have BEGUN!

Paul Bearer once again has to wipe the endless flow of water from his face, just so that he can see… he turns back to the camera, after having spent along time addressing his client Kane.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] The fate of Team ECW is nigh… and my Kane is your destiny! You shall walk into the face of death, you shall walk into the fire and your team will not return. You are bound to suffer… you are heading for pain… and my Kane is going to inflict all the anger, the hatred, his desire for revenge upon YOU! My Kane wants retribution… and whether it’s your fault or not, whether you are to blame… My Kane does not care. Because all opposition… all rivals… all competition shall not just be removed…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] It will be DESTROYED!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh yes! Team ECW will be DESTROYED!

Paul Bearer walks away from the scene, as the rain continues to pour down. Kane stands at the end of the pains in the cold, wet rain, waiting for one of his opponents to emerge from the paths. At Driven, one member of Team ECW will come face-to-face with The Big red Monster… There will be no escape… They cannot escape… And that superstar will be Kane’s next sacrifice.

-|[ *Epilogue*

Kane, John Cena and The Rock versus Taz, Rhyno and Raven… but who will come out on top? Will it be Team ECW? Are they too extreme, too hardcore for their opposition? Do they have what it takes to take down The Big Red Monster? Or will the opposition be too strong? Will Kane be too powerful for Team ECW? Will they be able to pin the man that has a shot at the CWI World Title? Will Kane’s reign of destruction continue? And will someone be sacrificed? Tuned into ‘Driven’ to find out! ]|-