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'' Sid Vicious! You will be my first sacrifice! ''

-|[ *Foreword*

A darkness has just descended upon Championship Wrestling Inc.! A darkness that has placed the whole federation under a shroud… But 3 men emerge from a faint light… These 3 men are the future for CWI. On one side is the Deadman, the Phenom, The Undertaker! In the middle is a small, fat man, in a suit… his name is Paul Bearer. On the other side is a seven-foot tall, 330 pound, red monster. This man is Kane! And together, they are the most unholy, ruthless and destructive partnership that the world has ever seen… they are truly EVIL! The ministry has returned to wrestling, led by Paul Bearer and at his side, his 2 sons… The Undertaker and kane. And now, they have returned to dominate the CWI… to bring fire, carnage and destruction to the CWI… and they plan to make sure that all opposition RESTS IN PEACE. Kane, The Big Red Monster… has been through a hell of a lot in his life… pain, suffering, anguish… and now, it’s time for his revenge! And all that stand in his way WILL BE CONQUERED! But who dares to stand in the way of Kane? Because whoever they are, will be sacrificed! His first opponent is Sid Vicious… but will Sid be able to compete with a man as possessed as Kane? Kane is about to go on a vicious rampage and someone will pay the price… someone will BURN! He’s been through hell… and he’s not going back! ]|-

Kane: He's Been Through Hell.. And He's Not Going Back!

A sacrifice! Someone will be sacrificed! Kane is desperate to get retribution on any living body that even crosses his path… His father, Paul Bearer, the man that can control Kane, does not try to stop his son from committing these unholy atrocities… Oh no! Paul Bearer is at his son’s side, encouraging him, egging him on… Promoting Kane’s desire to commit these sadistic acts. Kane may be evil but Paul Bearer is just as dark and sadistic, as his monster of a son. The Undertaker is nowhere to be seen but the presence of the ministry can be felt. Because Kane is looking for a sacrifice… and tonight is the night!

It’s a cold, dark, eerie night… as the scene opens inside a dark alley. It seems to be a desolate night, as the world seems to be silent, apart from the occasional scratching sounds of rats and foxes scavenging for food. There’s a cold breeze of a wind blowing that is swaying the leaves on the trees. The sound of feet begins to be heard, as a man seems to be running… a young man of about 25 appears under a dark streetlamp, he seems to be panicking and running away from something. He turns into the dark alleyway and realises he has turned into a dead-end… He goes to turn around and run out but 2 dark figures appear and walk around the corner. In front, there’s an incredibly tall man of about 7-feet, at his rear is a short fat man… The young man sees them and backs off… the small, fat man walks into the light from the moon and everyone can see that it’s Paul Bearer.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohhhhhh yeeessss! My dear boy, your fate was inevitable here tonight… You didn’t believe me when I told you that you had been chosen to be my Kane’s sacrifice…You shall be my Kane’s sacrifice! Ohhh yeeesss! It’s useless running from us… you cannot run. Ohhh noooo! The ministry will always catch up with you… it’s fate, it’s destiny, it’s the way things are… and you my boy, are the chosen one! You will…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] BURRRRRNNNNN!

Paul Bearer stands to the side, as Kane takes a step forward… he tightens his black glove and continues to move forward on the man in front of him. The man cowers backwards, trying to move away from Kane. Kane continues to move forward, until he stops to listen to the helpless pleas of his victim. Kane tilts his head to listen…

['Kane's Helpless' Victim:] Please, please, don’t do this to me… I’ve done nothing wrong… I don’t deserve this… I beg you, let me go, let me go!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohhh yeeesss! You want us to let you go? You want to leave? You can’t stand the fear that Kane inspires… this isn’t fear, you shall be petrified! They will all be petrified… they will live in the fear of Kane… they will shudder at the sound of his name… they will run at his very sight… They will all run away from the big, red monster! Ohh yes!

['Kane's Helpless' Victim:] I’m petrified… I’m petrified man. Just let me go!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] You are weak… you are worthless… you will be an easy sacrifice for my Kane! Ohh yes! You will be oh so very easy for my big, red child of darkness!

['Kane's Helpless' Victim:] Forgive me please…

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] For what? You’ve done nothing wrong… We’re not doing this to you because you’ve done something wrong… Ohh nooo! We’re just doing this because we want to… because we enjoy it… Because my dear Kane enjoys it! Hahahaha!

