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Y2-BEATEN : Shawn Michaels
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'' I'm a huge 'international' rockstar! ''

-|[ *Foreword*

‘The Highlight Of The Night’ Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels on last week’s Downfall, allowing the ‘Larger Than Life’ superstar to pick up a victory in his debut match. Also, Chris Jericho made his mark on ‘The Hi-Lite Reel’, as he invited Terry Bolea onto the show. After ridiculing the legend by calling him Hulk Hogan and telling him he was old and should retire… Rob Van Dam came down and told Jericho what he thought of him, before Chris was interrupted again by Matt Hardy. Jericho and Hardy took out Bolea and RVD respectively, before Jericho turned on Matt Hardy and lowblowed him like he had done to Bolea. Chris Jericho walked off his own show on top, until the defeated Shawn Michaels chased Chris Jericho out of the arena. Chris Jericho will not only be at the first pay-per-view in aWa history, Overload. But he will be taking on 9 other opponents in a 10-men elimination battle royal. Rob Van Dam, Terry Bolea, Matt Hardy, John Cena, Shane Helms, Raven, Mark Henry, Chris Harris and The Undertaker will be Jericho’s opposition. It will be a tough task for all but only 1 can survive… only 1 man will get a shot at the US title at the next Pay-Per-View! Can the man that defeated The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night, overcome one of biggest challenges yet and win the battle royal? Tune into ‘Overload’ to find out! ]|-

Chris Jericho 'The Highlight Of The Night'!

A HUGE ROCKSTAR! Chris Jericho IS a huge rockstar! His band Fozzy are making it big on the world stage… and now, Chris is hoping to make it big on another stage… the aWa. Chris is desperate to make his mark… and by winning a 10-man elimination match battle royal, Chris Jericho can make that mark. Because this match isn’t just a statement for Chris Jericho… but it’s a stepping stone to the future… a step closer to gold and the US Title! On the other hand, 1 of his opponents who stands in his way for a shot at the US Title, is not just a rival in the ring this Sunday… but he’s another man trying to make his mark on the music world. But In Jericho’s eyes, John Cena’s just a wannabe rapper… and just another wrestler to be eliminated this Sunday!

The scene opens inside a hotel room, Chris Jericho is lying on the couch with his feet up, a pair of sunglasses on and a glass full of blue juice with a red umbrella sticking out of it. Chris lowers his sunglasses and watches as Steph walks into the room with a CD in her hand…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] This is the life ehh baby?

Stephanie sticks a CD into the machine and it starts spilling out some music…


['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] What the HELL is that crap?! Turn it off… TURN IT OFF DAMMIT!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] It’s skee-lo…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Skee- WHAT?! I don’t care if it’s George Bush on crack, GET RID OF IT!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] What’s wrong with rap music, Chris?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] What’s wrong with ‘c’rap music?! Hell, it’s just a bunch of a talentless assclowns… talking over some pathetic cheesy music. Only a complete LOSER would make that crap, let alone listen to it!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] I like it…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Hell, it’s a load of crap Stephy-Baby… now, turn it off!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] It’s not…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Is…

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] … Not!

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Is…

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] … Not!

Chris folds his arms and stares at Steph, who slowly has a smug grin appearing on her face… Chris gets up and stands over Steph, he then pushes her out of the way and takes out the CD. Steph tries to grab it back but Chris puts it out of reach and then, he pulls another CD out and sticks it into the player.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Let’s rock baby!

Chris then starts jumping, as FOZZY blasts out of the speakers, Chris pretends to play guitar, as Steph sticks her fingers in her ears.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] This is some real music Stephy-Baby… You can’t have music without guitars!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Can you turn it off? Or at least turn it down!

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] WHAT THE HELL? I’m not turning it down Steph, this is Fozzy… my band Fozzy!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Who?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Fozzy! MY BAND FOZZY DAMMIT!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Oh! So you’re in a band, then?


['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Oh… I see…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Fozzy rock! AYATOLLAH-STYLE!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] And this is your band?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Of course it is hun, I’m the ‘AYATOLLAH OF ROCK… N’… ROLLAH’! I’m a HUUUUUUGE ‘international’ ROCKSTAR!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Well, it’s not my kind of music…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] SHUT IT YOU SLUT! FOZZY ROCK DAMMIT! Hell, they are the best band ever to play a guitar!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] DON’T CALL ME THAT WORD!

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] DON’T SAY ‘FOZZY SUCK’!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] I didn’t…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] DID!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Didn’t…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] DID!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] DIDN’T!

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] I don’t care if you don’t like it you HYPOCRITICAL TRASHCAN HARLOT!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Huh? I’m a what?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] What?! You been banged so hard that you can’t understand English now?

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Excuse me.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Parles-tu anglais?

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Huh?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] PARLES-TU ANGLAIS? DAMMIT! COMPRENDEZ?!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Chris… speak English! I can’t understand you.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] I know why you never understand me, Steph?

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] You do...

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] You’re too busy staring at my ‘Y-2-Licious Bod-ay’ to give a damn what I’m saying… You want me… You want this sex-ay beast. Because I drive you crazy inside…

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Yes, you do drive me crazy…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] I knew it. You can’t resist ‘The King Of Bling Bling’.

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] No, I meant…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] I know what you meant baby, I know YOU! I know you’re wanting… you’re craving… you’re desperate for a real man… You’re desperate for a lethal dose of vitamin C! You want me… because I’m… One… Helluva… ‘Sexy Beast’!

Steph just stares at Chris in complete disillusionment, after his unexpected outburst about how much she wanted him… Chris sees this and to save embarrassment, quickly changes subject.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] I know you like my music… in fact, you don’t just like it hun, YOU LOVE IT!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] I prefer rap…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] NO, YOU DON’T!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Honestly Chris, I do…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] DAMMIT, YOU DON’T! Rap music sucks!

At that moment, there’s a knock at the door and a cry is heard from outside.

['Room Service' At Your Door:] ROOM SERVICE!

Chris opens the door and looks at a short, stumpy man standing with a tray in his hand, looks up at Chris.

['Room Service' At Your Door:] Your drinks sire…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] It’s about time JUNIOR! Where the HELL you been?

['Room Service' At Your Door:] It…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Shut up! I don’t want your damn excuses you assclown! Now, give me the damn drinks!

Chris snatches the drinks off the tray, he puts 1 on the side and then, spills a bit of the other, as he takes a sip of it, before putting that 1 next to the other glass.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Are you still here JERKY?

['Room Service' At Your Door:] Anything else sire?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] No! Now, get lost YOU JERK-OFF!

Chris slams the door, grabs the drinks, takes them oveer to Steph… he drinks 1 of them… and then, Steph goes to take her drink and he gives here THE ONE HE’S ALREADY DRUNK OUT OF!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Chris! That’s my drink! You’ve already drunk out of this 1…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] I paid for it!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Don’t be so mean… You can’t drink half of my drink and drink all of your own… that’s greedy.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] No it’s life Steph… and life’s a complete bitch!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Give me my drink!

Chris gives in to her complaining and hands the drink over…

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Thanks Chris… Erm, do you think I can put my rap music back on?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Hell no! It bugs me to hell!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Why?

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Because any talentless assjockey can be a rapper. It doesn’t matter if you have a hopeless voice… if you’re a pathetic loser… or a born to be ‘living legend’ like myself, anyone can be a rapper baby. Look at John Cena, now there’s a prime example of a LOSER! Not only does he rap like a goldfish… but he doesn’t even realise what a pathetic failure he is… That stupid jackass needs to wake up, take a good, long look in the mirror and realise that he’s nothing.

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] John Cena’s a good rapper…

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] No, he’s not! He’s useless! He’s not a ‘lyrical miracle’! He’s not a miracle at anything. I’ll tell ya what will be a miracle… It’ll be a miracle if Chris Jericho… ‘The Highlight… Of The Night’… doesn’t beat the living hell out of that assclown this Sunday. That dumb sonuvabitch is gonna be beaten into the ground… by me… by Chris Jericho… by the mack dadd-ay!

['Big-Breasted' Stephy McMahon:] Chris, I really want you to win this battle royal but maybe, you should not be too over-confident.

['Living Legend' Chris Jericho:] Over-confident! I’m not over-confident! I’m a ‘larger than life’ living legend, I’m the god damn ‘King Of The World’ for christ sakes… I have 9 opponents standing in way… 9 assclowns stopping me from getting my shot at the US Title… they won’t beat me… they won’t stop me! But when I kick all their asses and eliminate all those assclowns from this battle royal, not only will they be down, not only will they have had their asses kicked by ‘The Highlight… Of The Night’. But they will…

Chris grabs the phone and calls for someone to collect his luggage… Steph watches, as they prepare to leave for the Overload event and what an event it could be… but we will have to wait until later to see who’s going to win the 10-man Battle Royal. Because this scene just faced to static!

-|[ *Epilogue*

Chris Jericho against 9 other opponents… a 10-man Battle Royal Elimination Match. Can Chris Jericho overcome the odds and all the opposition and earn a shot at the US Title? Or will there be too many opponents for the ‘Living Legend’ himself. Overload is this Sunday, the 3rd of August and we will find out! ]|-