['Kane's Helpless' Victim:] So please let me go…

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] I told you that you had been chosen… but you didn’t listen… you didn’t believe me… Kane wants you as his sacrifice… Kane chose you my boy! You will be the first of many, the first of Kane’s sacrifices on the way to the top… on Kane’s rise to greatness! Indeed, Kane will rise to the top once again! And all that cross his path will…

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] All that cross my path will SUFFER! They will feel my pain!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Ohh yes, they shall feel your pain, Kane… they will understand what you’ve been through… they will come to realise what you’ve had to withstand… Ohhh yeeesss they will! They don’t understand that you’ve been to hell and back… do they ? They just don’t realise what you’ve had to put up with in your life! They don’t know what’s coming… they don’t realise the pain what’s about to hit them… the suffering that Kane is going to put them through… the fear that’s going to run through their body! My Kane will show them what fear is… My Kane will show them what it feels like to suffer… and they will all be sacrificed!

['Kane's Helpless' Victim:] Who are you? You, you, FREAKS!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] You’re calling us freaks! You’re calling my Kane a freak! My Kane is just misunderstood… and they will learn, they will all learn to understand Kane! They will understand him because if they don’t… they will learn it the hard way. They will learn it my way! No-one understands us, no-one understands my Kane, no-one knows what’s going through his head but me… yes, me! Ohhh yeeesss! And I know that hatred is flowing through his body… and someone will, ohh yes… they will feel this hate, feel Kane’s desire for revenge, they will feel the wrath of my Kane!

The man on the floor tries to run away from Paul bearer and Kane but Kane blocks his path and moves closer and closer to the man. The man backs off…

['Kane's Helpless' Victim:] No, no, no!

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Kane, he’s all yours… take him Kane… Make him your sacrifice! He’s going to be just like all the others Kane… he’s going to be crushed, destroyed, burnt, sacrificed! You try and run but you can’t my boy… Once, the darkness of the ministry has fall upon you… you can’t run, you can’t hide, you can’t escpae! Ohh yes, you can’t get away from us!

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] No-one escapes Kane!

The cameras do not film what is about to happen but we hear screams and yelps of pain from the man… YARGH! YARGH! The screams are incredibly loud! The wall that the camera is now facing is illuminated because Kane has set this man alight. The atmosphere turns even more eerie and dark, as Paul Bearer moves in front of the camera. He is laughing sadistically and grinning, as he watches Kane’s actions… He then looks deep into the camera.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] I told you this would happen… I told you that someone would get hurt! Kane’s a mad man… Kane’s possessed… Kane’s my son! My beautiful son… and he shall find himself another sacrifice this Sunday… Sid Vicious, one of the toughest men to ever step into a wrestling ring… He may be feared by many but he’s not feared by Kane! Kane has no fear… Kane does not feel pain… My Kane is unstoppable! Ohhh yes!

The light flickers out and the screaming stops… Paul Bearer stares to the side, as his son kane walks over top the camera. He stands next to his proud father, who has a sickening sadistic grin on his face.

['Evil Father' Paul Bearer:] Well done my son! Well done Kane! They doubted that you would do it… they doubted whether you’d be able to commit such an act! You did Kane, ohh yes, you did! Kane, you will take your anger out on Sid Vicious… you will make him suffer… you will let him feel your pain… Those that doubt you, they will no more… You shall defeat Sid Vicious, you shall destroy Sid Vicious!

['Big Red Monster' Kane:] Sid Vicious! You will be my first sacrifice!

Kane then lifts his glove to his neck and pulls it across, as if he’s signalling for a tombstone but he really is indicating that Sid Vicious’ end is nigh. And this Sunday, as the 2 giants go 1 on 1, Sid Vicious’ end may be near!

-|[ *Epilogue*

Sid Vicious versus Kane. 2 of the biggest and strongest men to ever grace a wrestling ring… They’re heading into a collision course of strength, power and pain! Which of these superstars will be able to cause the most destruction? Which of these 2 men will be able to defeat the other? Can Kane win his opening match in CWI? Is this beginning of the ministry’s rule over Championship Wrestling Inc.? Is this the start of Kane’s dominance. Tune into ‘Driven’ to find out! ]|-